Former Vice-President Dick Cheney CONFESSES to …...Former Vice-President Dick Cheney CONFESSES to...

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Transcript of Former Vice-President Dick Cheney CONFESSES to …...Former Vice-President Dick Cheney CONFESSES to...

  • Former Vice-President Dick Cheney CONFESSES

    to MK-Ultra Piggybacking When appearing on a late night talk show on September 2nd to promote his new book, the Vice-President made a bombshell admission - the Bush administration had in fact secretly taken possession of the MK-asset. This by any evidentiary measure is an accountability game changer.

    For six months coalition partners had been non-stop warning MK-Ultra

    piggybackers in the Bush and Obama administrations of serious

    consequences when Mr. Cheney walked into the geo-spotlight on September

    2nd. Because President Obama had during that half year been nothing but

    combative, dismissive and arrogant, had continued to make representations

    and assurances which were never followed through on and not once denied

    the allegations, the former VP knew there could only be one conclusion:

    exposure, an international firestorm of protest and a Watergate-style

    scandal. So like any wise politician or corporate executive, he got out in

    front of it.

    When Jay Leno put him on the hot seat he expressly confessed. Doing so

    radically changes the complexion of the multitude of accountability initiatives

    from skeptical investigations to findings of culpability and an assessment of


    Tonight Show producers, cast and crew have been members of the global

    community of democracy, rule of law, human rights and free market

    advocates since formal diplomacy began in early 2006 (NBC since January

    2004); and thus it was an easy prediction the veteran interviewer would turn

    up the accountability heat on his ‘distinguished’ guest; and that forecast

    proved accurate. One minute Mr. Cheney is all smiles about being in the

    spotlight and promoting his new publication and then becomes solemn when

  • he sees Jay execute a Clooney M. to an observation that high profiles what

    lies at Canada’s political and corporate core and is where there’s a

    convergence of what defines the national security threat posed by Chinada.

    Jay says “[Cl.M.] You were a kind of hell raiser [when you were university


  • This puts the former VP on notice he ought to use this occasion to get his

    position on the evidence record. The most opportune time was, as would be

    expected, during the conversation about water boarding and torture; since

    the latter is what he’s accused of being indirectly involved and acquiesced in

    viz. the enslavement, experimentation and torture of the Canadian lawyer to

    take possession of Chinada’s MK-Ultra military asset. Plus the four years of

    disingenuous diplomacy he, President Bush, Secretaries Rice and Rumsfeld

    and co-colluders engaged that sought to contain China’s imperialism and fix

    Canada’s systemic dysfunctionalities were intended to give the R&D program

    more time to develop an even more powerful capability. They didn’t care

    how much pain and suffering was being inflicted on the Canadian lawyer, nor

    that they put his life in danger.

    Mr. Cheney employs the lexicon’s gesturing constituent in the following

    manner to deliver his confession:

  • For example, that facility down at Guantanamo had [Bl.M.] operated according to the U.S. Army manual. Water boarding is not a part of that program.

    The only place that water boarding, or enhanced interrogation, were used was on [pro Bl.M.] a small number of al-Qaeda terrorists who were captured, held, interrogated [looks at Jay] by the CIA [end Bl.M.].

  • He adds that what the military leadership did followed standard procedures.

    The obvious and full rebuttal is that anything that is illegal and unethical

    cannot be part of that ‘manual’. He then goes on to assertively state -

    employing a protracted lexiconic gesture for emphasis - that the asset was

    in fact used on terrorists, which has always been one of several legitimate

    uses of stealth cognition technologies: easily extracting critical and

    otherwise unobtainable intel without an interrogatee’s knowledge.

    Mr. Cheney is all too cognizant of the independence, integrity and

    investigatory competence of DoD and CIA Inspectors General and the other

    public and private sector accountability agencies. He knows that of the

    thirteen plus initiatives any one of them could trigger a historic scandal he’ll

    be dragged into. And he’s fully aware constituents of America’s Fourth

    Estate are ready to blow the whistle.

    That some coalition partners are calling for criminal prosecutions and prison

    time might have motivated him to mitigate what will be severe, life-long

    consequences by being the first to effect a mea culpa - what a co-

    conspirator will do when offered a plea bargain in exchange for providing

    incriminating evidence.

    A third reason that may have caused him to drop this massive bombshell -

    to, metaphorically, fall on his sword - could have been driven by America’s

    extreme partisan political culture; seeking to procure fellow Republican

    House Speaker Boehner’s ascendancy to the office of the presidency.

    Another possibility is disseminating the news to rogue government leaders,

    terrorist organizations and drug cartels linked to them who’ve tapped into

    the diplomatic back-channel or discovered through the black market

  • grapevine that the U.S. has stealth cognition technologies - a powerful intel

    collection capability. Letting them know this with certainty generates

    enormous amounts of distrust within these circles, causing complications

    within leaderships and chains-of-command and operational ineffectiveness.

