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  • 1. By RNC and team

2. Rules. There will be 2 teams. For each question thetime limit for the answer will be 20 seconds. Each right answer will give you 15 points and awrong answer will have -5 points. No repeatanswers are allowed. 3. Q: In France Guillotine referred to a systemof_____. A) Awarding a Person. B) Taxing a Person. C) Beheading a Person.D) Threatening a person. 4. Guillotine basically referred to beheading a person.Like this 5. Q: The Jacobins of France were knownas sans-cullottes because: A) They wear red waist band. B) They wear striped pants. C) They wear red caps. D) They stopped wearing knee breaches. 6. The answer is they wore striped pants. 7. Q: Which of the following led to achain of events which led to theFrench Revolution? A) Peoples protest against raising price ofhouse. B) Peoples protest against church politics. C) Peoples Protest against Food. D) Peoples protest against raising tax. 8. The answer is Peoples Protest against Food. 9. Q:In 1774, Louis XVI of bourbon family of Kings ascended the throne of : A) Italy B) Germany C) France D) Spain 10. The answer is FRANCE 11. The burden of financial activities ofstate during the old regime was borneby the: A) Church B) Nobles C) The King D) Third Estate 12. The answer is The third estate