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A presentation in European Maritime Day in Bremen. Topic is how to develop Baltic See Region. Some reservations must be rise towards EU's blue growth strategy. I presented a new vision to develop Baltic see as People's See. For that we have apply sustainable innovation and enhance sustainable well-being of people. This opens opportunities also to Blue Businesses. In the vision Baltic See region is also Innovation Hub.

Transcript of From blue growth to blue life

  • 1. Ph.D. Antti Hautamki Consulting Sustainable Innovation From blue growth to blue life How to enhance sustainable well-being in Baltic Sea Region European Maritime Day 20 May 2015 Bremen

2. Topics of the presentation Blue Growth Strategy Blue economy explained Vision: Baltic Sea = Peoples Sea Sustainable well-being Horizontal society Sustainable innovation Platforms for co-creation 3. Blue Growth Strategy (EU 2012) The Blue Growth Strategy aims at creating sustainable economic growth and employment in the marine and maritime economy to help Europe's economic recovery. Through Blue Growth the wealth that exists in the coastal and marine environment will be unlocked: Aquaculture, Biotechnology (e.g. drags), Energy (renewable energy wind, wave, tidal), Fisheries, Shipping and Port Facilities, Submarine mining and Tourism 4. But what is the Blue Economy? Blue Life - living in balance with nature is the core of Blue Economy Blue economy is an economy in harmony with the earth ecosystem Learning from the nature how to live and solve wicked problems From a product-based economy to a system- based economy (holistic approach) 5. Vision: Baltic Sea = Peoples Sea Blue growth has been too much a project of governments and big businesses (economic values)! People and their values must be in the central position in developing Baltic Sea Region; People in the Center In the vision Baltic Sea is Peoples Sea 1. Baltic Sea for the People: The aspiration of development is to enhance sustainable well- being and blue life 2. Baltic Sea by the People: Active citizens take the initiative and change the order of things as consumers, fellows, partners, and voters 6. A transformation from vertical society to horizontal society is taking place Horizontal societyHorizontal society Hierarchies People as objects Top down management Networks People as subjects Empowerment Vertical society Public sectorPublic sector Tr.Tr. 7. Sustainable well-being must be the target of Blue strategy Sustainable well-being Quality of life Happiness Involvement Long term economic success Balanced Relations to the nature Resilient economy Prosperity Balanced relationship with the nature Ecosystem services 8. Blue strategy is based on sustainable innovation Innovation Sea: Baltic Sea region is a superb context for the most innovative solutions to blue economy A lot has already done and the challenges are identified (e.g. BSR Stars project) Arguments for the innovation strategy The innovation ecosystem of Baltic Sea region is one of the strongest in the world Sustainable innovation is largely accepted There is high level human and intellectual capital Traditions of collaboration are strong Baltic See Region have active civil societies High tech industry related to blue economy is emerging 9. Two concepts of innovation Traditional view of innovation Target: productivity and economic growth Economic values and competition New concept of sustainable innovation Target: well-being and sustainable development Societal values and collaboration A.Hautamki (2010): Sustainable innovation 10. The old logic of development The new logic of development Towards blue economy by well-being 11. To implement the blue strategy a network of platforms for co-creation must be created Open platforms: Identifying and solving problems and committing to actions Open platforms: Identifying and solving problems and committing to actions Research institutions Research institutions CitzensCitzens Public agences Public agences EnterprisesEnterprises NGOsNGOs Evidence- based proposals Business opportunities in blue economy Transmitting peoples values and interests Taking initiatives Organizing people Financing Empowering Regulating Proposals and contribution Expressing values Making choices 12. Blue life vision for Baltic Sea region Baltic Sea as Peoples See Target is sustainable well-being and blue life Blue strategy is based on Empowering active citizens Transforming vertical society towards horizontal society Developing Baltic Sea Region as a hub of sustainable innovation -> Innovation sea and blue businesses Adapting co-creational model of development 13. Vision: Baltic Sea is Peoples Sea and Innovation Sea