FOOD PORTIONING PowerPoint by: Beatrice Comello and Mystica Terrance.

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FOOD PORTIONING PowerPoint by: Beatrice Comello and Mystica Terrance

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Transcript of FOOD PORTIONING PowerPoint by: Beatrice Comello and Mystica Terrance.


Food PortioningPowerPoint by:Beatrice Comello and Mystica Terrance

What is food portioning?

Food portioning is how much food you choose to eat. Too big portions and too much food can lead to obesity, diabetes and other health concerns. Too small portions and not enough food can lead to serious health problems.

Your plate should look like this:


Portion Distortion- what is it?Portion Distortion is a disorder in which people eat too much, eat too little or have an unbalanced diet.

PortionDisorder over the Years

Using this food pyramid will help fight portion distortion

Point to fruit for example and say that the average person needs 2-4 servings a day.6How much is enough?Meat & Alternatives-The size of a deck of cardsGrains-The size of a tennis ballFruit-Size of a baseballButter-The size of a dieCondiments-The size of a golf a ballCheese-The size of a domino

Portion Control tipsWhile at restaurants order half or share meals. Restaurant portions are three or four times the right serving size.

Try ordering a regular (single patty) hamburger the next time you visit a fast food restaurant. Youll save about 150 calories.

Order the small fries. By eating only a small order of fries instead of the super-sized fries, youll save about 300 calories.

Getting an appetizer instead of a main course can help control the amount you eat because appetizers are often much smaller than entres.

More Portion Control tipsAsk for your meal to be packaged in a to-go box, and eat it for lunch the next day, if it is too much. DONT OVER EAT!!

Dont eat straight from the bag, put a few pretzels or chips in a small bowl instead of eating by the handful right out of the bag.

Instead of buying snack foods in bulk (or even by the box) buy single servingsthis way you wont eat the whole box/bag all at once.

When using butter, sour cream, mayonnaise and cheese, use only half the amount you usually do.


Quiz Time!

This is an example of a..a) Good size portion

b)Horrible size portion

c)Bad size portion

Portion Distortion is.People who eat too much

People who eat too little

People who have an unbalanced diet.

All of the above

Which Coca- Cola bottle do you think is the biggest?a) b) c)

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