Firefox OS

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Transcript of Firefox OS

  • FirefoxOS

    Siddhartha Rao (Mozilla FSA)

  • So, what exactly

    is FirefoxOS?

  • New OS for smartphones developed by


    Based on B2G

    built entirely using HTML5 and other open

    Web standards

    It is Open Source

  • Ok! Tell me more

  • Firefox OS is not iOS or Android

    Designed for Emerging Markets

    Full access to a devices features. You

    name it!

    Firefox OS is completely built on web

    standards( , & )

  • PROMISES OF HTML5 Open, independent, standardized

  • Look its clean!

  • FirefoxOS Architecture

  • Gaia UI of FirefoxOS.

    Implemented on web standards

    Gecko Gecko is a layout engine used in Firefox

    Boot-to-Gecko is an environment to run apps

    Gonk Lower level of FirefoxOS

    Accesses the device hardware

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  • New is always better!

    Thank You!