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Training by: Treeside Learning Centre – Toronto, Canada


Writing a winning resume

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Finding a jobPart 1O Before you start the job huntO Writing a resume and cover letterO Choosing References

Part 2O Where to look for jobsO Preparing for job Interview

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Starting the job huntBefore you start the job hunt, you need:

O Proper Immigration documentsO Social Insurance Number (SIN)O Right ageO Right education/certification

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Writing a resume and cover letter

1. What is a résumé?2. Skills Inventory3. Types of résumés4. Top-10 résumé tips5. What is a cover letter?6. Top-10 cover letter tips

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1. What is a resume?document showing employers your experience, education, and skills

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2. Skills Inventory

Find your transferable skillsO Key skillsO Hands-on skillsO Data/information skillsO Leadership skillsO People skillsO Creative/artistic skillsO Verbal/communication skills

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Skills Inventory Cont’dFind your hidden skills:O List all your previous and current experiences, at

work and in other contexts.O Describe the tasks you completed using action

words for each experienceO Identify the skill(s) required to complete those

tasks.O List other things you learned to do in that jobO Identify the skills you gained from the other

things you learned.O Build strong sentences by combining the skills

you developed with the tasks you completed.O Find your job-related skills

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3. Types of résumés

O functional résumé O chronological résumé O hybrid résumé

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Functional resumeKatie Costa

439 Robinson Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 4R3

204-555-5412 [email protected]

Skills and abilities Summary

Creative, hardworking, and reliable worker Strong oral communicator, very organized, and quick learner

Computer skills

Proficient in using Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Outlook, and Excel Experience using both Microsoft- and Mac-based computer platforms

Leadership skills

Elected as Grade 9 representative for Carlington Heights Students’ Council Planned and organized school dances, band fundraiser, and Relay for Life Selected to participate in city-wide leadership program

Marketing and promotion skills

Started my own babysitting business in 2010; created flyers and promotional material, which attracted 42 new clients from local community centre and grocery stores

Designed posters and banner for Carlington Heights semi-formal dance Contacted local businesses to purchase advertising space in Carlington Heights yearbook,

and won award for highest sales for the year

Experience Babysitter2010–2011 Katie and J amie’s Babysitting Service, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Pet sitter2007– 2009 Katie J ohnston Animal Spa, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Volunteer experience Students’ Council Yearbook Committee Grade 9 Concert Band Relay for Life organizing committee

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Chronological resumePascal Costa 439 Robinson Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4R3 204-555-2565

[email protected]

Education and training Chippewaka College – Carpentry2009–2012 Vancouver, British Columbia

Carlington Heights Secondary School2005–2009 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Experience Carpenter Apprentice2009–2012 Wood Chip Carpentry, Kelowna, British Columbia

Assisted with framing, roofing, stair-building, and various rough carpentry projects Worked with Journeyman on completing estimations and contributed to design plans to

ensure projects met building code standards

Workshop Assistant2009 Stephen J ones Carpentry, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Learned to operate a variety of power tools, such as table saws, radial arm saws, circular saws, planers, and drills

Assisted carpenters with projects by prepping surfaces and cleaning up workshop

General Labourer2007–2009 Hank’s Hardware, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Stocked, priced, and helped maintain inventory of store merchandise Swept and mopped aisles, ensured products were properly displayed on shelves, and

helped carry out large orders to customer vehicles

Volunteer experience Chippewaka College Students’ Council Treasurer2011–2012 Humane Society of Vancouver2010–2011 Carlington Heights Students’ Council President2008–2009 Carlington Food Bank2007–2009

Accomplishments 2011 provincial bronze medalist in lacrosse

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Hybrid ResumeGenevieve Costa

439 Carter Avenue St. J ohn’s, Newfoundland A1G 4R3

709-555-1784 [email protected]

Education and training Wilton University – I nternational Development2010–present St. J ohn’s, Newfoundland

Catherine Collegiate Secondary School2005–2009 St. J ohn’s, Newfoundland

Skills Summary

Fluent in French and English, both written and oral Hardworking, reliable, and professional A considerate team-player with aspirations to succeed


Coordinated and planned complex student presentation schedules with eight other teaching assistants

Worked with many diverse staff members in various positions to accomplish daily tasks and deliver excellent customer service


Coached and assisted staff to achieve second place overall in the city-wide Barista Skills Latte Art competition

Instructed and guided business students regarding weekly assignments and general academic difficulties


Organized high-profile social activities for the Business Administration community at Wilton University

Created and implemented a new weekly task schedule for clients at the Elizabeth Wright Women’s Shelter


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Don’t forget to include:O Your personal informationO EducationO Skills and experience

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4. Top 10 resume tipsO Think aheadO Tailor your résuméO Chunk it outO Use action wordsO ProofreadO Repeat Tip 5O Make it presentableO Keep it conciseO Be honestO Be professional

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5. What is a cover letter?

