Fisher Biz Quiz 2012 Semifinal Round Questions 2012 Semifinal...Fisher Biz Quiz 2012 Semifinal Round...

1 Fisher Biz Quiz 2012 Semifinal Round Questions Question 1 Raising questions about the sustainability of its vaunted manufacturing machine, what recently happened in a Chinese factory, causing 40 injuries and leading to the mobilization of nearly 5,000 police? Answer: Worker riot, or Riot B, 9/27 Question 2 Despite accusations of directing an insurgency in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the United Nations added Rwanda to its security council. However, as a nonpermanent member of the council, Rwanda will not have what power? Answer: Veto Power A, 10/19

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Fisher Biz Quiz 2012 Semifinal Round Questions

Question 1 Raising questions about the sustainability of its vaunted manufacturing machine, what recently happened in a Chinese factory, causing 40 injuries and leading to the mobilization of nearly 5,000 police? Answer: Worker riot, or Riot B, 9/27 Question 2 Despite accusations of directing an insurgency in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the United Nations added Rwanda to its security council. However, as a nonpermanent member of the council, Rwanda will not have what power? Answer: Veto Power A, 10/19


Question 3 Federal authorities have become increasingly concerned in recent years about financial transactions involving casinos and gamblers, specifically with respect to money laundering. Federal law, however, has for some time required casinos to report what to authorities? Answer: Suspicious Transactions B, 10/29 Question 4 Part of the Dodd-Frank law, a hotly contested new SEC rule will require firms that develop oil and gas fields to report what? Answer: Payments to foreign governments B, 10/11


Question 5 Consumer Packaged Goods giant Procter & Gamble finds itself in unfamiliar territory after suffering three straight years of profit decline. CEO Robert McDonald has been under scrutiny and could lose his Chairman of the Board role, or worse, his job, if his cost-cutting and product re-focus plans don't deliver results. Mr. McDonald has already lost what? Answer: 6% of pay, or Portion of pay, or Executives A, 9/27 Question 6 There was evidence released that executives at two of the largest private-equity firms e-mailed each other about working together instead of competing for takeovers. The executives worked for which two private equity firms? Answer: Blackstone and KKR C, 10/11


Question 7 Bob Pittman, CEO of Clear Channel Communications, is seeking to revive the radio industry by compelling advertisers to increase the amount of money spent on radio advertising. In addition to his time with AOL Time Warner, what other business is Mr. Pittman known for? Answer: MTV B, 10/17 Question 8 Nail salons are particularly fond of the gel manicure craze because it encourages what? Answer: Repeat Business D, 10/3


Question 9 New York City is once again seeing a great migration—this time, from downtown to uptown. In the aftermath of Hurrican Sandy, the greatest divide was the split between those with power and those without. One resident was quoted as saying “I don’t think people will be fighting over food in this city. It will be over the electrical outlet.” What establishment across the 31st Street line of empowerment was “mobbed”? Answer: Dunkin Donuts A, 10/31 Question 10 "Thou shalt not steal." Exodus 20:15. After setting the single season record for steals in Double-A professional baseball, who is in violation of the eighth commandment? Answer: Billy Hamilton D, 10/4


Question 11 The White House advisory body is pushing a plan to double the number of new prescription drugs on the market each year for high-risk patients. Since the 1990s the FDA has employed accelerated approval for certain drugs such as those treating AIDS and cancer. In an effort to help more high-risk patients, such as those who are morbidly obese, the President's council is advocating what specific approvals? Answer: Special medical use A, 9/26 Question 12 French holding company, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton is a bellwether for what industry? Answer: Luxury Goods B, 10/16 Question 13 Big coffee buyer, Folgers, is currently owned by which Ohio-based company? Answer: J.M. Smucker, or Smucker’s C, 10/9


Question 14 In a rare bipartisan moment, President Obama flew over devasted New Jersey with Republican Governor Chris Christie. This bipartisan effort challenged Romney’s assertion that he showed more skill at working across party lines than the President. Gov. Christie’s praise for the President contrasted Christie’s attacks after last year’s Tropical Storm Irene. Specifically, what did Gov. Christie praise? Answer: Great working relationship A, 11/1 Question 15 With culinary influences ranging from a Jewish-American pastrami salmon taco to an Asian Peking duck taco, what Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival event was first held in 2010? Answer: Tacos & Tequila D, 10/11


