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  • 1. 1836- millions of1809-1870 people migrated tothe USGreat plains- left to theIndians until the Melting pot a potAmerican people had where many thingsinterest in it. We slowly are mixed andtook the land away from create a single mix,them legislatively untilAmerica was thewe forced many of themmelting pot ofoff their land it the later cultures in the late1800s1800s1809 1836 From 1836 to 1914 millions from all over migrated to the US Culture Shock- in the late 1800s many immigrants came to America based on the ideas of what their friends and family have told them in letters. They were rudely awakened when they arrived and didnt find the world of opportunity they were looking for.All images from

2. 1850Bessemer process-one of the leadinginventions of the1800s, this processwas developed byHenery Bessemerand William Kelly in1850, it was used bymost steelindustrys by 1880 1850185718591859 1857Social Darwinism- Fredrick LawTaking the principle Olmsted- Aideas of Darwinism Landscapeand applying them to Architect thatbusiness. focused on restoring the greenery and environment to the heavily industrialized cities, he laid the plans down for New York Central Park.All imagesfrom 3. 1862The Homestead actoffering 160 acres offree land in Kansasto the head of anyhousehold orplanned to be headof a house hold,600,000 people tookadvantage of thisoffer 186218641862 1862 1864Homesteader- one of the 600,000Exodusters- were the Sand Creekpeople that took advantage of thecolored people thatmassacre- when thehomestead act and received free land made up part of theNative American were 600,000 people who slaughtered even left to Kansas though they were because of the innocent, by general homestead actS.R. CurtisAll images from 4. 1868,1876, 1881Sitting Bull- 1868 hewas one of the1865leaders that did notLonghorns- Shortsign the treaty of Forttempered breeds ofLarmie,1876 had acattle great forvision of fighting, andproducing food andfought in the battle ofhelped ranchers meetLittle Big Horn, butthe wants of thelater in 1881 he wasdemand for beef inforced to surrender to1865save his people1868- 1876- 18651866 - 18861868 18811866-1886 1868Long Drive-along Tammany Hall- waswith the longhorns the place where Newwas the long drive, it Yorks powerfulwas used to democratic politicaltransport cattle over machine was locatedlarge areas of land in 1868. This placeand included a small was known for itsteam of people to do images from 5. 1869-18761869-invented airbrakeTweed Ring- the inside corrupt group of politicalGeorge leaders inside ofWestinghouse- One Tammany Hall. They areof the rivals to lead by William M. TweedThomas Edison, he or Boss Tweed henceinvented the air the name Tweed Ring.brake in 1869 and This group cheated andalso pioneered into stole large amounts ofthe electrical field of money from everyone whostudy. paid taxes.May 10th18691869-1871May 10th 1869The ContinentalRailroad- is finallyconnected unitingeast and west ofAmerica with railroadtracks, more andmore railroadsbranched from thisone until in 1890 wehad almost 180,000miles of trackAll images from 6. 1870sGraft-The illegal 1870 use of political influence for Ellis Island- an island personal gain. This in the harbor of New act of corruption York where was happening all Immigrants are over in all different required to go before ways in the latethey are allowed to 1800senter the country.18701870 Standard OilEstablishedMonopoly- When a businessis the only businessproducing a product; nocompetition. This was seenon one of the largest scalesin history in the late 1800swith John D. Rockefeller andthe standard oil industry.All images from 7. 1870s-1880s 1870-1890 1870s-18971870-1880 1870-18901870-1897Segregation- the separation Gilded Age- a term John D. Rockefeller-between blacks and whites inmeaning fancy on the One of the Richestpublic and private places by law, outside but not so men to live on earth,this regulations was almost pretty on the inside, ahe used powerfuleverywhere in the south.term Mark Twain uses business tactics thatto title his bookhad never been seenportraying the greed before to conquer hisin society in this timecompetition andin history.achieve the high of a Monopoly as well as $1,500,000,000 when he retired in 1897All images from 8. 1876The Battle of LittleBig Horn- WhereCuster, a US armyofficial fought againsta much larger army ofNative Americans.Custer lost 268 menand his life in thebattle. The Nativesonly lost around 901872-1910 1873 1874- 1876 18761872-1910 1873- The Gilded Age: A1874-1876Mail-orderTale of Today by MarkGeorgeCatalog- WardsTwain is publishedArmstrongcatalog launchedMark Twain A writer, he Custer- in 1874in 1872 and started opposed many of the said the blackthe mail-ordercommon social beliefs hills had goldsystem and as such as racism andfrom the grasstime went on it showed his opposition,roots down latergrew and by 1910points, and disgust in 1876 he fought10 millionthrough his books. Also heagainst theAmericans inspired other writersIndians and diedshopped by mail because of writingin the Battle ofindependent of ligatureLittle Big Hornand all that bosh All images from 9. 