FRIZZ - shoot

Mixing the simplicity of Lisa Shepherd's work with a twist of something new, the Bonomini Artistic Team planned a perfect shoot. 1 \

Transcript of FRIZZ - shoot

Mixing the simplicity of LisaShepherd's work with a twist ofsomething new, the Bonomini ArtisticTeam planned a perfect shoot.






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, i,qHair: Bonomini Adistic Team

Photography: Davrd GotdmanMake-up: Jrrliette SalmonStyling: Borrominr Afl;slic Team



Team effortAfter six months of planning,even an eleventh-hour change ofplan didn't throw the BonominiArtistic Team off course

How often do you producecollections?We usually try and do at least onecollection a year, but obviously we arealways up for opportunities that meanwe can do rnore!

When did you start planning thiscollection?We started six months before the shootdate. Doing your own shoot is such a bigcommitment, so we have found it crucialto stad the planning as early as possible.

What inspired the collection?We love the simplicity of Lisa Shepherd'swork and wanted to create a collectionthat echoed this feeling but with aBonomini twist.

Who worked on the shoot?Egidia Bonomini, Sam Bell andAmy Gregory make up the BonominiArtistic Team.

Where did you hold the casting?Clynol's London Academy.

How did you make your selection?While casting we held in our minds whatfeeilng and what looks we wanted toachieve. So for every rnodel we wereconstantly asking ourselves if they wouldwork for the feel of the shoot. As witheverything, it's always subject to changeand when one of the models pulled outthe day before we had to adapt our workfor the new model. lt just shows howimportant it is to be as flexible as possible:

there are some things you can't control,but you can't let it throw you off course.

Where did the shoot take place?The studio we used was Pro VisionPhotographic, 64-66 Redchurch Street,London E27DP.

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ls it expensive to shoot a collection?Extremelyl Professional models and'photographers cost a lot of mogQy'but,as with so many things in life, you getwhat you pay for.

What advice wa@rou give to salonsthat are cornidwing their first shoot?Plannipgffii@y"Create mood boards toheh ydu plan the looks; they'll also be

3i:]$Eq[i4bte in briefing the whole team, andgrve photographers, stylists and make-uparlists a much better idea of what you

are trying to create. When doing yourown shoot remember to visualise theend result and stay focused at all trmes,no matter what challenges arise.