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  • Emotional










    Identify your emotions and

    understand your tendencies

    Direct your behavior


    Identify others’ emotions and

    understand their feelings

    Use knowledge of your and

    others’ emotions to build positive


  • Your ability to…

    Identify your own emotions as you are experiencing them

    Understand your tendencies

  • What do you do well?

    What motivates and satisfies you?

    What people and situations push your buttons?

  • Spend time thinking through your emotions to identify the following:

    Where did they come from?

    Why are you having that emotion?

  • Peace Wealth Happiness Success Friendship/Relationships Fame Authenticity Influence Power Justice Faith/Hope Honesty Loyalty Integrity

    Love Leadership Recognition/ Expertness Family/Community Truth Wisdom Status/Prestige Respect for Self Respect for Others Responsibility Courtesy Creativity Health Service Independence

  • Don’t judge your emotions

    Take a bird’s eye view

    Keep a journal

  • Your ability to…

    Use awareness of your emotions to stay flexible and direct your behavior positively and constructively

    What it is NOT…

    Example 1 - skater v. mom

    Example 2 - John McEnroe

  • Slow down—identify the emotion you are experiencing

    Choose an appropriate behavior for the situation that will lead to a positive outcome for as many people as possible

  • Slow down and take 3 deep breaths.

    Remind yourself: how you manage your emotions is your choice.


    and modify

    behavior as


    Decide on

    action(s) to

    get there





  • Make your goals public

    Sleep on it

    Talk to someone who isn’t emotionally invested

  • Your ability to…

    Identify others’ emotions

    Understand why they feel that way

  • Listening


    Video clip for analysis

  • Read through handout and identify voices for the following:

    John McEnroe

    Skater dude

    Skater clip’s mom


    What voices are most prevalent in your own thinking?

    What voices do you recognize in your coworkers?

  • Discussion questions:

    What voices did you identify for John McEnroe, the skater dude, and the mom from the skater clip?

    What strategies might they use to change their voice?


    Share the voices you identified for yourself and coworkers.

    Discuss whether any of those voices need to change.

    How might those changes happen?

  • Become an astute observer of people in all kinds of situations.

    Clear the clutter when listening.

    Shift your mindset to curiosity.

    Allow yourself to see someone else’s perspective without judgment.

  • Your ability to…

    Identify your emotions and those of others

    Use that knowledge to build positive, productive relationships

    The power of positive behavior

  • Self awareness

    Self management

    Social awareness

  • Identify a voice/thought pattern and write it on a sticky note.

    Mingle with class and find someone who shares that voice.

    Discuss the following:◦ What does this voice say to you?

    ◦ How can it interfere?

    ◦ What can you do to change its impact? (write those suggestions on the back of your sticky note)

  • Clear communication

    Building bonds over the long term

    Effective handling of conflict

  • What are you most frustrated about?

    What are you most angry about?

    What are you really worried about?

    *When needed for each question, follow up with this phrase: “Say more about ____.”

  • Avoid giving mixed signals

    Take feedback well

    Acknowledge the other person’s feelings

    Complement the person’s emotions or situation