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  • 1. Front CoversBasic conventions Strongmasthead and (usually) simplecolour scheme gives recognisableidentity.Q frequently uses black, redand white.NME Black, red, white andyellowRocksound black, red, whiteand yellow.Sometimes another font colouris added.Usually - only a limited numberof fonts are used 3 or 4

2. Instantly recognisable title Of historical significance like NME the UKs oldest musicmagazine, stated off as the NewMusical Express now abbreviatedform appears on the cover arecognisable brand name andthough long past the days when itdealt with cultural issues around themusic, has connotations of edgywriting and indie bands new to thescene. Mojo spell connotations of theidea that music can cast a spell overpeople and hook them - it targets anolder audience, with its focus largely(but not exclusively) on artists frompast decades, Q comes from the word cue asin, Cue the music, but it wasabbreviated to make it moreunusual and eye-catching hasbecome a recognisable brand name 3. Titles and fonts becomerecognisable brand namesand cover artists can partiallyobscure the masthead withthe confidence that themagazine will still berecognisable to its readers.Most magazines use ONEmajor image, thoughother, similar images can beused as hooks to draw in thereaders. Main image is usuallymedium to medium close up;smaller images are oftenmedium close up orheadshots. 4. Storylines often justifieddown either or bothsides, sometimes with aline or two as asubheading then anotherline with moreinformation. Textconcerning featured artistis usually larger, bold andacross the middle of thepage, sometimes with astrapline (sometimes inthe form of a quotation) Header and footer hookbars arecommon, sometimesagainst a single field ofcolour; sometimes againstthe image on the cover. 5. Kerrang! implies the impact of apower chord the exclamationmark adds emphasis as does thefact that the font is shattered, asif by the loudness therefore hasconnotations of heavy rock, thegenre it covers.Note the use of footer andheader, both on colour fields.Note the use of smaller images framed in white to give theimpression of a printedphotograph.The angled text of the story linesgives the magazine an edgy feel. 6. Mojo also uses alimited number of fontsand colours; some timesthe cover photo is blackand white because themagazine deals withartists of historicalimportance, targeting anaudience of over 40 monochrome hasconnotations of the past.Note use of logline TheMusic Magazine implying its the one toget if youre interested inmusic using a scriptfont as if its handwrittenand a personal guarantee 7. Cover assumes target readersfamiliarity with the Beach Boys classicalbum Pet Sounds adopts colour(green, yellow, white and black)scheme and font (Cooper Black) fromthe album art and uses an outtakefrom the album photo sessions formain image. Some red is added forimpact to highlight the storylines. Carefully targeted towards theirprimary audience (male; mean age43, according to its publisher, BauerMedia) but there references toyounger artists to appeal to asecondary audience. Like many magazines, has free CD helps promote music. Often otherartists interpretation of classic tracksfrom a particular band therebypromoting the classic artist as well asa range of others. 8. Mojo Beach Boys coverbut story lines refer toolder and newer artistswho talk about the band(e.g. Flaming Lips), andnew bands that musicallyallude to bands thatMojo readers will knowe.g. Beach House. Thisissue has stories aboutbands across the decades Beach Boys (60s and70s), Rush (70s), PublicImage (80s), David Bowie(70s-now); features onclassic albums, classicartists and newer artistswhose style alludes tothe classic artists thatappeal to Mojo readers. 9. Uncut implies thereader is going to haveaccess to rare material interviews etc as if itsmore exclusive than othermagazines; also hasconnotations of moviesand this, unlike mostother musicmagazines, does havemonthly film reviews. Note limited colour andfont scheme Note free CD Uncut readership issimilar to Mojos mix ofartists from differentdecades e.g. FleetwoodMac, Jeff Buckley. LauraMarling 10. NME retains the Indievalues with Peace as coverartist, but there are storylines on Blur, NoelGallagher, Kasabian andArctic Monkeys all NMEfavourites from the last twodecades. Published by IPC. Readers 69% male; averageage - 24 Inside NME weeklymagazine. News sectionfeaturing oldfavourites, likeMorrissey, and new, likeMilk Music. Round up ofevents this week in music but those events appealingto its target audience(Gallagher and Albarn);festival news SXSW andindie festival.