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the culture of carp fishes, like grass carp ,common carp, silver carp etc. deals with their farming and their growth and feeding habit.

Transcript of FISH 336 Lect 4 Carp Aquaculture

  • Basic Principles of Aquaculture

    Species, Economics, Water Sources

    Water Systems, Conservative & Non-Conservative

    Aspects Water Quality, Feeds Nutrition & Growth

    Reproduction & Genetics, Disease & Predation

    Harvesting Hauling & Processing

    Environmental Concerns

  • Feeds Nutrition & Growth II

    Energy & Growth

    Protein, Lipid, Carbohydrate, Micronutrients

    Other Factors

    Binders, Attractants, Pigments, Off Flavors

    Strategies for Offering Prepared Feeds

    FCR & FC Efficiency,

    Feeding Rate, Frequency & Their Interactions

    Methods of Presenting Feeds

    Adjusting Feeding Rates

  • Reproduction, Selection & Genetics

    Spawning Techniques

    Larval Rearing Techniques

    Hormone Spawning

    Sex Control

    Hybridization, Triploidy, Gynogenesis

    Selective Breeding

    Genetics & Genetic Engineering

  • Disease Predation & Cannibalism I

    Mortality in Aquaculture


    Treatment & Prevention Methodology

    Vaccines, Isolation, Chemical Control,

    Calculation of Treatment Levels

    Examination for Disease

    Common Aquaculture Diseases

    Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Protozoan

  • Disease Predation & Cannibalism II

    Common Parasites


    Nematode, Tapeworm, Flatworm


    Predation - from Land, Sea & Air


  • Harvesting Hauling & Processing

    Harvesting Culture Systems

    Intensive, Extensive,

    Specialized Techniques - Anesthesia

    Live Hauling Minimizing Stress


    Fee Fishing

    Processing & Marketing

  • Common Environmental Concerns

    1. Water Flow Considerations

    2. Parasites - Native Populations Nearby

    3. Pollution from Effluent

    4. Handling Escapees

    5. Unhealthy Culture Conditions

  • Common Carp

    Cyprinus carpio

  • Carp Aquaculture

    1. Largest Volume of All Aquaculture Species

    2. Cyprinus carpio: Eastern European species,

    in Danube Drainage, then Roman Europe.

    3. In Culture for More than 2,500 years

    475 BC Fan Lei - Carp Aquaculture

    100 BC - 400 AD Romans Aquaculture Carp

    4. Considerable Number of Small Farms

    Eastern Europe, India, China

  • Carp Aquaculture Reference

    Billard, R., (ed.) 1999. Carp: Biology and Culture.

    Springer-Praxis Series in Aquaculture and

    Fisheries. Praxis Publishing, 342 pps.

    (Translated from the 1995 French by

    Dr. Lindsay Laird, Univ. Aberdeen, UK.)

  • Carp Aquaculture

    Roman Aquarium & Fish Farm

  • Carp Aquaculture

    Small Scale European Carp Farming

  • Carp Aquaculture

    Carp Aqua Production Probably >20 Mmt / yr

    Salmon Aquaculture ~ 2.2 Mmt per year

    Term Carp is a grade not a taxon.

    Carp are Members of the Family Cyprinidae

    36 genera 280 species, 118 in 1 genus

    15 Species account for Most Aqua Production

  • Abundant Aquacultured Carp Species 1. Common Carp Cyprinus carpio

    2. Silver Carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix

    3. Grass Carp Ctenopharyngodon idella

    4. Mud Carp Cirrhina molitorella

    5. Bighead Carp Aristichthys nobilis

    6. Black Carp Mylopharyngodon piceus

    7. Catla Catla catla

    8. Calbassu Labeo calbasu

    9. Rohu Labeo rohita

    10. Mrigal Cirrhinus mrigala

    11. White Amur Bream Parabramis pekinensis

    12. Crucian Carp Carassius carassius

    13. Goldfish Carassius auratus

    14. Tench Tinca tinca

    15. Roach Rutilus rutilus

  • Common Carp

    Cyprinus carpio

  • Silver Carp

    Hypophthalmichthys molitrix

  • Silver Carp - Illinois River

    Hypophthalmichthys molitrix

  • Grass Carp

    Ctenopharyngodon idella

  • Mud Carp

    Cirrhinus molitorella

  • Bighead Carp

    Hypophthalmichthys nobilis

  • Black Carp

    Mylopharygodon piceus

  • Catla (Indian) Carp

    Catla catla

  • Calbassu Carp

    Labeo calbasu

  • Rohu Carp

    Labeo rohita

  • Mrigal Carp

    Cirrhinus mrigala

  • White Amur Bream

    Parabramis pekinensis

  • Crucian Carp

    Carassius carassius

  • Goldfish (not Koi)

    Carassius auratus

  • Tench

    Tinca tinca

  • Roach

    Rutilis rutilis

  • Carp General Observations

    Unpopular as a Food Fish in North America

    But Popular as Food In Europe & Asia

    Higher Lipid Levels, Can Bring Off Flavors

    Production Includes 15 Different Species

    Term Carp used as a grade like salmon

    Production Numbers Are a Guess - Accurate

    Data Nearly Impossible to Find

    Huge % of Production is from Small Ponds

    Mom and Pop Operations

  • Carp Life Cycle Closed

    Carp Whose Life Cycles have been Closed

    Cyprinus carpio (common carp)

    Carassius carassius (crucian carp)

    Carassius auratus (goldfish)

    Control Over All Life History Stages

    Can Include Stage Specific Requirements

    Control Over Reproduction -

    Produce Viable Offspring

    from Cultured Parents

  • Carp Aquaculture

    China Carp Pond

  • Carp Aquaculture

    Carp Juvenile Pedicure

  • Carp Aquaculture

    Czech Carp Harvest

  • Carp Aquaculture

    Krakow Selling Aquacultured Carp

  • Carp Aquaculture

    Trebon Harvesting Brail

  • Aquaculture Water Quality

    Secchi Disc Measuring Turbidity

  • Carp Aquaculture

  • Carp Aquaculture

  • Carp Pituitary Extracts

  • Structure of Fish Eggs

  • SEM of Fertilization

    Artificial Colors

  • Fertilization

  • Egg Cortical Reaction

    Butterfly Egg

  • Carp Eggs

    Zoug Jars

  • Carp Embryo Hatching

  • Carp Life Cycle

    Common Carp Juvenile

  • Goldfish