Florida Probate: More Questions and Options

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When we're talking about the probate of a decedent's estate, there are three different process in Florida. Learn more about Florida probate in this presentation.

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2. TYPES 3. ITN C THEEMO TI-_= ".AJ:T O]: ssT-Ki: . ' '. Rol>crt I.Kulas,I. A. Attorneys at Law 4. K75. Robert 1. Kulas,P. A.Attornc) s at Law 5. When were talking about the probate of a decedents estate,thereare three different process in FloridaE15Robert I. Kul;1s, I. ;.Aftoruqs at Law 6. These are:disposition without administration,summary probate,and formal administrationE15Robert I. Kul;1s, I. ;.Aftoruqs at Law 7. PROBATE PROPERTY 8. D oAMY 11 .0 rTO. -. Rol>crt 1. Kulas,I. A. LawAttorney 5 at 9. K75. Robert I. Kul;1s, P.A. Attornc) s at Law 10. Some of your property will avoid probateKT: I ..Robcrt I.Kulas,P. A. Attornqs at Law 11. For example,property that names a beneciary,such as life insurance policies or transfer-on-death accounts,will pass outside of probateE15Robert I. Kul;1s, I. ;.Aftoruqs at Law 12. You can also take property that would otherwise have to go through probate and turn it into non- probate propertyE15. LRo1cn I. Ku| ;1s, I. .-.Attorney 5 at Law 13. DEBTS 14. "/ x/"T. -tr.I-IAPPEt: IS IF tvnr ESTATE owns DEBTS? E1: . -. Rol>crt 1. Kulas,I. A. Attorneys at Law 15. Your estate administrator is responsible for determining if there are estate debts,and also for using estate property to pay those obligationsE15. LRo1cn 1. Kulas,P. .=.Attorney 5 at Law 16. Your family wont have to pay any estate or probate debtsEH5Robert 1. Kulas,PA.Aftoruqs at Law 17. PROBATE CHOICES AND AVOIDANCE 18. cw-( . }A_l: Yl Y A"7O ID PBA4--. -. Rol>crt 1. Kulas,I. A. Attorneys at Law 19. ln most cases you can substantially reduce the role that probate will play in your estate to the point where it becomes a minor concernsKT: I ..Robcrt I.Kulas,P. A. Attorneys at Law 20. By creating the proper estate planning tools you can ensure that all,or almost all,of your property will pass outside of probateKT: I ..Robcrt I.Kulas,P. A. Attorneys 1.Law 21. LEARN MORE ABOUT PROBATE IN FLORIDA 22. Robert J Kulas,PA AttorneysLawWWW".J2iI. _.J. :2I. ::; ...