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Hunter Sandidge : Project Manager Megan Shover : Director of Finance Kristen Fletcher: Research Analyst Alycia Stidmon : Director of Marketing Chris Tydd : Director of Creativity. Fox Point Lutheran Church Marketing Plan. Index . Executive Summary……………………………..1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fox Point Lutheran ChurchMarketing PlanHunter Sandidge: Project ManagerMegan Shover: Director of FinanceKristen Fletcher: Research AnalystAlycia Stidmon: Director of MarketingChris Tydd: Director of CreativityIndex Executive Summary..1Situational Analysis.....2-5Strategic Articulation Map..6Key Issues.7Objectives8-9Tactic details....10-14Web Analysis...15-20Variance Analysis..21-25exclude2Executive Summary1General Information:Fox Point Lutheran Church is located in Fox Point, Wisconsin. Its mission is to engage enthusiastic followers of Jesus and wields core values of spiritual growth, outreach, worship, relevance, and excellence. Founded in 1948, the church has grown to become a destination church, drawing members from the greater Milwaukee area. Currently, there are 2108 members. Fox Point Lutheran Church offers 3 services on Sunday using both traditional and contemporary sermons. The church does offer Sunday School for the youth, as well as a youth group program for middle and high school students. It also offers a variety of events for members to connect and worship outside of the services.Church Objectives:The goals of Fox Point Lutheran Church are to provide a means for its members to grow spiritually, worship, connect, and engage in faith based activities. The Church also aims to obtain donations from its members so that it can help fund aid for its local and global community. It also aims to increase membership and engage more enthusiastic followers of Jesus. Current Adverse Conditions:Fox Point Lutheran Church is currently facing 4 prime issues. The church has seen a 31.7% increase in its membership over the past 12 years, ultimately filling the Sanctuarys capacity to a point where members are starting to become uncomfortable. Since 2005, average annual donations per member have decreased by 17.6% (adjusted to 2005 USD). The current communications system has been reported by members to be inefficient. Members are not as informed as they could be, and the current system itself does not align with member preferences. Finally, the services are not distinct enough for the members preferences. Remedies:To combat the adverse conditions mentioned above, we have proposed these key tactics, as well as several others:Offer a Saturday contemporary service at 5PM.Implement an event coordination system including appointing a director of communications, using social media more frequently, using bulk email to contact members, and allowing members to sign up on an email-specific list for chosen events.Send out a monthly envelope designed specifically to collect donations from members in the privacy of their homes. Ensure that return postage is pre paid.Make the 8AM Sunday service distinctly traditional, the 9AM service distinctly traditional, and the 10:30AM service distinctly contemporary. Ensure styling and music align with the suggested type.

exclude3Situational Analysis2Explain what a situational analysis is, where is the standing point 4Key Observations:31.7% increase of members since 1990 with ~10 new members annuallyMembers have complained about the Sanctuarys fixed capacity limit Sunday 9AM service has the highest attendanceSituational AnalysisMembersFinancial SituationKey Observations:17.6% decrease in average donation per member since 2005Average decrease of $21.10 (2005 USD) per member annuallyFPLC is receiving less 2005 dollars annuallyFPLC is currently facing an adverse trend that may continue if not addressedDonations per member (Adj. 2005 USD)$Attendance by Service TimeMembers3The graph above depicts membership attendance annually.The graph above depicts member attendance by service time.8:00


10:30The graph above depicts average donations per member annually on an adjusted 2005 rate.MembershipHunters slide:-attendance by service time, based on the survey results 9am is the busiest time.-Since 2005 there is a 17.6 decrease, and a average of 21.10 unadjusted.

FIX Top graph no border Bottom graph no dates5ProductSituational AnalysisProducts:Sunday 8:00TraditionalElectric organ, liturgyNo Sunday School classesSunday 9:00Traditional, yet eclecticOrgan and Chancel ChoirSunday School availableSunday 10:30ContemporaryMusic heavy (keyboard, piano, choir)Sunday School availableKey Observations:At the moment, the product type is only differentiated by service timesProduct has been said to be too blendedEntire attendance capacity is concentrated into these 3 service times CommunicationsCurrent methods of communication:

WebsiteEmailThe MessengerServiceSocial media(present, but not utilized)

Key Observations:FPLCs current communication system does not match the preferred methods of the clienteleMembers have made comments about communication inefficienciesMany complaints were made about the website The clientele is using social media that FPLC is not utilizing4

Alycia:Many complaints about website2 types of product, contemporary and traditionalKey observations: the product itself has been blended temp and contemporary are combined instead of keeping it separated.

