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  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009


  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009


    FOREST THEATER RENOVATIONPhasing and Concept Cost Plan

    September 8, 2009

    The purpose of this report is twofold. First, the City requested an assessment of optionsfor a phased renovation of Forest Theater as defmed in the schematic design documents

    prepared by R.F. McCann Company, Architects. The phasing options should consider:1) the logical construction sequence, 2) the City s desire to focus on the ADA andrestroom improvements, and 3) limiting project expenses to 1.5 to 2 million dollars.

    Secondly, the City requested an independent, comprehensive development cost estimateidentifying all expenses likely to be incurred to complete the project includingconstruction costs not identified in estimates provided by R.F. McCann Company spart of their schematic design services and other necessary supplemental project costs.Such supplemental costs, frequently referred to s soft costs, include additional designconsultant fees, project management fees, permit fees, utility fees, testing and inspectionfees, furniture, fixture, and equipment (FFE) costs, telecommunication and data servicecosts, and other miscellaneous costs specific to the project.


    For the purposes of this report, phasing recommendations and the construction costestimates are based on the scope of work defmed in the schematic design drawings.Broadly defined, the scope of work includes: 1) demolition and reconstruction of all ofthe stage area except the existing understage concrete structure which currently housesthe Children's Experimental Theater, dressing rooms, storage space, etc.; 2) demolitionand reconstruction of the audience seating area; 3) demolition and reconstruction of ashow production booth with a new subterranean level; 4) demolition and reconstructionof the concession building, restrooms, box office, and pathways to the various buildings,

    audience seating, and stage so all are ADA compliant; and 5) demolition andreconstruction of the parking area. Of particular significance is the fact that the scope ofwork at the stage area includes a new orchestra pit, a new secondary exit path from theunderstage concrete structure, and new exiting and habitable spaces at the lower level ofthe left and right wing structures o f the stage as well as reconstruction of some of thespaces within the existing understage structure.

    When considering the cost estimate, it is important to understand the conceptual nature ofthe design and attendant lack of specificity that necessitates broad assumptions by thecost estimators about the ultimate development of the design. The cost estimate spresented includes greater detail than can be discerned from the schematic drawings.Many of the detailed line items in the estimate are assumptions made by the costestimators based on their experience with the designs of similar projects . In addition,because the entirety of the scope cannot be known at this time, a contingency of 20% hasbeen included to cover the additional cost of design elements that have not beenanticipated in the estimate.

  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009



    FOREST THEATER RENOVATIONPhasing and Concept Cost Plan

    September 8, 2009

    The phasing recommendations and cost estimates were developed not only from theschematic design drawings, but also from a fairly thorough review of site conditions. Sitereview participants included Benny Martino of the City , whose background and historicalknowledge of the existing facility and services proved very valuable, Mark Kelley ofMACKS, and Dennis Buskirk, a thirty-year employee of Otto Construction, whovolunteered his construction expertise to validate construction phasing and methodology.Subsequently, telephone conversations with Richard McCann were initiated to validatedesign and construction assumptions.


    hasingGiven the design and apparent site restrictions, the project can logically be segmentedinto two primary phases. The necessary phasing approach, however, will achieve neitherof the City s desired initial goals of providing ADA access and updated restroomfacilities, nor accomplishment of the first phase of work within the budget parameter of

    1.5 to 2 million . Construction logistics dictate that the fust phase of the project consistof demolition and reconstruction of the stage, the audience seating area, and the showproduction booth. The logical second phase is the ADA access path from the parkingarea t the stage and audience seating area, the new restroom/box office and concessionbuildings, and the parking area. There are components of both phases that can besegregated and accomplished at later dates based on budgetary constraints , but none ofthose segregations will alter the basic phasing approach summarized above.

    ost estimate

    The estimated total cost of the project including both construction costs and soft costs is8.7 million, which is more than double the construction cost estimate provided by RF

    McCann Company. As a reminder, it was previously noted during Council meetingsthat the McCann estimate was missing certain components of work, contractor fees, andsoft costs.


    From a construction perspective, a contractor must have access to perform the work in a

    sequence that will not cause damage and rework to previously accomplished work. Forthe purpose of this report, it has been assumed that access to perform the work at theaudience seating area and the stage will be from the west side of the site . Materials andequipment would enter the site at the comer of Guadalupe and Upper Mountain View andproceed through the parking area and along the west side of the stage. It is assumed thatdirect access for construction from the upper part of Guadalupe immediately east of the

    P ~ o P .?

