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2. AGENDA Goals of the CIaaS master usage model Deep dive Interactive dialog session Open discussion (Q&A, debate...) ODCA Infrastructure Workgroup Adoption approaches Focus on actions Conclusion2 3. GOALS OF THE CIaaS MASTER USAGE MODEL Robust Marketplace Establish unified customer requirements framework foropen, interoperable compute infrastructure services More stringent requirements than popular existing publicclouds Enterprise focused -- Sufficient to displace incumbententerprise data centers Full coverage for all Usage Scenarios Storage and Network as extensions, published Forecast20133 4. ODCA CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK V1.04End UserEnd UserApplicationDevelopmentApplicationDevelopmentITOpsITOpsCapacity &PerformanceCapacity &PerformanceSW DeliveryOps & OSSW DeliveryOps & OSConfigurationConfigurationEventEventSecuritySecurityDynamicManagement&OrchestrationofEndtoEndServicesDynamicManagement&OrchestrationofEndtoEndServices 5. 5SecurityAutomationMgmt&PolicyTransparencyCommerical Framework 1.0Service Orchestration 1.0Integrates Requirementsfrom Published UsageModelsFocus on Solution LevelRequirements FrameworkDrives Ease ofImplementation,Accelerated DeliveryWHAT ARE MASTER USAGE MODELS?Compute IaaS 1.0 6. 6OPEN DATA CENTER ALLIANCE VISIONFocused UsagesFocused UsagesStandard Units of Measurement for IaaSSecurity MonitoringProvider Security AssuranceCarbon FootprintRegulatory FrameworkIO ControlVM InteroperabilityService CatalogLong Distance Workload MigrationIdentity Management InteroperabilityGuideStandard Units of Measurement for IaaSSecurity MonitoringProvider Security AssuranceCarbon FootprintRegulatory FrameworkIO ControlVM InteroperabilityService CatalogLong Distance Workload MigrationIdentity Management InteroperabilityGuideMaster UsagesMaster UsagesCommercial FrameworkCommercial FrameworkCompute IaaSCompute IaaSService OrchestrationService OrchestrationDevelopment Program and PrioritiesDevelopment Program and Priorities 7. Defines Enterprise-class CIaaS UseCasesDefines Tiered Service DeliveryBronze/Silver/Gold/PlatinumOutlines Requirements for CIaaSStack AttributesCompute ContainerCPU & MemoryNetwork ComponentsStorageSupports both Traditional andCloud Aware AppsCOMPUTE INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE7ContainerServerStorageNetworkContainerServerStorageNetworkContainerServerStorageNetworkCloudProvider 1CloudProvider 2CloudProvider 3CloudBrokerCloudSubscriber 8. CIaaS: Recommendations from the ODCA and TM Forum: A joint perspectiveon the requirements of the enterprise consumer TR174 Enterprise-Grade External Compute IaaS Requirements (Virtual PrivateCloud) TR174 Addendum A: Cloud Business Models TR174 Addendum B: Enterprise Enterprise-Grade External Compute IaaSRequirements Spreadsheet (Virtual Private Cloud) TM Forums Enterprise-Grade Virtual Private Cloud from a State-of-the-ArtReference ImplementationTM Forum Publishes 5 Papers Aligned withODCAs CIaaS Usage ModelCIaaS MASTER USAGE MODEL COLLABORATION8 9. GOAL OF USAGE MODEL Uniform consumer requirements Drive suppliers to respond to collective voice ofcloud service consumers SLAs Capabilities Usage scenarios used to illustrate and validate 10. USAGE SCENARIOS 11. SLA EXPECTATIONS 12. EXAMPLE SLA FOR A USAGE SCENARIO 13. SOME EXAMPLE CAPABILITIES Service is open and is standards-based. Describe how the service meets thisprinciple and any limitations towards the ODCA principle. The service must support a wide range of x86-based operating systems,including Windows (server and desktop OS), Solaris x64 and Linux (leadingdistributions) in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The service must support network isolation controls for inbound and outboundtraffic. The service must support the deployment of Web, Application, Database andInfrastructure Service components, such as LDAP components. The service must support alignment with Information Technology InfrastructureLibrary (ITIL) processes for change, incident and configuration management The service provider must provide options for consumer network connectivity,such as internet VPN, and leased lines. In addition, the service provider mustarticulate any other network requirements, stipulations and constraints, such asNAT, IP address overlays, and latency controls. Etc 14. SLAS EXPRESSED AS CAPABILITIES 15. INTERACTIVE DIALOG SESSION 16. ADOPTION APPROACHESADOPTION APPROACHESSuccessstoriesAwarenessCollaborationODCA DefinesRequirementsODCA DefinesRequirementsProvidersDeliverSolutionsProvidersDeliverSolutionsEnterprisesAdoptSolutionsEnterprisesAdoptSolutionsODCA DrivesScale withResultsSharingODCA DrivesScale withResultsSharingNew/EnhancedRequirements DefinedBest Practices FuelBroad DeploymentsLead Enterprises Investin Required SolutionsProviders Invest toMeet Demands16 17. PATH TO ADOPTION17DefinitionDefinition IntegrationIntegration Early AdoptionEarly Adoption Scale EnablementScale EnablementProof of ConceptsProof of ConceptsService OfferingsService OfferingsRFPsRFPsSolution providers interactingwith members to assess valueand drive enhancementsIntegration/LearningSolution providers offeringservices on specific usagesInvestment/DevelopmentEU offering intent to buyHW and SW with specificODCA requirementsConviction 18. WHAT NEXT: INDUSTRY ACTIONSBroad adoption of consistent reference architectureInvestment in Products meeting requirements of large enterpriseconsumersCategorize and classify products and servicesDetermine which important standards and specs must be considered18 19. WHAT NEXT: CONSUMER ACTIONSCategorize and classify real business requirementsLearn: Become fluent in cloudImplement!Leverage ODCA PEAT tool for RFx19 20. ODCA INFRASTRUCTURE WORK GROUP Charter and focus Prioritized customer requirements for emerging infra frameworks Inter-operability between CIaaS and Traditional solutions Drive maturity, identify best practices Relationship with ODCA publications Standard Units of Measure for IaaS, Guide to InteroperabilityAcross Clouds, Service Orchestration, Security Usage Models,Regulatory Framework, Commercial Framework, Scale-outstorage, Software defined networking20 21. QUESTIONSCompute Infra as a ServiceFrom engagement to real adoption andFrom engagement to real adoption andimplementationimplementationwww.opendatacenteralliance.org21 21 22. 2013 Open Data Center Alliance, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.