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  • Fine Jewelry

    Sale 2735B June 10, 2014 Boston

  • FineJewelry

  • Auction Information

    Auction 2735B Tuesday, June 1010AM

    63 Park PlazaBoston, MA

    Absentee Bidding

    T: 617.874.4318F: 617.350.5429

    General Inquiries: 617.350.5400




    Sunday, June 812 to 5PM

    Monday, June 9 12 to 7PM

    Victoria Bratberg, G.G.Department Director


    John Colasacco, G.G.617.874.4310

    View all lots online at

    cover: 719; frontispiece: 724;

    inside back cover: 706; back cover: 723, 725

    Department Inquiries: Katie Simonetti, 617.874.4309; 617.874.4313

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  • Table of Contents

    1 Auction & Specialist Information

    2 Web Site & Online Bidding

    4 Event Information

    6 Lots 1725

    222 List of Makers

    223 Conditions of Sale

    224 Map & Driving Directions

    225 Parking & Accommodations

    227 Absentee Bid Form

    228 Company Directors & Specialty Departments

    229 Administrative Staff & Client Services

    231 Subscription Form

    Please Note: All lots sold subject to our Conditions of Sale.

    Please refer to page 223 of this catalog for the full terms and conditions governing your purchase.

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    Auction Preview & Jewelry Clinic

    Sunday, June 8th125PM

    As a complement to its auction preview, Skinner invites you to participate in its Jewelry Clinic, hosted by Mr. Hagop Matossian from Bostonian Jewelers. Mr. Matossian, an antique and period jewelry restoration expert, is viewed by his peers in the industry as a pioneer in laser restoration techniques. For the past 25 years, he has collaborated with dealers and private collectors on restoration and alteration projects. He will be available for individual consultations concerning items in the auction throughout the afternoon.

    All preview attendees invited.

    Bostonian Jewelers & Manufacturers, Inc., located in downtown Boston in the Jewelers Exchange Building, specializes in estate and period restoration, and custom design and manufacturing of jewelry. Family owned and operated since 1969, Bostonian Jewelers uses the latest in laser technology, and can restore even the most intricate of antique and period jewelry in platinum, gold, sterling silver, and base metal, as well as complicated enamel work.

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    Property from a New York Estate

    Property from a Massachusetts Estate

    Property from a St. Louis, Missouri, Family

    A Florida Estate

    A Rhode Island Family

    Property from the Estate of Jane Fitzpatrick, Founder of Country Curtains


    Note Regarding Colored Stones

    Purchasers are reminded that colored stones and diamonds may be enhanced by using one or more techniques,

    including but not limited to: clarity enhancement, resins, and heat treatments.

    Skinner makes no warranty express or implied to the buyer as to whether a natural stone has been enhanced.

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  • 118kt Gold Love Bracelet, Cartier, with screw motifs, interior cir. 7 in., with screwdriver.$2,000-3,000

    218kt Gold, Coral, and Diamond Pendant, set with an oval cabochon measuring approx. 18.30 x 13.70 x 7.00 mm, framed by single-cut diamond mle, and suspended from trace-link chain.$400-600

    318kt Gold Juste Un Clou Bracelet and Ring, Aldo Cipullo, Cartier, c. 1971, each designed as a nail, interior cir. 6 3/8 in., size 5 3/4, signed.$3,000-5,000

    418kt Gold Bracelet, Cartier, of Panthere links, 39.5 dwt, lg. 7 in., numbered, signed.$2,000-3,000

    518kt Gold and Enamel Ladybug Bracelet, Cartier, designed as five ladybugs joined by circular links, lg. 7 in., no. B3671, signed.$3,000-5,000

    618kt Gold Rose Petal Earclips, Angela Cummings, lg. 1 1/8 in., signed.$600-800

    7Online bidding at

  • 718kt Gold and Leather Bracelet, the leather strap with gold mounts, diamond mle accents, 18.9 dwt, interior cir. 6 1/8 in.$400-600

    818kt Gold and Diamond Suite, comprising a pair of earclips and an enhancer each set with full-cut diamonds, 21.5 dwt, together with a cultured pearl necklace with integral clasp, lg. 1 3/8, 1 3/8, 17 1/8 in.$1,000-1,500

    918kt Gold Horse Ring, 7.2 dwt, size 6.$500-700

    1018kt Gold Necklace, of wide chain links with removable sections to adjust length, diamond mle and cabochon sapphire toggle, 71.7 dwt, lg. 18 3/4 in.$3,000-5,000

    1118kt Gold and Mab Pearl Suite, a pair of earclips and pendant each designed as a heart, 29.4 dwt, lg. 1 1/8, 1 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    1218kt Gold and Diamond Bow Brooch, set with full-cut diamond mle, 11.6 dwt, lg. 2 in.$500-700

    13Two Fish Brooches, in 18kt and 14kt gold, each with Florentine finish and ruby eye, 10.2 dwt, each lg. 2 in.$400-600

