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First crowd�ying service.

Fly wherever you want, whenever you want with people like you.

The Problem

There are no dedicated, customisable �ight connec�ons easily accesible.

Airlines don’t know where you want to �y and when.

Too many planes are on the ground while you cannot book a �ight to your dream des�na�on.

The Product

Flyover is a social web service providing dedicated and customizable �ights to groups of people with similar interests and travel needs.

Choose where you want to �y and when.


If Flyover already has such a request - join it.


Share your request with other people.3.

When there is enough people, Flyover will o�er you a �ight.


More people travelling means a lower price for each �cket.


Revenue Model

comission for each �cket booked through%

Market Opportunity

Number of people �ying will double.*

*Interna�onal Air Transport Associa�on, "Vision 2050" Report, Singapore, 2011

Net pro�t of

$3.2 billion in Europe alone.*

*Airline Financial Outlook Strenghtens report by IATA, December 2013


Błażej WojtyłaCEO

Filip MościckiCOO

Asia PająkCMO

Seed Investor:

Technology and Business Development:


Closest compe��on

JumpOn! (Canada)

Idle aircra� from the charter airlines at discounted rates

Flights only depart when a minimum number of seats are sold

Customers spread the word about the �ight deals within their social network

Indirect compe��onAirlines (�ag carriers, regular and low-cost airlines)

Charter brokers

Charter companies and private jets

Sky wide open where you want when you want

Filip Mościcki�lip.moscicki@get