Fort Worth weekly gazette (Fort Worth, Tex. : 1882). (Fort ... Worth weekly gazette (Fort Worth,...

download Fort Worth weekly gazette (Fort Worth, Tex. : 1882). (Fort ... Worth weekly gazette (Fort Worth, Tex.

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Transcript of Fort Worth weekly gazette (Fort Worth, Tex. : 1882). (Fort ... Worth weekly gazette (Fort Worth,...

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    Bkzjs Uiver Cnannel and Dock Corn puny They went down to make the necefasry preliminary arrangements to begin wck cf opening a channel thruugh tho bar et the mcuth ot the river They alreidy own twelve miles cf- waier fiosttge cs each tide of the mouth of the Brzjs which they purchasod within the pas few month showing that they mean ncslrjess in tceir undertaking and are cf success c their plans Mr Csrthell was tho right bower cf Capt J B Eids Curing his lifetime and succeeded to the manage aaent c many of lha grand pro ects of that great msu lie

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    The Bulletin for tee Week Ending Yesterday A Favorable Show-



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    ocee ot FroJt Coiameats

    Specialty tho Gaictte

    iLVnSTON- Ies Nov o- Following Is weather and crop DulletlnNo 9 for the week- ending Saturday Nov ember 3- 18SS

    Temperature The temperature in Tesas during the last seven days hns been above the seasonable average and Its eftict upon the lste cotton plant was very favorable The moan tempera- ture


    for the state was C8 which Is 3 higher than the avcrago of last week Frost has not osun reported from any part of the state cor at this writing la any likely to cccar for few days at least

    RMnfill and Sunshine Tne absence ot- stoims and more than tho svertge ol sun- shine


    has sftscted the cotton crop vesy favorably Bright and sunshiny weather his been favoraole for all kinds of crops and has assisted the farmers in the cath- etica cf cotton and seeding ot wheat Nj rain has fallen except in some of the lower ccuntiB A Brownsville there was 22 lsch Carpus Carlati 02 Inch Galvtston Oi Inch and Lsgiange 05 inch


    Oscar Samatz Auatin No ram The sunshine is favorable to crops Cotton is- ahundant

    E A Serling Beltoc The wra her is warm and favorable to ciops No rain Picking is prcgressirg rapidly Tiicre Is- sti1 a g ctl deal cf cottoa to come in-

    Willim Spitier Bcrnet We had very fine weather the pas seventeen days all of which hive be n fsvorsbl i to cotton crops and sma 1 gr in Cotton contiunes to come in and to iccreaso id nmount-

    T B Elrcd CoiumbUH Very little cotton on bottom lirls has b ea picked The yield will be cctter than ws expect- ed


    It is still makin and the weather Is favorable lor picking but hand3 are soiree

    J P Berry Cedar HtL The late cat ton is beginning to open and it the weather contituts favorable there will be quite a socd crop There has ben no- trost to dsmsge anything yet

    J S Kogers Cjlnmbit Tie neither is clesr Farmers arc busy and picking promises favorably Seme faw runs ci grinding cane and baling nave been made by f utrar planters but the work Is not well ucder way yet

    F C Sanborn Cleburne Sjcdlcg wheat Is vtrcgresing favonbly with m- creaszd screege Young wheat looks ole but tte straw is good Cotton flelCb ere still green tscept in low places Frmers are ovaMcg themselves cf the pood wether and are very busy picking cotc u Tie staple Is good

    H D Doalc Decatur The weather has iitta diy warm and clear favorable fcr the maturing and opening ot late cot- ton


    whereore the farmers are happy Silas G Lackey Mesquite The tem-

    perature ¬

    was beiow the average and affected the cotton crop irjarlously Froet- on ths LUttt killed cotton in the valleys and up to s certain height on the hills w