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Latex-kondomien maatuminen kestää liki 100 vuotta. Uudet elastiinista valmistetut vihreät kondomit maatuvat kuudessa kuukaudessa. Myös niiden pakkaukset ovat biohajoavia.

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  • 1.Forbidden Fruit

2. Latex decomposition: 50-100 years Latex allergies (FDA favors latex alternatives) Production process: rainforests, herbicides & other additives Degradability and allergy challenges 3. Our inspiration 4. Elastin-based biodegradable condom The first and only environmentally friendly condom Natural protein Decomposes in 6 months No allergies Non toxic 5. Packaging-biodegradable Multilayer PLA Cellulose 6. Global condom & green markets Condoms valued at $6 billion (2015) 50% increase in 5 years European organic market 23 billion (2012) 1-3% of total consumer market 7. 100 million people Western markets, ages 15-35 Organic lifestyle Outdoor & Recreation Festivals 8. Customer validation Lifestyle Organic Outdoor On occasion Festivals and sports events 9. Retailer validation Could work, although our customers are not actively seeking these Why dont we have these on the shelf already? 10. Pricing and scaling Retail price 9 for a 5-pack Revenues 1M-1.4M 11. Alliances Events: NGOs & media Sexual and environmental health: hospitals & schools 12. Our Roadmap 13. Our goals in 5 years Leading condom brand on the Outdoor & Recreation market Organic & LOHAS Lifestyle High visibility on summer festivals 14. Our mission Innovation for pleasure, health and sustainability 15. Needs: Research group Investors Facebook: Forbidden Fruit email: