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s..-. Winter I)6,!2.50Asooo|st|catt|oeot tootstortoeser|ooswoca~er oaoocratteo|otoeu.S.A.W o Caring Tools. Lignum Vitae. Boxwoand Hickor Mallels. WoWorers Rasps. Adzes. Slip Siones. Handles and Benches. ca:aiee 1.00 Sculpture House. Inc 38 East 30th Street. New York. N. Y. 10016 1ML LlLM Nl1LK 1KlNNLKPerIeetH|tersLcerv T|meFast, accurate, clean-cutting tool for mitering, squaring .beveling wood of any hardness. Greatly increases skil and reduces time to produce clean precise jainery_ Any angle or No snding or filling. . .Tool steel knives easily removed for your rehoning or factory regrinding. You wil find new pleasure in its precise operation for panel mouldings and overlays, arc segments, double miters an corers, straight and compound bevels, end squaring and al aut-of-square fitting. ...We have an attachment for duplicating any number of moulding cuts to exact same length. POOTATUCK CORPORATION Tel. .....|:st: \ MULTI PLANE Finish carpenters and cabinetmakers will appreciate the fne setting for the fence and the two depth stops on this unique plane. The metal parts are all plated. The handle. knob and fence are of selected rosewood. Supplied with a toal o|z4 tungsten steel cutting irons included in wood case with the plane. Iron set is composed of plough and dado from through :beading. through 1 fllister z tonguing 3/16" and 2 ovolo, and and 1 slitting, 0IMlO-R $118.85 RABBET PLANE NO. 778 Also known as a Fillister Plane. this improved Rabbet plane has two p-sitions for the iron, one for oedi nary work and the other for bull nose work. Screw adjustment for iron. Fitted with a hardened steel spur and a removable adjustable depth gauge. The adjustable. double arm fence can be used on either side of the plane. and has two arms fcr accurate setting and control. Length Iron 1)1" 02DIO-R $21.75 RABBET PLANE NO. 92 Manufactured by Stanley and designed for us.e where xtreme acuracy is reqUIred. the Sides of thiS plane are ground fat and are at right angles to the bottom. The mouth ,adjusts for coarse or fne work and the entire top can be removed for conversion to a chisel plane. Nickleplated body is ong. Cutter width is :. ". 02G30-IE $22.40 " ROUTER PLANE NO. 71 For cutting grooves. dados. stopdados, or any situation which requires smooth level cuts. The fence rides in milled grooves for frm and accurate setting to the left or right of the iron, on straight or circular work. Irons adjustable by screw feed and can be secured on front theiragkS\r Ilee wrr Length With 3 irons and square ended. and pointed (smoothing). 02B30-IE $24.25 "THREE IN ONE" PLANE This versatile plane will handle all the operations of the bullnose plane. and in addition. can be used as a shoulder rabbet plane and a chisel plane. Sides are machined square to bottom, for accuracy. Length *.Iron :02D30-R $26.10 n//rt..t./..r:.-.Send for New 96 page Fall-Winter Catalog 50 or Free with Order \OfKAJDept. FW126, 313 Montvale Ave., Woburn, Mass. 01801 CC^1/^15Editor and Publisher Paul Roman Contnbuting Editors Tage Frid R. Bruce Hoadley Alastair A. Stair Associate Editor John Kelsey Assistant Editor Rosanne Somerson Souther Correspondent David Landen P. Box 2494 Chapel Hill, N. C. 27514 (919) 942-5008 Wester Correspondent Alan Marks 1204 Lincoln Ave. Pacific Grove, Calif. 93950 (408) 373-2227 Editorl Assistants Ruth Dobsevage Judy Fairfield Advertising Manager Janice A. Roman Advertising Representative Granville M. Fillmore Subscnption Manager Carole E. Ando Art Consultant John Kane Cover: A stack ofl-JIB-inch thick maple is glued and ready for carving into a pedestal for a table. Pencd line gives indication ofthe final shape. Section at rear lef already shows carving marks. Fine Wq n Winter I)6, Volume I, Number 54 News 5 Letters 11 Methods of Work 16 Books 20 Life Begins at. by John Kelsey : Turning to woodworking for a living Stacking by John Kelsey: The technique of building up wood forms Design Considertions by Wendell Castle : Thoughts on forms, materials 28 Keystone Carvers by A. W. Marlow: ' Yorkarvers' show work 30 Carcase Construction by Tage Frid : Choosing and making the right joints 36 Dealing with Plywood by Karl Seemuller : Getting the best out of it 38 Patch-Pad Cutting by John N. Beck: A basic way of cutting marquetry 40 Drying Wood by R. Bruce Hoadley : The fundamental considerations .Gothic Trcery by Edward R. Hasbrouck: I ntriguing medieval designs Measured Drawings by Lester Margon : A way of preserving firIe furniture 50 Wood Invitational: Peters Valley displays varied