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Transcript of Fos bike winter

  • 1. Embracing Winter: On Two Wheels Adam Cezar Jenkins and any other year round cyclists in the audience who can chime in. A big thank you to Bike Winter for the Slide Show template!

2. What is Bike Winter?

  • Mantra: Every day is a great day to ride a bike!
  • Inspiration, education and events to help people stay in the saddle year round.

Courtesy of Liz Durham 3. Who and Why

  • Started in Chicago in 1999
  • Keeps people biking and encourages car-free living
  • Spreading to other cities
  • All volunteer

4. Weather Myths Courtesy of Michael Brosilow 5. Weather Reality Courtesy of Jerome Hughes Courtesy of Cigdem Tunar 6. Most Weather is Great! (especially when you define winter as six months. . . ) With thanks to Bob Matter and 7. Reasons to Ride 365

  • Momentum
  • Health
  • Comfort
  • Adventure
  • Convenience
  • Budget
  • Car-light living
  • Fun!!

8. Tips for Staying in the Saddle

  • Layered
  • Lit
  • Located
  • Lubed
  • Flexible

Courtesy of Lorena Cupcake 9. Layers: No Sweat

  • Core vs. Extremities
  • No cotton base layers
  • Wind/waterproof vs breathability
  • Think about tolerance for changing clothes at destination

Courtesy of Ash Lottes 10. Lighting/Visibility

  • Lightsand tape
  • Visibility from all sides
  • Search YouTube for Chicago Bike Program videos

Courtesy of Don Sorsa 11. Where and How to Ride

  • Take your lane and follow the plows.
  • Beware black ice, metal bridges and icy side streetsits OK to walk!

Courtesy of Chris Eves 12. Our Bikes Suffer More Than We Do!

  • Fenders help year round
  • Bounce off the gunk
  • Wipe off your rims
  • Be generous with lube
  • Have more than one bike

Courtesy of Michael Young 13. Know Your Options

  • Bike to transit. Lock with keyhole facing down.
  • Bike to and on transit. De-gunk before boarding.Can I bring my bike on Metra right now?
  • Mechanical probs? Ditch the bike and walk/transit/car.

Courtesy of and 14. Disclaimer We at Bike Winter really, truly believe that bicycles are wonderful, reliable forms of year-round transportation. However, we would be lying if we didn't acknowledge that getting caught in a 34 degree downpour, or turning the corner into a 34 mph arctic wind can make you want to curse the skies, hail a cab and move to Arizona. You will get cold. You will get frustrated. You might have close calls or even fall. Just know that all-weather cycling does get easier with experience. Let the freedom, convenience and other benefits of two-wheeled living motivate you to roll up the learning curve. And when all else fails to lift your spirits after a particularly bruising commute, boil up some tea or grab a flask, pound your chest (might help the feeling come back to your fingers) and take pride in your sense of adventure. 15. Stay Warm and in Touch!

  • Bicycle Beginner blog by Holly Rhode)
  • Winter Group)
  • Urban Bikers Tricks and Tipsby Dave Glowacz

Questions? Courtesy of Holly Rhode