  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009


    FOREST THEATER RENOVATIONPhasing and Concept Cost Plan

    September 8, 2009

    audience seating area is not feasible because of the impact to traffic, the proximity ofresidences, and the necessity to remove a significant number o f trees on the site to

    provide both equipment and material access.Phase

    he need to construct the stage first is dictated by the excavation required for theorchestra pit, the understage flex space, and the exit corridor proposed along the northside of the 55 seat understage theater. Access for excavation equipment and constructionof the orchestra pit retaining wall immediately adjacent to the first row of audienceseating will necessitate at least partial demolition of the seating are a At that point, it isnecessary to reconstruct at least a portion o f the audience seating area. Once someportion of the audience seating area must be reconstructed, it becomes logical to performall of the remaining demolition, regarding, and seating replacement work. Because theseating area wraps the show production booth, which as designed includes a subterranean

    component, that building, too, should be excavated and constructed concurrent with theseating area reconstruction.

    The construction cost estimate for demolishing and reconstructing the stage, the audienceseating area, and the show production booth is approximately 4.7 million. This is,obviously, well above the estimate prepared by Richard McCann and the amount the Cityhas targeted for the Phase I work. Neither does that amount take into consideration thesoft cost expenditures that would be necessary to allow that work to progress. Thegreatest difference between the two cost estimates is associated with the work required atthe stage. This cost estimate contemplates the demolition and reconstruction of the entirestage, including the understage area.

    The design calls for the replacement of the entire stage floor and its supporting structure.n addition, because of the work required at the lower level o f both the stage left and right

    wings, it will be most economical to demolish and reconstruct both of those wings intheir entirety. The only salvaged portion of the stage that will remain at that point is thefour-sided concrete understage structure that houses the Children' s Experimental Theater,dressing rooms, etc. Given the complexities and the cost of retaining that existingstructure, performing structural remediation, and bringing it up to current code standards,a better allocation of funds would seemingly be to reconstruct the understage area in itsentirety. The cost estimate assumes that approach. f the understage structure were notto be demolished and rebuilt, the estimated stage reconstruction cost could be reduced byslightly more than 200,000. The estimated cost of the improvements to just the interiorof the understage area is approximately 800,000.


    After the stage, audience seating area, and show production booth work is complete, thesecond phase of the work, consisting of an ADA access path west of the stage, newrestroom/box office and concession structures, and a new parking lot, could commence.The existing box office, restroom and the concession stand will need to be demolished,

  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009


    FOREST THEATER RENOVATIONPhasing and Concept Cost Plan

    September 8, 2009

    rough grading must be performed, and the locations of the new replacement buildingsidentified. Work can then commence on those buildings. After those buildings areconstructed, the ADA path can be installed. The demolition and reconstruction of theparking lot will likely overlap the end of the ADA path installation.

    The construction cost estimate for this Phase 2 work is approximately $1.3 million . Thecost estimates for the two buildings and for the parking lot are close to the estimatesprepared by Richard McCann when contractor mark-ups for general conditions and feesare applied to the McCann estimate. These costs were excluded from the McCannestimate. There is a significant difference, however, between the estimates for the cost ofthe ADA paths and associated site work. The reason for that difference is likelyattributable to varying assumptions about the need .for handrails, retaining walls, stormdrainage, and tree removal and replacement.

    ost estimateIncluded s a part of this report is the schematic design conceptual estimate prepared byMACKS, which is defmed s a Cost Model Manager (CMM). The CMM attempts toidentify all potential costs that might be associated with the renovation process, includingboth soft costs as defined above and construction costs, from inception throughcommissioning. Since it is impossible at this schematic design stage to identify all coststhat will ultimately be associated with the project, a 6% contingency has been applied toall identified costs to cover any unanticipated costs. This contingency is in addition tocontingencies included within individual cost components of the CMM. The CMMprojects the total cost of the renovation at $8.7 million, of which $6 million is forconstruction costs and the remaining $2.7 million for soft costs.

    ost estimate nd phasing assumptionsAs with any project at this stage of design, key assumptions must be made which serve sthe foundation for the cost estimate. MACKS's estimate assumes that the project will bepublicly bid, will commence construction in 2010, and will be completed within a oneyear period. As a result, no cost escalation has been included. If the project start were tobe delayed, the impact of cost escalation would need to be considered at that time. Theestimate further assumes that, once commenced, the construction can occur duringregular work hours over a reasonable period of time without the need for premium orshift time. Costs are not included for compression or acceleration of the constructionschedule, nor are costs included for limiting the contractor's access to the work to keepthe understage area or any other area functional during portions of the demolition and