work GuitarJoinery by William R. Cumpiano : Balancing structure and tone 55 The Bowl Gouge by Peter Child: Using long-and-strong tools 58 English Treen by Alastair A. Stair : Useful objects for around the house 60 Shaper Knives by Tommy Bargeron : Making cutters of almost any profile 63 Hardwood Sources (continued) 63 Sources of Supply (continued) ~ Serving the Eye as Well Fine Woodworking is published quarterly, March, June, Septembet and December, by The Taunton Press, I nc . , Newtown, CT 06470, Telephone (203) 426-8171. Second class postage paid at ewtown, CT 06470 and additional mailing offices. Copyright 1976 by The Taunton Press, Inc. No reproduction without permission of The Taunton Press, Inc. Subscrption rates: United States and possessions, $8.00 for one year, $15.00 for twO years; foreign rate, $9.00 for one year. Single copy $2.50. Postmaster: Send notice of undelivered copies on form 3579 to : The Taunton Press, PO Box 355, Newtown, CT 06470. Return postage guaranteed. Please address all subscription, editorial and advertising correspondence to The Taunton Press, PO Box 355, Newtown, CT 06470. 3 ^/B5Ka Wi Dign Comptton Merle Brown of Kansas State University was awarded the grand prize of $1 000 in the fourth annual Student Design Competition at the International Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Supply Fair held in Louisville, Ky. , in September. His entry was a tambour extension dining table. The two ends of the table are solid. When they are pulled out (photo), the hidden tamboured sections roll out from the center and the top extends. The piece is designed so that it is difficult to discern where the solid top becomes a series of tambours. Of seven other winners, Lawrence E. Hamilton, University of Illinois, was awarded the second-place prize of $500 for his compact foldip. g desk. Judges included furniture manufacturers and designers. Fifteen schools were represented. Scond T ug Conerence Sheue The people who organized last year' s wood turning conference in Newtown, Pa. , (Fine Woodworking, Summer 1 976) plan another one March 25-27, 1 977. Symposium leaders will be Bob Stocksdale, the master bowl turner from California ; Stephen Hogbin of Toronto, an innovator in the forefront of contemporary turnery; Frank Knox, a rare artisan of ornamental turnery; the Rev. Jacob E. Brubaker, an old- time master turner from Pennsylvania ; and Paul Eshelman, who was the star of last year' s show. Each day will consist of demonstrations and on-the-Iathe instruction, with time for everyone to turn in the afternoons and evenings. The fee will be less than $50, and does not include accommodations. Registration is limited to 45 . The conference is being organized by Palmer M. Sharpless of the George School who again will lend his workshop, and by Al bert and Alan LeCof of Ameranth Gallery and Workshop. If too many people enroll , they plan another session in the summer. For further information, write to Sharpless at the George School , Newtown, Pa. 1 8940. I You A Moving ... To insure delivery of your magazine, please let us know at least a month before our fust-of-the- month quarterly mailings. Please include both your old and new addresses. i-a~a.e-oa--.s.-$6.00.-:ra-s.-| ---:u..(~.Now, for $15.00, you can compare Ash with Benge, Birch, Brazilian Tlip, Bubinga, Cherry Wormy Chestnut, Coco Bola, Ebony Ekki, Green Heart, Holly East Indian Laurel, Hondouras Mahogany, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Philippine Narra, English Brown Oak, White Oak (plain sliced), White Oak (rift cut), Padouk, Poplar, Purple Heart, Brazilian Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood, Hondouras Rosewood, Sugar Pine, Teak, American Walnut, French Walnut, Nicaraguan Walnut, Wenge and Zebra Wood. These are not veneers but lumber samples by :by inches. If you're interested in our stock of plywoods, logs, :ply veneers or turning blocks, send us a dollar and we'll send you a catalog and a :dollar credit on your first order. 4 Joh 8tt8WOD &SUPPLY Co.

D Here's my check, or money order, for $1 5.00. Send me your lumber sample packs, usually $21.00, plus a catalog. D Here's my dollar. Send me a catalog plus a 2 dollar credit on my first order.



-L/ K5 Mr. John S. Carroll ' s letter in the Fall 1976 issue makes a valid point for the consideration of esthetics in the design of objects of wood, a point that is equally valid in the creation of objects of any material. His rejection of wood as a proper material for constructing pieces that will not conform to the natural grain and structure