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Ford presented its approach to social media at the #thinkgearshift event hosted by Google in London on March 24, 2011.

Transcript of Ford Social Media Presentation at Google Gearshift Conference

  • We have a fundamental challenge:

    Q: Thinking about everything you have read, seen, or heard about business in the last year, in general, do you trust corporations a lot less, a little less, the same, a little more, or a lot more than you did at the same time last year?

    Source: Edelman Trust Barometer, 2009

  • Source: Motivequest Automotove Quality Subsets, 9/1/2008-2/10/2010

    Consumer Quality Sentiment


    Consumer Quality Sentiment


    Customers are starting to notice. This is a look at online consumer sentiment comparing Ford and competitor quality. You can see that weve been making great progress over the last two years, following a consistent messaging plan. Were now second only to Honda for consumer perception of quality.


  • Strong Business


    In order to get there, we needed a plan. And that plan manifested itself in One Ford

    One Ford: One Team. One Plan. One Goal.

    The plan:

    Aggressively restructure to operate profitably at the current demand and changing model mixAccelerate development of new products our customers want and valueFinance our plan and improve our balance sheetWork together effectively as one team
  • Great Products


    Great products abound the all new 2010 Ford Taurus, the Ford Flex, the 2011 Ford Fiesta, the Electric Focus, and the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, to name a few. Overall, Ford has the freshest lineup in the industry.

    And more importantly, weve advanced our quality no one surpasses Ford in initial quality, and weve got the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the automotive industry. 70% of our vehicles are recommended buys in publications consumers trust most.

  • Better World


    It starts with vision a lofty goal that causes us to reach for more.

    Bill Ford, Jr. carries on the vision of his great-grandfather and pushes the company to be more than just a business were

  • Ninety percent of social media is just showing up.

    Its the other half thats hard.


    We subscribe to the Woody Allen philosophy of social media: 90% of social media is just showing up.

    We also believe in the Yogi Berra corollary: Its the other half thats hard.

    You get points for simply having a presence in social media. But its more than just registering an account its about participating and making sure youre an active member of the community.

    Our presence counts in unexpected places:

    CESUrban Mobility ProjectGreen RoofWarriors in Pink
  • *

    Some examples of Fords social media presence

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    And what do we do that makes people sit up and pay attention?

    We listen. We respond. We demonstrate that were different.

  • Accessibility


    They want to be able to speak to people directly at the company, or with someone who represents the company in some fashion. In short, they want to ensure theyve been heard.

    This is vastly different for the direct marketer whos used to replies in the form of BREs, click throughs or data filled out in forms. This is in some cases real-time.

  • Transparency


    They want to understand the process and be communicated to regularly, to ensure theyre being treated fairly.

  • Authenticity


    Straight, honest answers no spin

    You cant outsource authenticity.

  • Create strong products

    Going Global: A Universal Language

    Engaging content

    Speak like them

    Let them speak


  • If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings and speak my words.


    Its not a new concept, but its one that we as marketers and communicators may have forgotten.

  • *

    First uttered by Cicero, some 2,000 years ago, its still as relevant today.



    And were thinking and speaking like our customers in a number of ways the Fiesta Movement was a first and very significant step.

    Real-time updates from real people driving our cars 100% authentic, not edited/censored/filtered in any way.

    In addition to buzz, the feedback that our engineers are getting allows them to improve the North American version before it event comes to market.

  • *

    (play Fiesta agent launch video zombie)

    Did you ever think youd see a Zombie in a Ford ad? That one may not be for everyone, but isnt that the most interesting demonstration video for keyless entry that youve ever seen?

    And like Fiesta Movement, we started with some of our best agents. These agents have a massive following, and will help us spread the word to their social circles because they were part of the creative process. Combined, the eight agents featured in The Fiesta Project have more than a half million Twitter followers and a half million YouTube subscribers. With a single tweet or YouTube call to action, an agent can flood our Fiesta Web site with fully-engaged visitors -- equivalent to a weeks worth of paid media.

    And it gets even our brand TV campaign, content like this gives us more for our money on the production side. Were producing nearly 20 of these videos for the same cost as the typical TV campaign.

  • Fiesta Movement

    6.2 million views


    40 million impressions




    new to Ford


    under 25


    Success seen from the Fiesta Movement

  • 2011 Explorer Reveal


    The reveal of the 2011 Ford Explorer on

  • *

  • *

    In addition to the public, the industry pundits took notice.

  • *

    In addition to the public, the industry pundits took notice.

  • Total impressions 99MM#1 Trending Topic on Twitter; #2 in Google Trends for the day 500,000-plus 2011 Explorer site visits versus daily average of 7,000 for 2010 Explorer 1.5X greater completion of build & priceHit 50,000 Facebook "likes" of the Ford Explorer by end of day July 26 - added over 10,000 likes in a single day

    Explorer Reveal Stats


  • Promoted Tweets


    Rather than focus on our own content exclusively, weve highlighted what others are saying about us.

  • *

    And we reap the benefit through earned media.

  • Programs are important, but what about ongoing engagement?

  • Its not the same old, same old

  • Dont be that guy

  • *

  • The Voice of the Customer

  • Influencer Engagement

  • *

    And what do we do that makes people sit up and pay attention?

    We listen. We respond. We demonstrate that were different.


  • Passion Powers Brands

  • Thank you