Question 16 Arthur Jensen died at age 89. Arthur was a psychologist whose work sparked racial controversy. What kind of work did Arthur produce? Answer: IQ A, 11/2 Question 17 A statute that has long been dormant, passed in 1789, is being used by Nigerian refugees against Royal Dutch Shell PLC. The Alien Tort law has recently been used to sue in U.S. Courts over violations of international law. Where have several justices indicated the case might belong? Answer: British Court, or Dutch Court A, 10/2 Question 18 What is Europe's largest concern now that Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, vowed to purchase unlimited amounts of government bonds from struggling euro-zone countries? Answer: Inflation C, 9/26


Question 19 Swedish sailor Sven Yrvind plans to cruise around the world in a sailboat slightly larger than a bathtub. With 220 lbs. of books and an e-reader, the sailor says he is looking forward to the solitude and peacefulness. The non-stop trip could take up to a year and a half. What does the sailor’s last name translate to in English? Answer: Whirlwind A, 10/25 Question 20 Without restructuring expenses including severence payments to employees, AMR recently said that it would have posted a $110 million profit in its latest quarterly report. While revenues grew less than 1% year-over-year, what key metric rose 4.3% in the quarter? Answer: Revenue per Passenger Flown Mile (or similar) B, 10/18


Question 21 Music producer Joel Zimmerman has inspired designers at Dodge to implement innovative lighting features in Dodge's vehicles. Zimmerman is also known as what? Answer: Deadmau5 or Dead Mouse D, 10/21 Question 22 With anemic growth and recession making the deficit targets difficult to hit, governments across the European Union have been slashing spending and raising taxes to bring deficits in line with the bloc’s budget rules. Which country has the smallest gap between IMF forecasts and the EU target? Answer: Netherlands A, 10/10 Question 23 Nintendo recently dropped its fiscal-year profit forecast by 70%, just weeks before it will launch its first new home console in six years. What is the name of the new product? Answer: Wii U B, 10/25


Question 24 To help protect planted tulip bulbs from deer, organic sprays with a pungent ingredient like what may help? Answer: Cayenne Pepper D, 10/17 Question 25 The U.S. housing market continued to gain steam in August with prices up in 17 of the 20 metropolitan areas tracked by the home price index. What three cities had year-to-year declines in prices? Answer: New York, Atlanta and Chicago A, 10/31


Question 26 In the tablet and laptop market, several manufacturers offer in-between options by way of hybrids, or convertibles. One manufacturer has a model that converts from a laptop to a tablet by opening as a clam and bending all the way back until the laptop lid is touching the bottom of the keyboard. This model is manufactured by which company? Answer: Lenovo D, 10/17 Question 27 Proving to be problematic for the proposed merger between EADS and BAE Systems, what country owns 15% of EADS and would have owned 9% of the new BAE-EADS, had the merger not failed? Answer: France B, 10/4


Question 28 Astonished at the magnitude of a recent collision between a boat and a high-speed ferry in Hong Kong, which former ferry captain with 30 years of experience suspected human error, considering the fair conditions? Answer: Chung Tung-tong, or Mr. Chung, or General Secretary of the Merchant Navy Officers' Guild Hong Kong A, 10/5 Question 29 What is the economists' term for when good assets are dumped in a financial panic? Answer: Minsky Moment C, 10/26 Question 30 While there are a number of institutions that have some great brain power, namely numerous Nobel Prize winners, what is the one subject in the WSJ’s evaluation for which Harvard did not have a significant number of Nobel Prize winners? Answer: Economics A, 10/16


Question 31 Alabama is home to the biggest, most technologically advanced steel plant in the U.S. Now looking to sell the plant, after booking billions in losses, what company built the plant in 2010 as part of a $11.8 billion, vertical integration investment in the U.S. and Brazil? Answer: ThyssenKrupp B, 10/2 Question 32 What is the main reason why covered (or collateral) bonds in Spain have created a lot of exposure for foreign banks? Answer: Real-estate prices have declined, so the collateral is worth less C, 9/25


Question 33 While there is debate over the number of displaced Syrians, many refugees are scattered in makeshift shelters across the country. Those trying to escape the fighting are mostly Sunni Muslims, but in defense of the Assad regime, Christians and what other minority group have increasingly been drawn into the conflict? Answer: Druze A, 10/1 Question 34 Which prominent bank is considering revamping its asset management group in order to save costs? Answer: Credit Suisse C, 9/27


Question 35 An Indian dairy that uses its butter ads for political cartoon satire, recently ran an international campaign parodying a famous actor's performance that bashed the U.S. President. What was the parody's tagline? Answer: Clint Feastfoods with Obamul A, 9/28 Question 36 The president of Panasonic, the once-mighty Japanese electronics maker, recently stated that the company is now part of what industry group? Answer: Loser Group B, 11/1 Question 37 According to the African Development Bank, which two African countries have more than $10 billion dollars worth of assets under management at around $60 and $70 billion? Answer: Libya and Algeria C, 10/18