    1414kt Gold Bracelet, Italy, of alternating polished and textured links, 26.9 dwt, lg. 7 1/2 in.$1,200-1,500

    15Two 14kt Gold Jewelry Items, a chain and pair of hoop earrings, 27.8 dwt, lg. 30, 1 1/8 in.$400-600

    1618kt Gold and Hardstone Bracelet, Egypt, with hardstone inlay, 15.4 dwt, interior cir. 6 1/4 in., hallmark.$700-900

    8 Additional information and photos at

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  • 1718kt Gold Bracelet, Kieselstein-Cord, bezel-set with a glass intaglio within a columnar-form double-hinged bangle, interior cir. 6 in., signed.$1,800-2,200

    1818kt Gold and Ancient Coin Ring, G. Petochi, bezel-set with a silver coin, Mesembria, 450-350 A.C., approx. 10.00 mm, 8.5 dwt, size 8 1/4, signed.$600-800

    1918kt Gold and Sodalite Earclips, each set with a large oval cabochon, together with a similar 14kt gold and lapis cabochon ring, 30.2 dwt, lg. 1 1/8 in., size 4 1/4.$800-1,200

    2018kt Bicolor Gold Bracelet, of thick fancy links, 74.7 dwt, lg. 7 5/8 in.$3,000-5,000

    2118kt Gold, Lapis, Moonstone, and Diamond Pendant/Brooch, the circular lapis tablet with buff-top moonstone crescent moon and diamond mle stars, with a compartment purportedly containing moon dust, dia. 2 in., the bezel no. 325M/118437.$600-800

    2218kt Gold, Enamel, Onyx, and Diamond Spider Brooch, 12.2 dwt, lg. 2 in.$800-1,200

    11Online bidding at

  • 2314kt Gold and Diamond Earclips, each squiggle set with diamond mle, 5.6 dwt, lg. 7/8 in.$400-600

    24Two Pairs of 18kt Gold Earclips, a pair of knots and a pair of gold domes with tassels, each with Florentine finish, 20.8 dwt, lg. 1 1/8, 2 1/4 in.$600-800

    2522kt Gold Gem-set Tania Earclips, Reinstein/Ross, each set with an oval cabochon, lg. 1/2 in., signed.$300-500

    2618kt Gold Necklace, Italy, of wide curb links with Florentine finish, 75.9 dwt, lg. 17 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000

    27Pair of 18kt Gold Bracelets, Italy, each of wide curb links with Florentine finish, 78.2 dwt, lg. 8 in.$3,000-5,000

    2822kt Gold and Peruvian Opal Ring, Gurhan, set with a shallow cabochon measuring approx. 16.50 x 12.00 mm, hammered mount, 11.2 dwt, no. RG771/0.990, size 9 3/4, signed.$600-800

    29Pair of 18kt Gold Bracelets, each hinged bangle of bamboo form, 24.3 dwt, interior cir. 7 in.$800-1,200

    3014kt Gold Bib Necklace, designed as swags of engraved links with acanthus bosses, 25.9 dwt, lg. 14 in.$600-800

    3118kt Tricolor Gold Necklace, designed as a fringe of engraved links, 22.7 dwt, lg. 16 7/8 in.$800-1,200

    3214kt Gold Bracelet, of wide textured links, 33.2 dwt, lg. 7 5/8 in.$800-1,200

    12 Additional information and photos at

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  • 33Gold and Coral Necklace, the wide 14kt tubogas collar with removable 18kt gold and coral cabochon enhancer, the collar signed Forstner, total wt. 76.6 dwt, lg. 14, 1 1/4 in.$3,000-4,000

    3418kt Gold Bracelet, Italy, of wide oval links, 83.1 dwt, lg. 8 3/8 in.$3,500-4,500

    35Group of Angelskin Coral Jewelry, a pair of 18kt gold earrings and ring, the ring with carved coral flower, and a 14kt gold and coral bead bracelet, lg. 1, 7 in., size 5 3/4.$1,200-1,500

    36Two Angelskin Coral Jewelry Items, an 18kt gold and carved coral flower brooch, 47.6 dwt, and a two-strand bead necklace with 14kt gold and carved coral clasp, each bead measuring approx. 9.50 mm, lg. 3 3/8, 19 in.$800-1,200

    3718kt Gold Brooch, designed as a textured knot, 24.1 dwt, lg. 2 3/8 in.$800-1,200

    3818kt Gold Chain, of engraved gadrooned navette- and baton-form links, 23.0 dwt, lg. 45 in.$1,000-1,500

    391oz. Gold Krugerrand-mounted Pendant, within a 14kt gold bezel and suspended from 14kt gold chain, 38.4 dwt.$1,000-1,500

    401892 Liberty Head Twenty Dollar Gold Coin, within a gold bezel, and suspended from a gold-filled bracelet.$800-1,200

    15Online bidding at www.skinn