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  • 1. Folk Tales and Myths, Fairy Tales, and Fables
    Stories from long ago
  • 2. Folk Tales and Myths
    Generally no known author handed down stories.
    Stories that usually explain something about the world and involve gods and other supernatural beings.
    Often take place before people were on earth.
    Sometimes called Creation Stories
  • 3. Fairy Tales
    Short stories that can be read in one sitting.
    The characters are make believe. There may be magic.
    They often begin with "Once upon a time" and end with "they lived happily ever after."
    Usually good versus evil. Story usually has a problem that needs solved.
    Originally created to teach children how to behave.
    Example: Cinderella
  • 4. Fables
    They are short stories with animal characters that act like humans.
    There is a lesson or moral to be learned from each story.
    Most famous author of fables was Aesop, a Greek writer.
    Example: The Lion and the Mouse