FINANCING AFRICAN INFRASTRUCTURE THROUGH By g ... - IMCI CHART 1 Source: (Also acc telecomm that...

download FINANCING AFRICAN INFRASTRUCTURE THROUGH By g ... - IMCI CHART 1 Source: (Also acc telecomm that with

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Transcript of FINANCING AFRICAN INFRASTRUCTURE THROUGH By g ... - IMCI CHART 1 Source: (Also acc telecomm that...

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    1.0 INTRO

    Africa to made pr frequent peaceful wealth. private p understa developm reversing

    Accordin whole, av 2016, ex Africa to expected expected

    African G networks developm unemplo the publ sector” (

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    These pr Africa wi countries

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    xperiencing gr o recover the d to be aroun d upturn in glo

    Governments s in their cou ment finance oyment, highe ic and privat IFC , 2013).

    rivate–Partner Business envir ora to return on which has These regiona ry Community Development out catching u

    e, the abund financial sec

    d business en nity for invest e finance and

    ovides oppor ll only continu s that should


    de significant eating politica ad across Afri lent business orldwide reco (PPP) structu risks—and ho Investment i

    ecreasing inve

    orizons, (2017 round 5%. Th

    rowth of arou levels of ec

    nd 3% in 2017 obal trade and

    now look up untries and e model will

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    rship can only ronment enco and invest i very positive

    al economic y of Central A Community. T up with rest o

    dant natural ctor and rule nvironment. H tors and finan d project finan

    tunities for in ue to be more be used as pi

    progress in i al stability co ican countries environment

    ognize the po ures. But tak ow they can b in African inf

    estments” (IFC

    7), Africa had he economy s und 1.6% in 2 onomic perfo 7. Furthermor d a rise in oil p

    p to public-pr enhance servi

    improve serv corruption (Fa

    deliver a publ

    y succeed whe ourages educa in Africa. Ano implications blocs include frica; Souther The potential

    of the world in

    resources and e of law, inc However, the nciers. The pro nce. Investing

    nvestors/finan e stable and in ivots for mark

    its effort to p ompare to th s. The implic t. This furthe

    otential for in king advanta be mitigated— frastructure w C , 2013).

    sustained gro slowed down 2016, the low ormance seen re, this growt prices.

    rivate partner ice delivery t vices, while arlam, 2005). lic service wit

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    d energy disc rease in hou infrastructur ovision of infr in Africa now

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    er promotes e nvestments in age of these —to optimize was up 33 pe

    owth for abou in growth be

    west for 20 ye n in recent y th is forecast

    rships (PPPs) o their peop avoiding som What then is th full or par

    ess environme oung populat ant factor for economic and Communities stoms Union; rangements su ment.

    coveries, incr usehold spend re gap and th rastructure its

    w is a strategic

    now, especia endly. The str on in Africa, so

    orporate Finance I HQ’s are at Northu


    tment friendl n military inte itical stability economic act n Africa, espe e opportunitie the project’s ercent in 201

    ut 15 years ac ginning in 20

    ears. Howeve ears. Econom to continue

    to radically i le. However,

    me of the pi s PPP? It is “A rtial transfer

    ent is stable. T ion, and a gro r progress, is

    d social stabilit of West Af East African

    uggest that Af

    rease in midd ding among he lack of ade self would lea c decision for

    ally for long te rategies may h ome of these

    IMCI GRO M&A I Restructur

    umberland Avenue +44 (0) 207 127 06

    ly environme erventions w y is that, it p tivities and cr ecially throug ies requires investment re

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    The growing s owing interest s the growing ty now and in

    frican State; Community a

    Africa is very c

    dle-class pop others contr equate funds ad to further those who ca

    erm financing however be, t countries ma

    OUP INTERNATION ring I Strategy I Ex e, London WC2N 5 654 | info@imci-gr


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    NAL LTD. xpansion 5BY - UK

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    South Af However

    There is a the publ critical ab

    2.0 INFRA

    There is period of be seen investme

    “The pot as PPPs e and appe projects infrastruc investme implemen have bec

    2.1 Achie

    Accordin be about the regio project f Africa’s i only US$

    South Af finance v last 4 ye Rwanda, sub-regio generatio and Mon

    Only one State) su reached developm

    any Nr. 1052250

    frica, Nigeria, r, even in thes

    a growing int ic service can bout fair and


    obviously a h f dictatorship as a major d


    tential for PPP expand furthe eal to local o has been cha cture PPP proj

    ents with forei nted has expa

    come involved

    evements in A

    g to NEPAD, t $12 billion a on with an ag finance volum nfrastructure 1 billion annu

    frica was by fa volumes. Outs ears include Uganda, and

    on in Sub-Sah on) deals tota

    netary Union)

    e power deal w ub-region. As

    financial clo ment banks, a


    Ghana, Rwa se countries th

    erest by priva n achieve it i attractive risk


    huge gap in in p, military rule disadvantage

    Ps in Africa is er into new se or regional in anging as ne jects were con ign sponsors t anded, more i

    d across a wide

    African Infrast

    (2014) Public- annually. Ove ggregate deb

    mes, compare gap. On aver

    ually, versus th

    ar the leading side South Afr independent Senegal, as w aran Africa ha alling US $1.8 closed 5 infra

    worth US$130 a recent exa se in 2013, bilateral deve

    anda, Tanzani here are great

    ate investors i nfrastructura

    k-adjusted ret


    nfrastructural e and violent

    to investme

    seemingly lim ectors such as vestors along w countries a ncentrated in taking the lea innovative pro er range of co

    tructure Proje

    -Private Partn r the last 10

    bt of US$59 b ed to 38% wo rage over the he US$12 billio

    g country for rica, infrastruc

    power plant well as a toll r as been the Ea billion (annu

    astructure dea

    0 million was mple, the US raised 12/14 elopment age

    ia, Mozambiq t challenges in

    in Africa, relat al goals by pr urns on inves

    l developmen conflict that nt, the other

    mitless relative s social servic

    gside larger, i and types of sectors such d. More recen ojects have b

    ountries” (IFC ,

    ect Finance

    nerships (PPPs years (2003-2

    billion. Extrac orldwide. This

    2003-2013 p on requireme

    infrastructure cture project f ts in Camero road in Seneg ast Africa Com

    ual average U als totalling US

    closed in the S$196 million 4-year debt f ency, and a loc

    Co H

    que, Ethiopia, n infrastructu

    tive to Africa’ roviding incen tments (IFC ,

    nt in most Afr destroyed inf r side of it is

    e to its curren ces, tailor them international investors hav

    as power and ntly, the range een undertak , 2013).

    s), funded thr 2013), 158 pr tive industrie s disproportio

    period, infrast ent noted abo

    e, with 45% o finance transa

    oon, Cape Ve gal. During the mmunity with S$180 million S $1.5 billion

    e ECCAS (Econ Sendou coal-

    rom a group cal commercia

    orporate Finance I HQ’s are at Northu


    , Gabon, Bots ral developme

    s needs. By c ntives to priva 2013).

    rican countrie frastruc