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Solar electric generators.

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  • 1. 10 STEPS TO START A MARKET REVOLUTION WITH ROSER PERA AS A PARTNER BY FIREFLY PROJECT ART DIRECTOR & BUSINESS DEVELOPER 2, Baixada Mercadal, Catalonia 25310 Agramunt +34 603469853 / +34 973392578

2. THE FUTURE ARE COMING WELCOME TO THE HUMAN PROJECT We have decided that, after the failure of world governments to reach an agreement to tackle the serious environmental situation aficting the planet by consuming fossil energies, and monopolizing markets, our team feels committed by a million young partners involved and committed too, to restore the situation here and now without waiting to nd a new planet in another galaxy as predicted by the well, so we present our proposal for the irreproachable way taken seriously. ITS TIME OF CLEAN ENERGY WE HAVE NO OTHER CHANCE 1 3. WE CREATE PV SELF CONSOMER LAMPS Creation of all kinds of rey lamps, s p o t l i g h t s , o u t d o o r m u l t i l e d s l o w consumption with self solar panel. We adapt to any style of our old street lamp, as do models with a minimum of production to the streets of the cities. We custom make and sell our catalog models at very affordable prices. advise them of the quality and prices of best variants according to their applications. 2 URBAN SOLAR LAMP AND OUTDOOR SOLAR LIGHT OF LEDS 4. OUR BRAND FILOSOFY ARE EASY AND SIMPLE SELF CONSOMER SYSTEMS Our solar small lightting system rage are from 3W solar panel with Lithium Battery with one led bulb, to A system of 60W solar panel lead acid Battery wiht 4 leds bulbs. Prices low cost are from 45$ to 365$. FULL SIZES GENERATORS OF EQUIPMENTS WALL HANGING SOLAR HOME LIGHTING 3 5. SIMPLE SYSTEM AND SOFISTICATE TECHNOLOGY Full integrated at home. 4 RESEARCH OF THE NEW NANOTECH TO CREATE NEW PROTOTYPES NEW OFF-GRID SOLAR POWER SYSTEM FOR HOME BY NEW RANGE OF ELECTRIC GENERATORS Our new range of a solar off-grid systems for home have from 800W solar pannel to 8000W of POWER. The battery system are AGM power from 140WH to 800WH. Our low-cost prices are from 4 pieces of solar panel at 4.135.-$ to 32 pieces of solar panel at 32.195.-$. This is the retail prices but depends the quantity of order, we can make more abordable and competitive prices four our partners. 6. SELF SUFICIENT STONE HOUSES NEW CONCEPT FUSION OF PV ARCHITECTURAL PROTOTYPES OF TILES TILES DESIGNED BY SEVERAL STYLES BASED AT PV NANOSOLAR EternaTile prototypes offers the industrys best roong material for new and re-roong applications for residential and commercial pitched roofs. The EternaTile roong system is super tough and easy to install, offers excellent curb appeal while providing the industrys rst 260 MPH wind rating along with an insulating value of R-13, extraordinary value and a Lifetime Warranty.The EternaTile roong system also integrates solar PV (BIPV Building Integrated Photovoltaic) into the roof tiles offering a solar PV solution that is cosmetically and aesthetically pleasing, yet at a lower cost than conventional PV panel systems. EternaTiles poly foam core is designed to permanently bond to the poly foam adhesive that is routinely used to adhere traditional tile to the structure after the substrate has been applied. Its highdensity foam offers a R13 value, so EternaTile reduces heat and freezing conveyance up to 95% depending on roof construction type.. 5 7. SELF SUFICIENT PV MOBILE HOME EQUIPMENTS Our brand FIREFLY SYSTEMS wants to create new prototypes with simple and ergonomic designs. Mobil homes and small equipments are the range more easy to start a great introduction of the market. All products of this type currently do not have an ergonomic design so that they are distinct, and this is our biggest challenge . Some Chinese companies are alredy create a interesting designs of electric generators for mobile homes. Small equipment and prototypes have been made successfully but still are not placed on the market. 6 But but only some older designs have survived successfully selling online and are now exhausted on their distribution 8. MINIMAL LINES OF OUR CREATIONS ARE THE PURPOSE Minimalist style denes our creation, also the convenience and quality of the systems. The accuracy of the new 3D software tools gives us the condence to get the insurance success of all our creations. In the future we believe in the need to adapt our equipment to intelligent computer systems monitored for proper quality control and development of state of the batteries. NEW DESIGN OF PROTOTYPES BY 3D AUTOCAD 3D DESIGN ARE OUR BEST FRIEND AND CREATIVE RESOURCE We have a design team to project the fantastic production of prototypes, our collaborators for the production based on this price range are low-cost Chinese manufacturers, but we can create a chain of production in the countries of Eastern Europe to spread the workload for global distribution. Our Danish designers offer the best technical knowledge along with their German collaborators engineers who have based their development on new solar panels technologiy from Sylicon Valley. We believe that the quality and simplicity of creation lines must always be the best approach for intelligent engineering equipments that we would preserve the future of climate change and thus prolong all biodiversity. our inspiration of creating is to reconcile the natural ways of living contemporary elements with futuristic projection and the old traditional forms of European style. 7 9. SOME OF THEM ARE ALREADY EXPOSED BY OTHERS DEVELOPERS. These ergonomic designs are at the moment the most interestig prototypes showed , to be operational by 2020. we hope to advance our rst ergonomic prototypes to introduce on the market within two years. So we are ready for 2016. SELF SUFICIENT CLEAN AND FREE ENERGY INTERESTING STUFFS MARKET ANALYSE 8 10. CARE ABOUT THE OLD ENERGIES OWNERS AND PRODUCERS. Soon, the distinction between refugees eeing war and those eeing their environment, including political refugees and climate refugees will no longer be relevant as to multiply the new wars generated by environmental degradation. The wars caused by the climate will directly or indirectly for the resolution of conicts and violence XXI century is expected in the future of humanity not only lead to mass migration, to violent solutions to problems refugees; the tensions that challenge water rights and exploitation, but also the actual wars over natural resources such as religious conicts and wars of beliefs. By Harald Welzer. DIPLOMAT CONCILIATOR AND POLITICAL ACTION BETWEEN ALL COUNTRIES EXPORTERS & PRODUCERS OF ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES. 9 11. OUR MARKETING STRATEGY Design , quality and price are our power to succes. To nd the right price of prot, we propose a consensus with the rst oil exporting powers at each country to obtain a fair market price and affordable for everyone. So if you want to colaborate with as on our FIREFLY REVOLUTION project, feel free to say your opinion, and you will be very welcomed to my team. Your opinion is our help to advance in the right way , this is OUR REVOLUTION. OUR PROPOSAL AS A PARTNER LICENSE AND ROYALTIES First of all, we want to nd the partnership within our lilosophy and respect to the planet needs and protect their natural ressources. We looking for gobernements or prived investors with the right responsiability and condence with as about the priorities needed from the point of view as un architect create the foundations of a great building .But at this case will be restore the earth. Our priority as a business arent the prot, so the strategy to nd the best option of funds to start the project are, the friendship and philanthropic feeling of the human comunity. Our agreement about the prot will be our big thinking strategy about the consensus of all countries interested in changing the system. So we want to call as many countries as possible. 10