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The presentation covers the functions of management in a very brief manner & is for education purpose only.

Transcript of Functions of a management

  • 1.Functions of Management

2. MANAGEMENT 3. Management Meaning- Management is the art of getting thing done by a group of people with the effective utilization of available resources. 4. Definitions According to HENRY FAYOL- To manage is to forecast and plan to organise,to compound to coordinate and to control. Louis Allan Management is what a manager does. 5. Functions of management 1. Planning 2. Organizing 3. Staffing 4. Directing 5. Coordinating 6. Controlling 6. Planning Its the primary function of the management. Nothing can be performed without planning. In short planning refers to deciding in advance that which will be done in the near future. 7. Organizing Organizing is the distribution of work in GroupWise for effective performance. Organizing all facilities which are necessary to create some more departments under different managers is also a part of organizing. 8. Staffing Staffing function comprises the activities of the selection and placement of competent person. In other words staffing refers to the placement of right person to the right job. 9. Directing The actual performance of works starts with the function of directing,planning,organising and staffing function are concerned with the preliminary work for the achievement of organizational objectives. Direction includes guidence,supervision and motivation of employees. 10. Co-ordinating All the activies are divided in an organized way. The difficulty of co-ordination is increased with the increasing of the size of the organisation 11. Controlling Controlling function ensures that the achieved objectives conformed to the preplanned objective. A good system of control has the characteristics of economy ,flexibility, understanding and accuracy to the organizational needs.