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This is the basic Knowledge about Mozilla's Operating system called Firefox OS. It's an operating system for cell phone and tablets.

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  • 1. Firefox OSPresented By Dip Dhanesha

2. Contents Introduction Marketplace Application Search Features Future Planning Conclusion References 3. Introduction Mozilla Firefox has invented its own Operating System for mobile and tablets. Your needs change from one moment to the next. Thats why Firefox OS does the same. It gives you the power to live every moment to its fullest and participate in a better world. 4. MarketplaceTo download application Firefox has marketplace just like other OS. You can download an application from Market place. Picture Shows the Screenshot of Firefox Marketplace. 5. Application Search Firefox OS anticipates your needs, adapts to every situation and instantly delivers the information you want. That includes popular, big name apps, but also local content that means the most to you and your life. 6. Features Firefox OS is packed with the features that made you want a smartphone in the first place. It fits your life perfectly so you can fit in with the world around you. 7. The best of the Web Firefox changed browsing forever by putting users first and offering a new level of choice and innovation online. Now were doing it all over again with Firefox OS, while bringing the same superior browsing experience to your smartphone. So you can take control of your life online and get the best the Web has to offer no matter where you go. 8. Future Planning Firefox OS out to make a difference, not a profit. When you choose Firefox OS, youre helping build a brighter future for the Web and users everywhere. It is easier to make an application in Firefox OS than any other OS. 9. Conclusion From this we conclude that Firefox OS phones are different. Theyre made by a huge global community and are the only smartphones that understand and deliver what you want and need 10. References o o o 11. THANK YOU