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Presentation Summer Study Abroad in Florence with UCF.

Transcript of Firenze 2012

  • 1. Italian language and culture in Florence, Italy Summer A Departure date from the US: May 12 , 2012 Return Date: June 23, 2012 Faculty Director: Mrs Spina [email_address]

2. How much does it cost andwhat is included?

  • Estimated cost of $ 3,435 for 6 weeks includes:
    • Two courses taught in Florence ( 3 classes per week)
    • Accommodation in apartments
    • State museums pass
    • Use of the school gym
    • Cell phones for free incoming calls
    • Field trip of3 days to Rome
    • Field trip to Cinque Terre
    • 2 special dinners ( welcome and farewell)
    • Meal plan of 10 vouchers
    • Medical insurance

3. What is not included?

  • Airfare( prices vary depending on how soon students book their ticket and the provider they use)
  • Meals not included in the meal plan
  • UCF tuition (the same as you would pay if you were taking classes on Campus )
  • Personal expenses (those really vary)

4. Scholarships

  • There are several scholarships available at OIS ( Office of International Studies).
  • Any scholarship that covers your credit hours in the summer can be applied towards this program.
  • One scholarship available only for the Italian Language Program.

5. Courses

  • Choice of one grammar class ( placement test administered in Florence) depending on your UCF level:
  • ITA 1120 ( Elementary I)
  • ITA 1121 ( Elementary II)
  • ITA 2200 ( Intermediate I)
  • ITA 2201 ( Intermediate II)
  • For all students
  • A culture course/field study TBD
  • Possibility of independent studies for students minoring in Italian.

6. Advantages of classes takenin Italy

  • You always have a long weekend to go away.
  • The Field Study class will not be in a classroom, so it allows you to explore the city.
  • If you pursue a Minor in Italian, you will get a lot of credits in just 6 weeks!

7. Accommodation

  • Housing in Students apartments in Florence (single rooms at extra charge).
  • Hotel in Rome

8. 9. Meals

  • You get 10 free meals at Ganzo, a student-run restaurant nearby.
  • There are numerous markets and near by for the best tasting, fresh food.
  • There are many little caf shops and places to eat a good meal.

10. 11. Excursions included inthe cost of the program

  • Field trip to Cinque Terre.

12. 3 days ( 2 nights) in Rome) 13. Travel to different cities and explore everything! Chianti Pisa Venice 14.

  • There are so many amazing things to see!
  • Email me if you want help planning your study abroad experience:
  • [email_address]