Question 38 When evaluated by the Wall Street Journal, Milwaukee Brewers announcers Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder were flagged as being biased for using what nickname for reliever Jim Henderson? Answer: Big Jim D, 9/25 Question 39 Federal prosecutors and the FBI are nearing completion of a probe into Rep. Jackson’s use of campaign money. According to people familiar with the matter, there are allegations that the Illinois Rep misused campaign money to decorate his house. What did Jackson’s attorney ask senior justice department officials to postpone until after the November election? Answer: Indictment A, 10/15


Question 40 BP recently announced the sale of its large Texas City refinery to Marathon Petroleum in a deal worth up to $2.5 billion. The refinery itself is valued at just $598 million. What else is Marathon paying for? Answer: The Oil Currently in Inventory, or Future Production Margins (based on that inventory) B, 10/9 Question 41 According to former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, stark differences on foreign policy are uncommon. Mitt Romney’s foreign policy approach didn’t sound that different from President Obama’s when he spoke at the Virginia Military Institute. Both presidential candidates advocated for aid and indirect help to rebels in Syria and avoided a pledge to supply what? Answer: U.S. Arms A, 10/9


Question 42 Zynga, the mobile gaming star, has been unable to lure users to its new titles. FarmVille and what other game originally put Zynga on the map? Answer: Words with Friends B, 10/5 Question 43 The European Union recently asked the WTO for permission to impose $12 billion in annual trade penalities on U.S. companies, in response to allegations that the U.S. government has continued to provide subsidies to what company? Answer: Boeing B, 9/28 Question 44 Pfizer is planning to sell its nutrition business to which company? Answer: Nestle C, 11/1


Question 45 Jordanian officials and Arab diplomats warned of stability threats to the kingdom given its precarious location neighboring Syria, Iraq and the Palestinian territories. Authorities arrested 11 suspected al Qaeda-linked militants for planning to attack shopping malls and western diplomatic missions. The plot was the first uncovered since a triple bombing of what 7 years ago? Answer: Hotels A, 10/22 Question 46 Sumner Redstone, 89-year-old media mogul, says he has not decided who will succeed him: his daughter or current Viacom CEO, Philippe Dauman. This is quite a change because a few years ago, Redstone had threatened to fire his daughter and at one point, only communicated with her by what? Answer: Fax A, 10/26


Question 47 New York's top prosecutor filed a civil lawsuit against J.P. Morgan Chase alleging widespread fraud in the sale of what? Answer: Mortgage-backed securities C, 10/2 Question 48 Recently the subject of a $71.5 million settlement where over 400 former partners agreed to turn over a portion of their 2011 earnings, what law firm is credited as the largest law firm failure in US history? Answer: Dewey & LeBoeuf B, 10/10 Question 49 While forgiveness has generally been viewed as a virtue that provides a happier life, researchers are saying that true forgiveness could actually take several years and, in some instances, should not be given too soon. The Florida State University psychology professor that has been studying the costs and benefits of forgiveness is who? Answer: Jim McNulty D, 10/30


Question 50 Sears and Darden are experimenting with the way they provide health benefits. Arguing that the change gives more control over benefits to employees, this approach is being compared to the transition from company-provided pensions to 401(k) retirement-savings plans. This insurance exchange that the two firms will use is backed by what major consulting firm? Answer: Aon Hewitt, or A unit of Aon PLC A, 9/27 Question 51 In 1947, almost all eleven-year-old children who attended school in Scotland were given intelligence and mental health tests. This group has been the subject of a recent study by researchers at the University of Edinburgh. This group is called what? Answer: Lothian Birth Cohort D, 10/23


Question 52 This year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine went to John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka for their work on cellular reprogramming. Far from the first experiments done by Dr. Gurdon with DNA from a frog egg, drug firms are already applying the reprogramming breakthrough in a Japanese trial for patients with what disease? Answer: Muscular Degeneration A, 10/9 Question 53 "We've not done anything yet. We've been in touch with them for a long time. In my opinion it would have been better to retain our maps." What executive made this statement? Answer: Google Chairman, or Eric Schmidt B, 9/26


Question 54 Activist investor Carl Icahn has been limited to acquiring a 9.98% stake in Netflix due to what? Answer: Poison Pill B, 11/6 Question 55 Peter Rippon recently stepped aside as editor of the BBC's "Newsnight" amid a ballooning crisis regarding late BBC host Jimmy Savile's alleged pedophilia. What exactly did the BBC do that caused the crisis to explode? Answer: Scratched a Report on the Topic, or Didn't Air a Report on the Scandal B, 10/23