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FLIPPING FANTASTICCreated +Edited by :Anna Isha 2013

Peter Hill Primary:Tristan and James are completing their final year in this primary school. They perform in a play entitled The Adventures of Tom Sawyer which is the last activity in the school.Setting: Based on the story Flipping Fantastic by Jane Langford, the lessons that we can learn are about the importance of family relationship, mothers love and theneeds of change.This story tells about how important to stay together as one happy family. James and Tristan are twin brothers who love, protect and care each other. James helps Tristan to move around with his wheelchair while Tristan helps James in Maths subject. They are very close and initially do not want to be separated because they love each other. James needs to go to Highfield and Tristan needs to go to Chesterlea Grange. They know they have to make a decision.Another lesson that we learn is about mothers love. Their mother loves and sacrifice for both of them. We know that each mother wants the best for her child. Their mum has chosen the best school for them. The last point is the needs of change.Tristan and James realised how difficult to change school. Jamesis not sure whether to go to Highfields and worry if Tristan can take care of himself in Chesterlea Grange , the special school. But at last they realise that they have to make the right decision to two separate schools. Both are happy and they describe their schools as fantastic!Chesterlea Grange:This is a residential school for students of special needs situated far away from Tristans home. Tristan looks forward to be enrolled in this special school which has all the facilities that he has dreamt of such as a drama studio, games room, swimming pool and a paddock. The school also has sports activities such as basketball tournament, archery contest, wheelchair games and so on. Highfields: This is the school that James is going to be enrolled in when the new school term begins. At the end of the story, James feels excited about his schoolmates are there including Kiara Jones.

Fear of the unknown:James dreads being alone in Highfields without the help of Tristan. Although Tristan feels excited about his new school, at times he feels confused about being alone and far away from home and his brother in the new school.Motherly pride: Mum takes pride in her boys ability. She admires James courage to perform on stage despite being an introvert and appreciates Tristans great performance as Tom Sawyer in the school play.Other themes: a caring society, being independent, brotherly loveThemesValues:Independence, concern, appreciation, consideration, helpfulnessTone:The tone is generally sincere, serious, and reflective. At times it is emotional.Point of View: 1st person PIV. Pronoun I is used.

The relationship between brothersBeing twins, the two brothers are extremely close to each other. They depend on each other a lot and they fear being separated. James depends on Tristan to help him in Mathematics while Tristan depends on James to manouever the wheelchair around.ThemesFear of changeThe twins fear of change as they are comfortable with their previous school-Peter Hills Primary School. After 6 years, they know they have to change school and their lives would not be the same anymore. James will go to Highfields and Tristan will go to Chesterlea Grange school.

James or Tristans ?Confident , Inferior, Shy, Brilliant, Outstanding, Quiet, Active, Dependent, Lacks confidence, Independent, Computer Literate, Caring, Loving , Responsible

Character Traits:James is nervous about the thought of being alone in Highfields._____James is quite happy about leaving Peter Hill Primary because he doesnt have to take part in school plays anymore. _____Chesterlea Grange has all the facilities that James likes. _____Tristan agrees to go to Chesterlea Grange to please his mother. ____Mr. Sewell is Tristans favourite maths teacher._____James persuades Tristan to go to Chesterlea Grange. _____ James dislikes drama.______Mum thinks that it is a mistake choosing different secondary schools for her sons. _____Jessica Parker is the twins classmate. _____ Tristan plays the role of Tom Sawyer in the school play entitled The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

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