1876- 1876 1877 18801876 1876-1880 1877Alexander Gram Bell- Thomas Edison- he The Nez Perce, analong with the help of established the first Indian tribe are forcedWatson invented thelaboratory, and it wasoff their land intelephonelocated in Menlo Park Oregon New Jersey. He also patented the incandescent light bulb in 1880.All images from 10. 18791880sDumbbellCollective Bargaining- thetenements-process of negationrequired everybetween a business and1880sroom to have atheir employees aboutwindow to fresh agreement on workingRagtime- a type ofair, this is called conditions in the latemusic containing partsdumbbell1800s is when this of African Americantenements because negation became a large and European stylethe air shafts were issue and major unionsmusic. It originated inshaped like formed in the 1880sthe saloons of thedumbbells south 1879 1880s1880-1920sSettlement house-Houses that werecreated byreformers from theSocial GospelMovement. Thesehouses werecreated to provideassistance topeople in the area,especiallyimmigrantsAll images from 11. 1881Booker T. Washington -AProminent AfricanAmerican educator. Hebelieved racism wouldend when blacks becamewell educated and hadthe labor force skills. In1881 he was the head ofthe Tuskegee Normal andindustrial Institute 1880s 18811880s Importance offlash recognized 1881Jacob Riis- A Danish Assimilation- TheAmerican who was a idea of modernizingjournalist and a the Nativephotographer. He Americans andused his skills to helpaccepting them intotry to break the society, manypoverty of New York. AmericansHe discovered the usesupported this inof flash for 1881photographyAll images from 12. 1886 Samuel Gompers-he lead the Cigar makersMay 4, 1884- Sued the railroad International Union tofor illegal segregation join with Craft unions.Ida B. Wells- Born into slavery, The Americanshe moved to Memphis. SheFederation of laborlater became the local newshad Gompers aspaper editor and often she president and focusedwould write about racial on strikes to improveinequality.working conditions May 4th1884 18861887-1932 18841887-1932 Mugwumps- The Daws Act- Trying Republicans who to put the idea of switched to support assimilation into of the democratic reality by giving each candidate GroverNative American Cleveland because ofhousehold their own the dislike they held land instead of just a for the financially general territory. corrupt republicanSadly most of the was stolen by 1932 and the act overall failed.All images from 13. 18881890-1910George Eastman- Grandfather Clause- Anotherdeveloped camera film sovoting law stating that if yourthat black plates didntgrandfather voted than youhave to be used anymore,are exempt from the literacyhe also invited the test and the poll tax, but ofKodak, and because of course no blacks had fathersthe Kodak created manywho had voted and so thisnew photographers thatwas another act putting whitecouldnt have beenmen in powerbefore 1890-1910 1888 1890Dec. 28 1890 1890-made illegal1890- act passed Dec. 28 1890 Trust- a contractSherman Anti-trust Wounded developed in-act- passed by Knee- it was between companiesCongress in 1890 thisa battle to form a monopoly act attempted to limit concluding without having to be business through the the bitter one giant company, ICC, but because the end of the instead it created ICCs power was very Indian war many small limited and there wasand era. companies linked no clear definition of together with trusts a trust the act to act like onedidnt reach its goal company. This wasfor the time being. made illegal in 1890 All images from 14. 1894189518941894 1895Eugene V. Debs- Socialism- a political andused the idea ofeconomical system basedW.E.B. Dubious- firsthaving both skilled on government control of African American toand unskilled business and property andreceive a doctorate fromworkers in a unionequal distribution ofHarvard. He did this inand formed thewealth. This idea was1895. He strongly urged150,000 ARU solution in the minds of blacks to educateagainst Pullman some of the ARU in 1894themselves as much as they can All images from 15. After 1900 Literacy Test- Southern states made voting limited to literate men, and then made a much harder test for the African Americans than the whites.1898After 1900 1901189818981901-largest steelproducerWilliam RandolphJoseph Pulitzer- aHearst- A man in theHungarian immigrant Andrew Carnegie- Afternews paper business who bought the Newmoving to America in 1848and had a large rival York World andAndrew rose up fromname