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Ready, steady, cross platform games on your phone

Ready, steady, cross platform gamesPhillip Trelford, @ptrelfordF# Paris 2015, #fsharp

F#unctional londonersFounded Feb 20101000+ MembersMeets every 2 weeksTopics includeMachine LearningFinanceGamesWeb


Dont Game coders use C++?YESEnginesGraphicsSoundPhysicsNOScriptsAIInteractionTools

Do they regret IT?

Veteran Games Programmer John Carmack extolling the virtues of functional programming at QuakeCon


The F in f# stands for fun!Phillip Trelford, @ptrelfordProgressive .Net Tutorials 2015, #prognet

Quake 3 F# Script

Will Smith@TIHanTime6h@brandewinder @7sharp9 Finally got something going in #FSharp #Quake3. Messing around with the weapon position. :) pic.twitter.com/zAZ439Kdch


Mobile?Phillip Trelford, @ptrelfordProgressive .Net Tutorials 2015, #prognet

Portable is dead long live mobile

Android games now out-selling games for Sony and Nintendo handheldsIDC and App Annie's study suggests that iOS and Android combined now generate four times the revenues of dedicated gaming handhelds- Guardian


Cross platform game enginesDesigner-orientatedUnity (C#, F#, JavaScript, Boo)PhoneGap (JavaScript, F#, )Marmalade

Code-orientatedXNA/MonoGame (C#, F#)PyGame (Python)Love (Lua)DirectX (C++)

F# for games

Example Apps

Frameworks for games

XNA is deadPhillip Trelford, @ptrelfordProgressive .Net Tutorials 2015, #prognet

Long live monogameDevelop in Visual Studio (PC) or Xamarin Studio (Mac & PC)Cross PlatformiOSAndroidWindowsMac OSXLinuxPlaystation MobileOuya


cross platform f#

but wait

prototype10 WRITE Prototype20 PLAY Prototype30 IF fun THEN GOTO 2040 GOTO 10

Task: flappy bird


Choose your own adventure

toolingMonoGamePaint.Net / GimpMusicMaker JamBxfr.Net (Sound effects)Google


F# Koans//---------------------------------------------------------------// About Let//// The let keyword is one of the most fundamental parts of F#.// You'll use it in almost every line of F# code you write, so// let's get to know it well! (no pun intended)//---------------------------------------------------------------[]module ``about let`` =

[] let LetBindsANameToAValue() = let x = 50 AssertEquality x __


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