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PHILIPPINE FOLK DANCE fundamental position of arms and feet

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2. TINIKLING 3. KITIKITI 4. ITIK - ITIK 5. AR C O S IA 6. CARIOSA 7. Bring heelsRaised arms toclose toa circle in fronttouch, toesof the chestapart 8. Open up armssideward, raised Bring feet apartbelow shoulder level sideward .with a graceful curve. 9. Raise one arm Bring the heel ofoverhead whileone foot to touchother arm remains the instep of thein 2nd position.other foot. 10. Raise one arm infront of chest in a Bring one foot inhalf circle, while one front of the otherarm remainsfoot to walk strike.overhead. 11. Raise both arms Bring the heel ofoverhead in a one foot to touchgraceful curve. the toe of theother. 12. Research about the folk dance fromLuzon. Look for the following: a. Historical Background b. Costume c. Basic Steps