O DefinitionO 3 main objectives of a cover letterO Sample cover letter

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Sample cover letter-Advertised job

Michelle Scott 336 MacLaren Street Ottawa, ON K2P 0R3

613-555-4545 [email protected]

November 19, 2012

Ms. J amie Hopkins Store Manager Finner’s Coffee & Tea 607 Youngman Road Ottawa, Ontario N1G 7K4

Dear Ms. Hopkins:

As a regular customer at Finner’s, I am always impressed with the quality of customer service I receive. When visiting the Youngman Road location recently, I learned that a part-time cashier position is currently available. Although I am a student, I have a flexible schedule and am available to work 18 to 25 hours a week. I believe that my previous customer service experience, my excellent work ethic, and my love for coffee will make me a great member of the Finner’s team.

As you will see from the enclosed résumé, I have four years of customer service experience, with three of those years relating specifically to the food-and-beverage industry. During these years, I developed a passion for coffee and a rich knowledge of coffee and espresso products. With years of experience preparing coffee and espresso beverages, I am extremely competent and self-sufficient when producing high-quality coffee products. With this comprehensive base of product knowledge combined with my superior customer service skills, I know that I would be a beneficial addition to the Finner’s staff.

I have consistently maintained a professional and kind demeanour when dealing with customers. In my previous position, I received many customer compliments about my prompt and friendly service. I also received a staff award, presented to me by my regional manager, for my composed problem-solving in periods of high customer volume and stress.

Thank you for taking the time to review my résumé. I look forward to speaking with you soon about how I can contribute to the positive and exciting environment at Finner’s. I will contact you next Wednesday, November 28, after 3:00 p.m. I f you need to reach me in the meantime, feel free to call me any time of day on my cell phone at 613-555-4545.

Yours sincerely,

Michelle Scott

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Sample cover letter-Unadvertised job

Pascal J odoin 134 North Street

Mississauga, ON M9A 3L1 905-555-1234

[email protected]

May 14, 2012

Ms. Candace Hamm Sales Manager I rwin Food Processing Suite 34, 123 Mason Avenue N.E. Toronto, Ontario M9L 4V2

Dear Ms. Hamm:

I am a recent graduate of Alpha Beta High School in Mississauga, and I plan to attend university in Toronto this fall. While I was conducting some career research on companies that offer in-house training, I noticed that I rwin Food Processing offers basic courses in marketing and promotions, a field which interests me greatly.

I would appreciate meeting with you to discuss your firm’s potential employment opportunities. In particular, I believe you may be interested in hearing about my co-op work experience, which involved special product promotions. I have enclosed my résumé with further details.

I will call your administrative assistant on May 22, 2012, to see if a convenient appointment time can be arranged. I can also be reached at 905-555-1234, if you would like to contact me before then.

Yours truly,

Pascal J odoin

Enclosure (résumé)

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Top-10 cover letter tips

O Do your homework. O Follow instructionsO Don’t just restate your résuméO Personalize your letterO Tailor your letter to the job.O Presentation countsO Break it downO Use a professional toneO Be briefO Proofread

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Choosing References1. What is a reference?2. Types of references3. Top-five tips for choosing


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What is a reference?

Page 21: Finding a job in Canada

Types of references

O Character referenceO Professional reference

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Example of a Reference List

References for (Your Name)

O Reference NameTitleAddressCity, ProvinceTelephone number:E-mail address:

O Gina ReferenceManager, Clothing Express555 North StreetHalifax, NSTelephone number: 555-555-5555E-mail address: [email protected]

O John ReferenceActivities Coordinator, ABC Centre555 South StreetGrand Prairie, ABTelephone number: 555-555-5555E-mail address: [email protected]

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Top-five tips for choosing references

O Think aheadO Pick someone who knows you

wellO Update your reference list oftenO Presentation countsO Say "thank you 

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Part 2Coming soon

Agenda:Preparing for job Interview

Where to look for jobs

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Where to look for jobs?O Advertised jobsO Hidden jobsO Starting your own businessO Working abroadO Networking/referrals- Friends,

Job fairs, Career networking events

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Interview 101O Before the interviewO Preparing for interview

questionsO Preparing questions for the

employerO Top-10 tips for a successful job

interviewO After the interview