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Licensure Process for Internationally Educated and Trained Dentists


Focused Dialogue

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National Dental Examining Board (NDEB) Certification for IETDs

IETDs must successfully complete either path: • Equivalency Process Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge Assessment of Clinical Skills Assessment of Clinical Judgement• Qualifying/Degree Completion Program Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge Specific university requirements

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Web Based Self Assessment

• Help test takers to gauge their ability to successfully complete the AFK

•100 multiple choice questions; 120 minutes

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Application to the NDEB Equivalency Process & Document Verification

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•Assessment Blueprint outlines examination areas • Two books each with 150 multiple choice items •Passing mark: 75• Participant can take AFK three times• Exam questions developed & reviewed by Faculty Members & selected by Provincial Dental Regulatory Body •Exam questions are validated statistically• Fee: $ 600



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Assessment of Clinical Skills

•Two-day exam on performance of dental procedures• Requirement: passed AFK •Participant can take it 3 times• Fee: $ 4000

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Equipment, instruments & supplies provided by the Assessment Centre•A typodont mounted in a manikin on a dental chair•An overhead dental operating ligth•An operator stool•Amalgamators•Saliva ejectors•Air/water syringe tips•High speed suction tips•Amalgam waste & sharps disposal containers

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Provided by participants • Handpieces & burs; curing lights• All restorative materials • Gloves, masks, protective eyewear & appropriate clinic attire• Dental hand instruments• Rubber dam, frames, clamps, forceps & dental floss•Materials to place and finish restorative materials • Approximate cost: $ 6000

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Assessment of Clinical Judgment

• One-day written exam• Can be taken concurrently with the Clinical Exam• Format: Multiple Choice Assessment• Areas: Diagnosis, Treatment Planning & Clinical Decision Making & Radiographic Interpretation• Fee: $ 1500

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Equivalency Process Option: Past Results

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Qualifying/Degree Completion Program Option

• Two year program offered at UofA: Doctor of Dental Surgery Advanced Placement Program

• ITEDs join 3 & 4 year of regular undergraduate program

• Limited number of seats

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DDS Advanced Placement Program

Academic Requirements: • graduated from a non accredited college • passed AFK within two years prior to application• transcripts of all academic work & degree diploma• English Language Proficiency • spoken English requirement• interview • application fee: $ 250

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Selection Process & Acceptance Criteria

• AFK score• dental school results• interview results• successful completion of English Language Proficiency & Spoken English requirement • successful completion of Pre-Entry Exam & Pre-Clinical Assessment course

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Fee Tuition and Fees Books Dental InstrumentsYear 1 $49,948.89 $1,200 $18,000Year 2 $49,948.89 $1,200 $ 9,000

Other Costs

English Language Exam $ 365AFK $ 600Pre-entry examination $ 1000Pre-clinical assessment $ 10,500

Total Cost: $ 142,612.78

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NDBE Process Past Results

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NDEB Certification as a General DentistGraduates of: • Accredited Dental Programs• Accredited Qualifying/Degree Completion Program • Equivalency Program

Have to take the NDEB;• Written Examination & • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

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NDEB Written Examination

• Application fee: $ 400• Exam fee: $ 700•Two books with150 multiple choice items each• Examination Blueprint • Passing mark 65

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NDEB Written Examination Past Results

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• Fee: $ 900• One day exam station type exam • Each station will have 2 questions• Candidates spend 5 minutes in each station • Passing standard: 65

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OSCE Past Results

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Total Certification Process Cost

•Equivalency Program = 12,100 • NDEB exams = 2,000 TOTAL 14,100

• Qualifying/Degree Program = 142,512.78• NDEB exams = 2,000.00 TOTAL 144,612.78

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