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Transcript of Food-Photography Inspiration · PDF file Food-Photography Inspiration. Men’s Health...


    Ingredients are shown in a simple manner, however the measurements are absent. Creative display, highly visual and accessible. Plain background places focus on the food. The brown palette of background have a rustic, natural feel.

    Good layout; food at the top, recipe at the bottom and a quotation enlarged.

    Font, a serif, gives it a childlike, easy, and fun appeal.

    Angle of photograph is a bird’s eye view.

    Food-Photography Inspiration


    Men’s Health Website

    Use objects, such as a Teddybear to convey the target audience as children.

    The unity of the background, simplifies the layout and makes the recipes feel more approachable

    Do not only photograph the end product, but photographs the ‘method’ process as well.

    Simple, white background that appeals to a more mature audience. The clean, white background conveys cleanliness or health.

    Emphasis is placed on the meats, with the vegetables out of focus, conveys the impor- tance of the meat, with the vegetables as the “add-ons”


    Here wood is used as the main background, again to convey a rustic and natural feel.

    The black background, conveys that it is aimed at a mature, and make the food carry some weight.

    Photograph is taken from a front angle, and all focus is placed on the food.

    The dark palette of the background and the plates, places the main focus on the food. The food seems heavier, in comparison to the light background. Including the knife next to the meat, portrays a sense of danger.

  • We Eat Together

    How I will apply these trends to my work: Using, black gives weight to the food, this could be effective to give weight to vegetables that are consid- ered as ‘light’ food to convey that they are substantial. I will mainly use a dark, background.

    There are two main trends, as shown here, in terms of photographing food. The first is using a birds-eye view angle; this provides a full frame where the focus is more objective as it is on the meal as a whole. The second is using a front-view angle, where the emphasis is placed on the main component of the meal. Both these approaches have a place, and I will alternate between these two approaches to provide some variety.

    Depending on the ‘mood’ that I am trying to set, I will change the colour of the background. Most back- grounds will be dark with a variation of dark blue, dark green, black, and incorporating white when I am trying to ‘sell’ the “clean and lean” food.

    I will include objects such as the knife to convey the target audience. Other objects that I can consider to include are other tools that support the concept of ‘fixing’ your ‘condition’ and is thought to be aimed at men.