    Additionally, it is important to identify work that is not included in the estimate. Theconstruction estimate is confined largely to the scope of the project defined on thedrawings. The estimate does not include rock removal (should rock be encountered atany of the areas of excavation) or dewatering (if ground water is encountered atexcavated areas), slate shingle roofing (asphalt shingles are estimated instead),

    P:H:rf . 4

  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009


  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009



    · ·



    orest Theater


    September 8 2 9

  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009



    Commentary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Cost Model Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 10

  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009


    cost modelm n ger • cmm

    land acquisition


    design, planningand management

    fixtures, furnishingsand equipment


    project contingency

    development costs


    The Cost Model Manager (CMM) includes project costs identified to dateincluding both the costs of construction and soft costs . This MM isconceptual and meant to be used as a basis for work from for projectf)tanning and budget management.

    The CMM s divided into the following categories: Land Acquisition,Construction, Design Planning and Management, Fixtures/Furnishingsand Equipment, Owner Costs, Data/Telecom and Project Contingency .

    The CMM is meant to establish and manage project cost from projectinception through commissioning.

    The MM does not include operating costs.

    There are no costs identified for land acquisition.

    In addition to the cost of 'bricks and mortar', Construction Costs alsoincludes a change order contingency, permits, hazardous materialabatement and other related items.

    This section includes the range of design and managementprofessionals required for the project plus incidental expenses.

    The FF E budget includes furnishings to make the building usable bythe intended occupants. Existing theater equipment is assumed to bereused.

    This budget includes telephone and data systems, both infrastructureand functional components.

    While the CMM includes contingencies related to specific items, thiscontingency is the allowance for unforeseen and as yet unidentifiedincreases in the scope of the project resulting in additional fundingrequirements.

    This budget includes costs associated with fundraising, accounting,moving and other costs most often engaged by the Owner.

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  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009


    Pt-.ase 1


    Land Acquisition Costs 0 0 0Dollars x 1 000

    Construction Costs 6 893 5 397 1 495

    s i ~ n Planning and Management 1 178 847 331

    Furniture Fixtures and Equipment 2 0 2

    Development Costs 44 28 16

    Data Telecommunications and Securi ty 61 41 19

    Project Contingency 503 390 114

    I TOTALS 8 680 6 703 1 977. ·

    9 . G

    8 000

    7 000

    6 000

    5 000


    3 000

    2 000

    1 000


    Total Phase 1 Phase 2


  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009


  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009



    Property Acquisition

    Subtotal - Land Acquisit ion Costs


    as of1 Sep 09



    hase 1BUDGET

    as of1 Sep 09



    DR FT for

    Review and



    as of

    1 Sep 09


    0 No cost allocated for land acquisition real estatecommissions legal and accounting fees duediligence o property etc.

    0 _______ ]

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  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009


    DRAFT forReview and


    ha s e 1


    1-Sep-09 1-Sep-09 1-Sep-09

    Construction hard costs 6,000,000 4,700,000 1,300,000 Allow for two phases; budgets are based on theMackS Cost Plan, and roundedChange order contingency 600,000 470,000 130,000 10 of construction cost

    Allow for minor hazardous remediation 47,500 40,000 7,500 0 .75 of construction cost n Phase 1 and alump sum allowance for Phase 2

    Builders risk insurance 45,000 35,250 9,750 0 .75 of construction cost

    Fees and TaxesBuilding permit and Plan Check 60,000 47 ,000 13,000 Construction permit, 1

    Planning FeesPlanning Fee 50,000 25,000 25,000 Allow for Planning review

    Environmental review 20,000 10,000 10,000 Assume a negative declaration

    Traffic mitigation 10,000 10,000 0 Assume minor cost allocated to mitigation oftraffic problems

    Utility Fees

    PG&E 25,000 25 ,000 0 Allow for gas meter only

    Water meters 35,000 35,000 0 Allow for upgraded wate r meter based onincrease n fixtures

    r ~ub to tal · Construction 6 892 500 5 397 250 1 495 250L.