    A fifth motivator could have been as a result of witnessing how much the

    coalition through two successive administrations was geo-politically weak,

    indecisive and incompetent, which led to the Chinada menace insidiously

    evolving. Additionally, he saw multitudinous efforts beyond diplomacy

    undertaken (like the Reform Coalition of Canada, International Criminal

    Court, Article 7 Accountability Institute & MK-Ultra Gate initiatives) and fail;

    which emboldened malfeasant parties to an unacceptable extent.

    And sixth, the Bush White House’s feeble, bumbling and reckless approach

    to protecting American national and economic security interests led to the

    brutal murder of Todd Bachman at the start of the 2008 Beijing Summer

    Olympics - another troubling development that couldn’t but have weighed

    heavily on his conscience since it occurred on his and the former President’s


    Whatever his reason(s), the bottom line fact is he honorably stepped

    forward and admitted to what was alleged, letting the accountability cards

    fall where they may. And this must be taken into full account by those

    charged with protecting American democracy in all its forms.

    A bit later in the interview the former VP says the following as it publicly

    relates to captured American soldiers and how non-democratic governments

    who are hostile to the United States behave:

  • From the standpoint of the Iranians, for example, or one of those other regimes, they don’t have any respect for civil liberties - if they’ve done one they’ve probably done thousands. They treat people very badly under those circumstances. They [Bl.M.] certainly wouldn’t…

    He was about to say something coalition-relevant, but Jay interjected with a

    question that prevents him from finishing his sentence. It’s safe to assume

    he was going to elaborate on the geo-point he just made, namely that

    Canadian political and corporate leaders, judges, police, legal profession

    executives etc. are guilty of not having any respect for the Canadian’s civil

    rights, having turned him into or ratifying him being nothing more than a lab

    monkey for domestic authoritarians and the serial human rights abusing

    totalitarian Chinese.

    When the topic is domestic politics…

    I think the Tea Party’s going to be important. [Bl.M.] It represents the frustration so many Americans feel all across the country about government, the lack of control…

  • … the Vice-President (i) confirms the historically significant role of the

    coalition and (ii) forecasts the mood of the country should MK-Ultra Gate

    goes public.

    The guest who follows Mr. Cheney is Las Vegas comedienne Carrot Top.

  • Carrot Top is an American comedian with a net worth of $75 million. Born Scott Thompson in Cocoa Beach, Florida, Carrot Top grew up in Florida and earned a degree in Marketing from Florida Atlantic University, where he began his amateur stand-up career as a

    freshman performing at open-mic nights. He later worked a variety of jobs as he honed his act, and eventually became the most popular stand-up comedian on college campuses across the United States. In 1993, he became the first person to simultaneously be voted both Performer of the Year and Comedian of the Year by the National Association of Campus Activities. Success on the stand-up circuit led to roles on television and in films. Source: Celebrity Net Worth

    As of 2010 he headlines at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, and performs various comedy gigs when his show is not playing. The hotel proclaims him as "Comedian of the Year." His comedy routine incorporates

    dozens of props stored in large trunks on stage; his prop jokes commonly consist simply of him pulling out a prop, describing it in a one-liner, and tossing it away. Many of his props are specially built objects. Source:

    His success, fame and wealth are attributes which like hundreds of American

    and foreign entertainment and sports personalities made him a candidate for

    coalition recruitment. He not only announces he’s joined on the show by

    employing the lexicon (the standard protocol for declaring membership since

    early 2006), he adds his voice to the chorus of harsh condemnation aimed at

    the Bush and Obama White Houses. The first of a coalition identifying three

    jokes with props is a reference to the Fiefdom treatise.

    This is a ‘Red Neck Kindle’. You look at the book - a ‘Red Neck Kindle’, reading a book.

  • The second high profiles the Canadian’s two decades of being an enslaved,

    experimented upon and tortured MK-Ultra R&D and deployment victim;

    pointing the culpability finger first at China (4 x 20) and then turns towards

    the VP as a way to point the spotlight of political, military and intelligence

    transparency and accountability at him.

    This is a Playgirl for older ladies - so the centerfold turns you on: Oh my God, 20% off. [turns and looks at Vice-President] So pretty, beautiful centerfold; beautiful centerfold.

  • The third describes the black hole of trust, respectability and integrity

    amongst those who were led by the Bush-Cheney team and by implication

    its successor. This time he turns and points directly at him.

    This is a Playboy for Iraqis. Oh my God, she’s hot. It’s a Playboy for [points] …

  • Mr. Cheney’s culpability for egregious violations of law (piggybacking:

    indirect party to enslavement, experimentation and torture, reckless

    endangerment) and very un-American political ethics (disingenuous

    diplomacy) ought now be mitigated in light of his admission of guilt and

    evidentiarily implicating President Bush’s inner core and the Obama

    administration. Judges have always looked favorably at an accused who

    fesses up and takes responsibility. That same approach to punishment

    assessment ought to be applied in this circumstance.