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Empty Volume Reduction to less than 1/5th

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2. estimated 90% of the worlds trade todaymoves in containers.One hundred million container loadscrisscross the worlds oceans each year inover 5,000 container ships. Some 20% of the containers on board are empty 3. Usage during its Life-Span A container can spend on average 56% of its lifespan either idle or being repositioned while empty. This represents a non revenue generating part involving additional costs (such as warehousing and repositioning)that are assumed either by the shipping or the leasing company. Such a cost is part of the leasing rate.Copyright 1998-2009, Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Dept. of Global Studies & Geography, Hofstra University. 3 For personal or classroom use ONLY 4. Usage during its Life-SpanThe lifespan of a container ranges between 10 to 15years depending on its level of usage and the conditionsit has been exposed to. A well maintained container not exposed to harshconditions can even have a lifespan up to 20 years.Copyright 1998-2009, Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Dept. of Global Studies & Geography, Hofstra University. 4 For personal or classroom use ONLY 5. INNOVATION, what can it bring?The year 1954.At that time Philip Morris & Co,owners of a brand called Marlboro,was dead last in sales among themajor tobacco companies.Marlboro makeover---its packaging!For a 5 year exclusivity Marlborowas the first brand to be packagedin the handy Flip-Top Box. Marlboros new image paidhuge dividendsThink outside the box !in attracting smokers. 5 6. aluminum and/or 1958care free aluminum / iron / galvanized iron / WIKI: galvanizing for protection of iron is favored because of its low cost, the ease of application, and the extended maintenance-free service that it provides.6 7. YESTERDAYS TECHNOLOGY 7 8. YESTERDAYS TECHNOLOGY 8 9. Technical innovation, copyrighted design,exclusive implementation through Patent Application,taking into account the range of terminal operations:graphics via 9 10. TODAYS TECHNOLOGY 10 11. TODAYS TECHNOLOGYCopyright Holland Container Innovations - 2009 11 12. Volume reduction!less than 20% of the original volume (16.8%)12 eric parein - 2009 13. Trade Mark40 Foldable Standard General PurposeShipping Container (graphics here 12m x 2.44m x 2.70m) 13 eric parein - 2009 14. the Tunnelthe Door-End and the Back-End are offits automatic upright positioning( the folding principle) 14 eric parein - 2009 15. the essential solid Swivel Rods and Coil Springs15 eric parein - 2009 16. the Side Wall upright on Bottom Plate ( the spring here is almost at rest )16 eric parein - 2009 17. the Tunnel, its controlled folding or rising the folding principle - think outside the box, literally!17 eric parein - 2009 18. extra hinges, serving the overall strength18 eric parein - 2009 19. the Enfolded Tunnel ( held or secured in Enfolded Position )19 eric parein - 2009 20. 12 Contickes stacked horizontally 20 eric parein - 2009 21. conditioning towards repositioning21 eric parein - 2009 22. thestraddlecarrierutilizing existing port and terminals equipment 22 23. coast to coast repositioning 23 24. 40 (-)2m44 wide2m70 high4 solidhinges4 coilsprings2 fork liftholes 24 eric parein - 2009 25. dry freight technical issue(half in length depiction, scaled down Tunnel-Elements, in width and height only)25 eric parein - 2009 26. coil springs positioning on one axle26 eric parein - 2009 27. being folded27 eric parein - 2009 28. sturdily enfolded 28 eric parein - 2009 29. 29 30. The Manufacturing30 31. The Manufacturing31 32. Google:Container CornerBlocks 32 eric parein - 2009 33. one End engages the other33 eric parein - 2009 34. locking device on door / positioning rods / rubber 34 eric parein - 2009 35. Locking Device (yellow) and Positioning Rod (red) The locking devices (yellow) are located in the vertical sections35 eric parein - 2009 36. Handles (red) securingthe Door-End and Back-End to the Tunnel 36 eric parein - 2009 37. moving Contickes Door-Ends only Maximal reduction !adjust Ends thickness to foot = 80 Door Ends assembled within 40!37 eric parein - 2009 38. Feasibility Huge DividendsCheck Foldable Containers:a New Perspective on Reducing Container-Repositioning Costs 38on 39. From 1/5th, to Complete Empty Volume Reduction Copyright 1998-2009, Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Dept. of Global Studies & Geography, Hofstra University. 39 For personal or classroom use ONLY 40. YESYESYES YES not enfoldedScheme from study by the Technical University of Delft - (link on previous slide) 40 41. 41 42. 1.Other technical option is to enfold from 16 cm higher hinge to also store the two container ends. Lessefficient.2.Preferably, the back end would be entirely flat outside, to allow more volume inside.3.Both end parts, as well as the extremities of the green parts, are possibly without the forklift cut outs.4.Possibly, (some) manipulation or use of the containers do not require the springs.5.The watertight property is not compulsory for all transported goods or commodities.Watertight packing or covering the goods inside might even be possible.6.The plates and the back end are hollow or not. If hollow the container has increased floatation capacity.Possibly they are ecologically foam-filled, also to offer a temperature barrier.7.The side walls could be made of a single corrugated plate.8.Full recycle ability is pursued. Adhering maximal to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy...If one part is damaged, the other parts remain fully recoupable to further serve.9.Longer hinges or extra hinge parts in between the shown hinges if required. All measurements are possibly tobe adapted.10. Most preferably galvanized steel execution, equals longevity. Or, no paint.11. Outside the great money-saving folding property, longevity further compensates initial manufacturing costs.12. Outside visual identification of the Conticke happens through its tags all around the door-end, as wellvertically as horizontally. On the front, the top side, as on its two sides. As there is only one door-end percontainer assembly, the other parts remain neutral as they are interchangeable.13. Patent protection is pursued to acquire exclusivity and to easily control the development, manufacture andexploitation.14. In this age of terrorism, the folding container ensures better security since it cannot be so easily used as ameans of smuggling,15. Strategically, own specific corner fittings and consecutive own equipment clamps is an option.42 eric parein - 2009 43. Thank You for considering:The environment-friendly key to lower IT costs. Significantly increasing the TOS appeal.Eric Parein CONCEPT LICENSING 43 eric parein - 2009