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  1. 1. DEMO SONFACK S. Serge Mozillian-Cameroon Web developer and Linux System administrator [email protected]
  2. 2. Introduction Mozilla is a free software community that produces, develops and promotes Mozilla products. Lead by the Mozilla Fundation the community works in other to bring for everyone free and open web solutions. Some of the products supported by the community are : - Mozilla firefox web browser - Thunderbird mail utility - Mozilla firefox OS
  3. 3. Firefox OS Firefox OS is a mobile Open Source Operating System base on Linux and Open Web Technogies that gives to users an Operating System for Smartphone with great performance, personalization, intiutive and easy to use experience. The easy to use experience of the Firefox OS makes it interface very familiar to users, and therefor easy for a first time user to get used to and adapt to the OS
  4. 4. Firefox OS Core featuresWhat is already in ? Firefox OS comes with some core feature like those available on most smartphone : Contact SMS FM Radio Video player Music player Camera Galley and Image editing More to that we have :
  5. 5. Firefox OS Social media integration This feature will help the user to retrieve social media Informations on his phone: for example importing Facebook contact in you phonebook, have thier Emails and photos. So you can easily Send them SMS or emails or even write On thier facebook wall.
  6. 6. Firefox OS Email The OS has en email wizart that help you to manage you email from providers like : Yahoo mail Windows live mail Gmail More advance configuration permite you to include Support for Exchange, SMTP and IMAP
  7. 7. Firefox OS Firefox web browser The Firefox OS comes with the Firefox web browser. This browser has features like : Autocompletion ; Easy to add favorite site to bookmark Easy to add site icon to home screen
  8. 8. Firefox OS Where to find app( sofware ) ? Firefox Maketplace is where you can go and download app for you Firefox OS phone. When in the Markeplace you will find many app grouped in categories including new app and popular app. Note that the app are easy to install ( just by clicking on the install button after selecting an app.
  9. 9. Firefox OS For the cost, Firefox OS is not competing with other mobile Operating Systems, but is there to provide to users low cost handset with Smartphone functionalities, good performance and user experience.
  10. 10. Developers As everything is implemented in HTML/CSS, the OS breaks the barriers between web and mobile apps to provide a great new experience, the one of an application that can be run on both Desktop, tablet and other devices. Why should we go to Firefox OS ? It is easy to develop on Firefox OS because apps are base on web technologies that we know already that is :HTML5 , CSS3 and JAVASCRIP
  11. 11. Developers Where to sale you products ? After development you can publish your app at the Mozilla Marketplace and you are sure that all Firefox OS user will be there to download it on thier smartphone
  12. 12. Hello world For this Hello world our environment is consisted of : A web server on Linux ( LAMP) be for Windows user you can user Wamp or Easyphp A Firefox web browser A Firefox OS simulator which is install as a modul of the Firefox web browser An editor ( Geany, notepad, ..)
  13. 13. Where to go App security Get involved Become mozillian General information