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It is our hope that you enjoy this catalogue showcasing the talents of leading New Zealand and international artists.

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  • 2272 Parnell Road Parnell Auckland New Zealand +64 9 3666 045

    Franco Anselmi

    A D Blake

    Paolo Canetti

    Colette Cheyne

    Paul Coney

    Harold Coop

    Brian Dahlberg

    Gaston de Vel

    Tracy Ellerton

    Judith Moreton

    Roger Morris

    Darcy Nicholas

    Mike Norris

    Lance OGorman

    Don Packwood

    Patricia Payne

    Raimondo Roberti

    Eros Rumor


    Charles Fredrick Goldie

    Gabryel Harrison

    Frances Hodgkins

    Philip Holmes

    Lawrence Leitch


    Peter McIntyre

    Carlo Mirabasso

    Kasey Sealy

    Maria Serafina

    Geoffrey Shaw

    Ted Sherwen

    Henryk Szydlowski

    Bruce Treloar

    James Watkins

    John Weeks

    Simon Williams

  • 3Celebrate is such a great word, it sounds good, it feels good and it rings true.

    In the midst of our 40th fabulous year International Art Centre thanks you,

    our friends, families, artists, clients and staff for making the last four decades

    such an exhilarating and brilliant journey. As usual, Oscar Wilde got it right

    when he said nothing succeeds like success, we celebrate our success with

    gratitude and look forward to the future with confidence.

    It is our hope that you enjoy this catalogue showcasing the talents of leading

    New Zealand and international artists. Each painting does indeed tell a story.

    That story begins as inspiration in the mind of the artist and culminates in a

    work of art enriching lives, homes and workplaces.

    Frances Davies - Director

    International Art Centre was host to the Webb Ellis Cup for a photo shoot July 2011. The Webb Ellis Cup is awarded to the winner of the Rugby World Cup.

  • 4Franco Anselmib.1950

    Franco Anselmi Donne della notte Oil fresco 50 x 60 cm

    Born in Treviso, Northern Italy the young Anselmi attended the University of Urbino graduating in languages and sociology. Always interested in art above all else, these academic achievements were more to please his father than himself and since 1974 Anselmi has enjoyed international success as a professional artist.

    Anselmis early work emphasised themes associated with the early 20th century school of Italian Futurism. Speed, power and movement were often the backdrops to Anselmis deceptively simple human and animal forms. Thirty years on the unique works of Anselmi are synonymous with contemporary Italian style and sophistication.

    Favoured subjects include glamorous women, often in trios or pairs, Byzantine style madonnas and trademark Anselmi animals. The nocturnal owl, wisest of birds, is the only creature portrayed with two eyes indicative of a balanced view of the world. The Anselmi imagination knows no bounds and his modern day frescoes embody the Venetian Schools love and understanding of colour. Anselmi has the power to make your day with art that makes you smile.

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  • 6A D Blakeb. 1951

    A D Blake Ranger & Rainbow, Auckland Anniversary Regatta 1939 Oil on canvas 56 x 76 cm

    A D Blake is one of the worlds foremost marine artists. Based in Auckland, City of Sails, his work is hung in collections throughout the United States, Canada, Virgin Islands, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Blake has received commissions from such prestigious institutions as the New York Yacht Club, the Herreshoff Maritime Museum, Rhode Island and the Storm Trysail Yacht Club, New York. Blakes work features in Yachts On Canvas by James Taylor of the Greenwich Maritime Museum, London. The official Americas Cup Program of 2000 and the Cowes Jubilee Regatta programme celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Americas Cup race, both showcase Blakes paintings.

    Given the family history, A D Blakes commitment to professional maritime painting is understandable. Both he and his brother, the late Sir Peter Blake inherited an understanding and love of the sea. Outstanding talent, coupled with technical skills as a graduate of Aucklands School of Engineering result in A D Blake creating world class works of the highest quality.

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  • 8PaoloCanettib.1940

    Paolo Canetti Guitar Verde Oil on canvas 50 x 70 cm

    Canettis first solo exhibition was held at the Isola Gallery Milan, 1967. Prior to this, Canetti had worked with other young Milanese artists, known as the Group of Ten. The next few years marked an interesting period of research and a foray into analytical cubism inspired by contacts with the Japanese painter and sculptor, Azuma. An exhibition of these works was held at the Gallery Cannocchiale.

