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  • Fuel Efficiency With Elio Motors

  • Fuel efficiency may take a running advancement next year in the form of a vehicle design from Elio Motors.

  • The car qualifies as a motorcycle in many States.

  • The car manufacturer has negotiated with several States for its design to classify as a regular car instead.

  • Currently named the P5, the automobile contains many similarities to modern car plans.

  • It involves features like air conditioning and air bags.

  • These two items alone do not appear on motorcycles.

  • Fuel Efficiency in a Modern Design

  • The name will most certainly change, but in its current implementation, I shall refer to the vehicle as the P5.

  • It only runs on three wheels, and it offers a fuel efficiency of 80 miles per gallon.

  • In most situations, I think of vehicles with three wheels as something uniquely dangerous.

  • However, in its present design, the front two wheels steer, and the single rear wheel provides traction through an engine in the back.

  • This functionality proves much safer than an architecture resembling a trike, where the traction and steering combine together in the front with just one wheel.

  • With a number of features related to vehicles with four wheels, the P5 displays seat belts for each of the two seats, power windows, power door locks, and heating.

  • As mentioned earlier, it also reveals air conditioning and three air bags.

  • The steering comes with power-assist.

  • The warranty covers up to 36,000 miles or three years.

  • The engine, a custom scheme constructed by Elio itself, has three cylinders.

  • On top of that, the factory for the vehicle assembly resides in Shreveport, Louisiana.

  • Elio Motors claims that roughly 90% of the parts will originate from inside the United States.

  • Comments on the car include praises about how Elios business will help with fuel efficiency and with creating United States jobs.

  • So far, the price for a single P5 comes under $7,000.

  • Hopes for Fuel Efficiency with the P5 Persist in 2015

  • With that price and the number of features that show, the financial cost seems almost like a work of fiction.

  • Regardless, Elio Motors continues to press with its efforts, and investors aid in sustaining the life span of the company.

  • Approximately 44,000 customers have pre-registered with the manufacturer as counted last year in 2014.

  • One facet captured my attention: the dashboard will contain a digital instrument panel.

  • I am not sure if standard readings will occur as usual.

  • I do know that navigation, similar to a Global Positioning System, will appear on the display.

  • I am just curious on how Elio Motors intends on upgrading the P5s map data though.

  • Finally, schematics include arrangements for up to three cameras, which will coordinate along with the digital display.

  • The main hindrance to the car persists in the form of motorcycle laws.

  • That element alone would forcefully reduce the market of the P5.

  • It would push customers to earn license approvals for driving motorcycles, and it would also obligate occupants to wear helmets.

  • Hopefully, Elio Motors will win out in this area, so that the companys fans can score on the cars details, price cost, and fuel efficiency.