FIX- add more sentences for the printout6SWOT AnalysisSWOT Analysis

5SWOT stands for..Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, ThreatsWhy is it important:

External and internalStrengths and weaknessesMembers are open on changesIn the beginning the Pastor stated that capacity is reaching 65%

Chris:Internal and ExternalOpportunities and threats 7Growth Rate too High for Capacity

Poor Communication System

Finances Decreasing

Product Undifferentiated to SegmentsKey IssuesTacticsObjectivesFox Point Church Strategy Articulation MapIncrease Capacity

Better Communication SystemIncrease FinancesDifferentiate Product to SegmentsSaturday ServiceVideo sermon in chapelBetter website/SEODevelop social mediaStream sermon OnlineMass email/textEvent coordination systemDonation events/ fundraisers

Service emphasis

Outstanding member

Donation envelope monthly

Set visible goals

PayPal online

Strategy Articulation MapIncrease Attendance & Finances Followers of Christ in the greater Milwaukee Area Make sermon types more distinct6Megans slide 8Key IssuesKey IssuesGrowth Rate too High for Capacity:The growth rate has become too great for the current capacity to house members in attendance within a comfortable level

Poor Communication System:The communications system is inefficient in getting information across to members within the church. Current methods of communications do not align with customer preferences, and the website is difficult to navigate

Finances Decreasing Annually:Finances are decreasing as there has been a negative trend over the years in average donations per member

Product Undifferentiated to Segments:The current product is not distinguished enough by service time offered, and the types of products offered need to correspond with the member preference and the respective time at which they attend

7Megans slide9ObjectivesObjectivesObjective:Increase the capacity to accommodate the influx of new members so that the ideal rate of 65% attendance is not breachedRationale:Average attendance is increasing by roughly 10 new members annually, putting pressure on the comfortable capacity limitThe Sanctuary has limited fixed capacity without the ability to increase capacity via physical expansionTactics Overview: Offer a Saturday Service at 5:00PMStream the sermon in the ChapelStream a live video of sermon online

ObjectivesObjective:Improve the communication system so that it reaches more members in a manner that communicates the intended messages more efficientlyRationale:FPLCs current communication does not match the preferred methods of the clienteleMembers, according to Pastor Bill, are uninformed of events and other general informationTactics Overview: Develop the use of social mediaImplement an event coordination systemImprove the website and implement and SEO systemImplement a mass emailing system8Hunters slide10ObjectivesObjectivesObjective:Increase the amount of donations of each individual as well as increase the amount of members donatingRationale:FPLC has incurred a decrease in donations of 17.6% over the past 7 years, averaging a decrease of $21.10 (adjusted 2005 USD rate) per member annuallyTactics Overview: Hold donation/fundraiser eventsCreate a simple to use PayPal connection to websiteSet visible financial goals with a reward attachedSend out a monthly donation envelopeHave an outstanding member feature on the website recognizing individuals monthlyEmphasize giving within the service ObjectivesObjective:Differentiate and distinguish the product to various segments by each segments respective preferencesRationale:The current sermon types need to be emphasized more for the preferences of the segments attending specific time slotsProduct type needs to be identified by segment and their corresponding time of attendanceTactics Overview: Offer different sermon types based on time slots as indicated by segment preferenceAdd a Saturday service at 5PMStream a live video of the sermon online9Alycias slide:11Tactic DetailsTactic DetailsOffer a Saturday service at 5:00PM

A Saturday service would benefit the preferences of those members with children under the age of 18The graph exemplifies that attendance at a Saturday service would be moderate to high (the graph only shows those who took the survery)If a Saturday service were to be implemented, it should occur at 5:00PMA Saturday service would free up capacity at the 9:00AM time slot on Sunday, which is the most attended time slotIf offered, the Saturday service should be a contemporary service


8:009:0010:30The graph above depicts how frequent individuals w