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1. Your sculpture must be interesting from all sides.There is no front or back to the sculpture. Avoidcreating a Linear shape. 2. Avoid creating a Linear shape. 3. Dominant, Subdominant and SubordinateTechnique The DOMINANT volume is the largest element, the most interestingand dramatic in character. It occupies the dominant position in thegroup. Dominant!In thiscomposition whichvolume is theDOMINANT ? 4. Dominant, Subdominant and Subordinate Technique The Subdominant volume complements the dominant in character. It is lesser in size and in importance. The dominant/subdominant relationship can be very exciting! Together they make the composition more interesting. The first obligation of these forms is to be complementary. They have to be very good for each other.Subdominant 5. Dominant, Subdominant and SubordinateTechnique The Subordinate volume makes the design still more interesting byintroducing a third visual element. The subordinate should make thedesign more three-dimensional, compliment the existing forms andcomplete the unity of the design. This element should be the smallestelement.Subordinate 6. There can only be ONE dominant element There CAN be more than one subdominant. If youdecide to use more than one subdominant elementuse only odd numbers. 1,3,5,7. There can also be more than one subordinateelement. If you decide to use more than onesubordinate element use only odd numbers.1,3,5,7 These number ratios are more visuallypleasing. 7. SubordinateSubdominantDominant 8. Straight/Angular Cylinder/RoundShapesShapes 9. 1. Decide which building methods you will be using2. Decide if you will use angular elements or cylinder elements in between the base and neck of vase.3. Sketch at least 5 thumbnail sketches that show your ideas of what you want to create. 10. 1. Decide on ONE of your thumbnail sketches2. Draw/sketch a larger view showing relationships of dominant, subdominant and subordinate elements.3. Draw at least two sides of you favorite thumbnail sketch.4. Bring this sketch in to our next class meeting. Dont Forget!