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  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009




    1-Sep-09 1-Sep-09

    Architect and Consulting Engineers 626,000 470,000

    Acoustical consultant 50,000 25,000

    Theatrical consultant 0 0

    Audio-Visual Consultant 10,000 10,000

    Civil and Geotechnical engineers 50,000 30,000

    Renderings 5,000 5,000Waterproofing Consultant 15,000 10,000

    Traffic Consultant 0 0

    Security Consultant 0 0Landscape Architect 30,000 10,000

    Signage and graphic consultant 15,000 10,000

    Testing and Special Inspections 45,000 30,000

    Reimbursable Expenses 56,080 41,600Environmental Impact Report 0 0Fixtures, furnishings and Equipment 20,000 15,000Project Management 200,000 150,000

    Contingency for additional services 56,104 40,330

    r - - - - s ~ b t ~ i ~ · ~ · :~ · i g ; - : - P i ; ; ; ; ; ~ r ; g - a - ; d

    I Management 1,178,184 846,930. . . ~ - - - - - - - ~ - ~ . . . . . _. _ ~ ... - ~ ~ ~ ~ - - - - · - ' - ' ' , . . _ . . . , , _ , . ,. ···

    DRAFT for

    Review andComment

    BUDGETas of

















    Allow 10 for AlA, Structural, M&E engineeringon large project, 12 on smaller

    Included in base fee for Architect

    For non theatrical equipment and systems

    Civil drawings; Soils test and foundation design

    Allowance for presentationsEstablish criteria and inspect water proofingsystemsAssumes no impacts

    Not required per City 09/08/2009Allowance for Landscape design

    Interior and exterior signage

    Construction testing, nailing, concrete, steel, etc.

    8 of Design Professional FeesNot includedAllowanceProject and Construction Management, CostPlanning and Estimating & Scheduling5 of Design Professional Fees

    ·· ...


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  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009



    Office Furniture

    Work stationsSystems furnishingsTables smallChairsFile cabinetsLobbyMiscellaneous items

    Theatrical EquipmentOverhead riggingStage draperiesTheatrical and lighting controlsTheatrical light fixturesSound video and communications

    Box OfficeRefrigeratorDisposer

    Window blinds

    Subto . al Fixtures Furnishing andTheatrical Equipment

    BUDGETas of







    BUDGETs of


    DR FT for

    Review andComment

    BUDGETas of Comments


    Assumes all furnishings are owner provided










    None anticipatedNone anticipatedReuse existingReuse exist ingReuse existing

    Assumes owner providedAssumes owner provided




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  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009



    Telecom, prima 'ry and ancillary systems

    Cabling- telecom data

    Desktop computers

    Central Se er

    Security system

    Public address system


    Subtotal -Data Telecommunications andSecurity

    BUDGETas of


    25 000

    15 000




    15 000

    5 500

    60 500

    Pha se 1

    BUDGETas of


    17 500

    10 000




    10 000

    3 750

    41 250

    DRAFT forReview andComment

    BUDGETas of


    7 500 Phone switch and new handsets

    5 000 Cabling within the facility

    0 Assumes tenant provided


    0 Not required per City 09/08/2009

    5 000 Allow for theater public address, b ck of house;Phase 2 is for Control Room

    1 7 50 1 0 of above cost

    19 250. - ]

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  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009



    Scope change contingency

    Subtotal - ontingency

    BUDGETas of


    503 303

    503 303

    Ptmse 1BUDGET

    as of10 Sep 03

    389 697

    389 697

    DRAFT forReview and

    ommen t

    BUDGETas of


    113 606

    113 606


    Allowance for expansion of scope, about 6 ofproject costs

    _ j

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  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009


  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009



    Forest Theater Replacement




    Alternate No.1: Retain the Understage Level StructureAlternate No.2: D PathwayAlternate No.3: SeatingAlternate No.4: Control BoothAlternate No.5: ConcessionsAlternate No.6: Audience CenterAlternate No.7: Parking LotAlternate No.8: Deduct the Understage Level Fit Out

    J 6 r I & 0 - -




    3 ,144



    1,10 1448




    age 8

  • 8/9/2019 Forest Theater Renovation Phasing and Concept Cost Plan 2009


    .- , ..._._ <

    ,_ . • · ~.... t. · · r : ~

    . . ...

    ~ · ~ % $/SF $,000

    Foundations 4% 20.73 129Basement Construction 1% 7.00 43

    Superstructure 18% 90.88 564Enclosure 5% 25.68 160Roofing 2% 9.70 60

    ' ' L .) . .S I ' . '~ :0 ~ ' ' : . (> ,) .;)

    Interior Construction 3% 16.67 104Stairs 3% 13.45 84Interior Finishes 11% 56.76 353

    _ 1.;. .c. ' I I,;; . :. ~ o , ~ , : . ;\Conveying 0% 0.00 0Plumbing 3% 16 .76 104Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning 6% 29.75 185

    Fire Protection 2% 8.00 50Electrical 5% 26.50 165

    . : .