    From 1968 profound social changes began to take place throughout Italy. Canetti recorded these events in his work. Paintings from this period reflect the increasing industrialisation of the workplace and countryside. After 1970 Canetti began to exhibit throughout Italy. Working in the South agriculture and peasant life featured strongly. These earlier paintings, sometimes in watercolour, can be seen as a forerunner of the distinctive style that developed over the next thirty years. Paintings from the the mid 1980s feature fishermen, flower gatherers and shopkeepers. While Canettis subject matter is of the ordinary, the palette is unique lending an appealing overall softness to the finished work.

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    Colette Cheyne Sumatran Tiger Oil on panel 37 x 31 cm

    Dedicated wildlife artist Colette Cheyne has drawn and painted since childhood. Colette attended life drawing classes during the 1980s while based in Australia. Visits to the United Kingdom followed with a firm focus on wildlife work and the transition from pencil drawing to oil painting. In 1988 Colette returned to New Zealand.

    Colette is represented in the United States and her work has featured in Wildlife Art publications. In 2001 her entry of Serval Cat won the prestigious, International Wild Cat Art - Best in Show Award. The long awaited 2007 solo exhibition Encounters - Wild Cat Studies was a complete sellout. Colette was represented in the Winter Salon 2010 exhibition.

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    Paul Coney was born in Zimbabwe. His family immigrated to New Zealand when he was five years old and Coney was educated at St. Peters School, Cambridge prior to living in Dunedin.

    Coney began painting professionally at twenty years of age and is entirely self taught. He first attracted public recognition in 1987 when chosen as the official artist for the Americas Cup Challenge by the Bank of New Zealand. A successful watercolourist, Coney taught, worked and exhibited in this medium for over twenty years. In 2008 he began working on large scale canvases in oil. These dramatically beautiful florals have been hugely successful with sales worldwide. It is a theme Coney continues to explore and develop.

    Paul Coneyb.1957

    Paul Coney Albert Park Fountain Oil on canvas 122 x 137 cm

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    Harold Coop Pohutukawa Morning Acrylic on canvas 83 x 122 cm

    Harold Coop is a New Zealand artist, working in the field of contemporary and abstracted landscape. He has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout New Zealand and has also exhibited in France, England and Australia.

    Coop first exhibited with the Auckland Society of Arts in 1959. He was later a judge for the Bledisloe Medal in landscape painting. The artist initially worked in watercolour and oils, but now creates mainly large scale acrylic works and is known for his adventurous use of colour. Coops book, A Vision of New Zealand is a commentary on landscape painting. His work has featured in Australian Artist and International Artist magazines.

    Harold Coopb.1934

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    Brian Dahlberg St Stephens, Parnell Oil on board 110 x 150 cm

    Brian Dahlberg, born in Ashburton was educated at Nelson and Wanganui Colleges. He was a pupil of Dame Louise Henderson with whom he studied landscape, portraiture and life drawing. The artist refers to his work as Regional Surrealism. His use of streamlined form imbues each work with a modernity and almost meditative stillness. Subtly patterned skies and foregrounds, visible from certain vantage points, often feature. Compositions are balanced and the palette considered, resulting in unique portrayals of the New Zealand landscape.

    Dahlberg is a keen marathon runner and explorer of off the beaten track regions of New Zealand. He is the recipient of numerous awards and has exhibited in Australia and Switzerland. His work hangs in embassies and private collections in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Holland and the United Kingdom. 2011 saw the completion of a major work by Dahlberg of St Stephens Church, Parnell, the first in a series of New Zealand Landmark paintings.

    Brian Dahlbergb. 1944

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  • Gaston de Vel Anemones 1969 Oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm

    Belgium born Gaston studied at the Academie Royal des Beaux Arts, Brussels from 1941 to 1945. Of that time Gaston said I was taught to paint directly from life, so I could learn to visualise things as an artist in colour, just like the Impressionists. Now these lessons are in my blood, a part of me. One of his most influential tutors was Alfred Bastien, a former winner of the Prix Godecharle and friend of Claude Monet and John Singer Sargent. For thirteen years Gaston lived and worked in the Belgian Congo arriving in New Zealand in 1960 after a political uprising forced many Europeans to leave.

    Gaston was a breath of fresh air to the rather staid New Zealand art scene of the 1960