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    fastoptMFlooring Systems

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  • When it comes to flooring, Sherwin-Williams reaches new heights for you. It all starts with top-grade products, like our FasTop Seamless Flooring System. This family of urethane concrete systems offer rapid installation and return to service with long-lasting performance. Attributes include the ability to go over green concrete; resistance to moisture vapor emission, very high chemical, temperature and thermal shock resistance, making them ideal for the demanding environments found in food and chemical processing facilities. Formulations range from mortars up to 8 mm, multiple slurry versions and even a coating to meet a wide variety of applications and budgets.

    Like all of our products, FasTop is installed by approved contractors and backed by Sherwin-Williams team of coatings specialists. Our technical field representatives are the best in the business and are there for you with expert advice on product applications, federal and governmental compliance regulations, ASTM standards and more.

    And, if you ever have a question, you know were just a call away. Were your partner. Were here to help. So call on the industrial flooring leader. Call on Sherwin-Williams.

    FaSTop Flooring SySTemS. producTS ThaT are good For your boTTom line.

    You cant afford downtime. You cant afford a flooring system that doesnt meet USDA standards. You cant afford a coating that wont last. In other words, you cant afford not to get FasTop. FasTops tolerance to moisture makes it the only viable flooring choice for many facilities. And we think youll agree, its the right choice for you. The FasTop line goes down quickly to give you faster return to service.

    Acceptable for USDA inspected facilities, FasTop gives you a wide array of benefits.

    Canbeappliedto"green"concrete Thermalshockresistance








    FeaTureS and beneFiTS

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    Typical phySical properTieS Color Red Various Dark Gray/Light Gray CERAMIC CARPET Blends Vinyl Chip Blends

    VOC Waterbased Cure Time @72F Foot Traffic 4-8 hrs

    Full Service 6-12 hrs

    Abrasion Resistance 20-70 mg lost ASTM D 4060

    CS 17 Wheel

    Adhesion 300 psi ASTM D 4541 concrete failure

    Flexural Strength 3,700 psi Compressive Strength 5,000 psi ASTM C 579

    Tensile Strength 550-600 psi ASTM C 307

    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 1.1 x 105F ASTM C 531

    Impact Resistance No Damage at 16 ft.-lbs ASTM D 2794

    Resistance to Will not support Microbial Growth* microbial growth Service Temperature -50F - 300F Install Temperature 40F - 85F

    Flammability Class 1 ASTM E 648

    installation details Attention to installation details will have a great impact on the effectiveness and durability of your high perfor-mance floor and wall systems. Treatment of cracks and joints prior to installing the flooring system improves cleanability and can prevent substrate movement from cracking the seamless surface. Addressing drain and termination edges will prevent problems and ensure long-term system performance.

    FasTopTm Flooring Systems

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  • www.sherwin-williams.com/protective2013 The Sherwin-Williams CompanyProtective & Marine Coatings 7/13 AD0218

    FasTop SFast InstallationLong-Lasting Performance FasTop is a slip resistant, fast cure 1/4 3/8 urethane slurry systeminstalledoverflatlevelsubstrates.Pinrakeorgaugerake installation techniques allow approved contractors to rapidly finish large areas in a single application. Texture, which is added utilizing various aggregates broadcasted onto the surface, can be topcoated if desired.

    FasTop S-u1The Look of QuartzThe Quality of Sherwin-Williams A colored quartz broadcast can be applied to the FasTop S flooring system for areas where a blended color look is preferred. Colored quartz is broadcast into the FasTop slurry in place of silica sand and is sealed with a protective clear epoxy or urethane topcoat.

    FasTop 12mGets You Up and Runningin as Little as 6 Hours The FasTop 12M flooring system is a rapid cure, high- build (1/4 3/8) urethane trowel-applied system. FasTop 12M is used in place of FasTop S when uneven substrates require resurfacing or when a sloped elevation is required. This system can be placed into service within six hours of installation or may be topcoated for enhanced aesthetics and chemical resistance.

    FasTop cove baseFloor-to-Wall transitions that give you the protection you need If youre in food processing or pharmaceutical production, you know how often your flooring systems are hot water washed. Seamless flooring systems with an integral cove base provide the best sanitary protection. FasTop urethane cove base pre-measured kits are available for use with any FasTop installations. Ideally, the cove base is installed in conjunction with SaniFlex, a seamless high-perfor-mance wall system to provide an uninterrupted floor-to-wall transition.

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