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French Revolution:. Napoleon Forges An Empire. Objectives:. Explain how Napoleon came to power in France. Summarize the steps Napoleon took to stabilize France and institute revolutionary reforms. Describe the full extent of his empire up to 1812. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of French Revolution:

  • French Revolution:

    Napoleon Forges An Empire

  • Objectives:

    Explain how Napoleon came to power in France.Summarize the steps Napoleon took to stabilize France and institute revolutionary reforms.Describe the full extent of his empire up to 1812.

  • Emperor Napoleon (5:53)

  • Napoleon Grasps PowerNapoleon wins key battles to save the struggling French Republic.1796- key victories against Austria/Sardinia gave France claim to part of ItalyLeads French invasion of Egyptbogs down cut off from supply lines to Franceleaves army in Egypt and returns to France

  • Napoleon and the French Army (4:53)

  • Napoleon seizes political control from the Directory (1799)stages a successful coup detat ( blow to the state-revolt)success in battle and in diplomacy (making peace) leads to restoring some order back to France and in bring temporary peace to Europe.

  • Napoleon Rules FranceFourth Constitution approved by the people gives Napoleon dictatorial powers in his position as First Consul of the RepublicIssues several new reforms that reflect the spirit of the revolutionest. a National Bank and more equal system of taxationest. a civil service based on merit (ability) rather than rankest. a lycee system (public schools) to educate work forcemakes peace with the Pope and the Church (The Concordat)

  • est. a comprehensive/ uniform set of laws and justice for the Empire (The Napoleonic Code)Crowns himself Emperor of France (1804)

  • Napoleon Creates/Expands an EmpireNew World Holdingsplans to use America as a bread basket for a New World Empire he plans on establishingrevolt in Saint Domingue (1801) under able leadership of ex-slave Toussaint LOuverture changes his plansells New World holdings (Louisiana) to U.S. in 1803

  • Louisiana Purchase (00:52)

  • Conquers most of Europe annexes the Austrian Netherlands & parts of Italyest. a puppet govt. in SwitzerlandRussia, Prussia, Austria, Sweden, and finally Britain form the Third Coalition to defeat himNapoleon wins smashing military victory at Austerlitz (1805) against Austria (peak of Napoleons career)signs treaties with all foes except Britain & immediately begins planning invasion of that countryBattle of Trafalgar (1805)naval battle off the southern coast of SpainAdm. Horatio Nelson defeats the French fleetEnds any threat of a French invasion of Britain

  • Napoleon and the French Navy (2:03)

  • Napoleons Empire in 1812All Europe under his control except Britain, Portugal, & Swedeneither by military conquest, through puppet govts., or by political alliances

    the empire was huge but very unstable many nations under his control resented French domination and became very nationalisticwould soon begin to crumble (only after 5 yrs.) due to some serious miscalculations on Napoleons part