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  • 1.Final PhotosBy Hannah Newell

2. I have modified this photo to the style of John Stezaker. I havetaken two separate photos of two guitars and joined themtogether using photoshop. I selected half of one guitar andcopied and pasted it onto the other photo. I then lined them upto look like they are joined as one. Since then, I have edited thecolour to be black and white and also added two circles.I think this picture is good because it looks very unique. I canrelate My World to this because music is a big part of my life as itcan change my mood and helps me sometimes. Some of myrelatives also play guitars which can also relate to My World. 3. I edited this photo to the style of lomo photography. I did this bymaking 3 different layers of the same photograph. I selected 2/3of one layer and deleted those parts leaving the remaining 1/3. Ithen changed the colour to green. I repeated this with the othersections to create my final image. I like this image because of thestyle and effect it creates. I can relate this to my world because Ilike music and my brother plays many instruments. Music canchange my look on the day and make me think positive. I thinkthat the colours used are not too bright or too dull and theybalance out to make a good image. 4. I made this photo in the style of Clarence John Laughlin by usingtwo photographs I have taken and making one of them moreopaque. I selected two separate photos and made them on topof each other. I made sure the photo of my dog was the firstlayer, so I could make it opaque and the sea shines through.This is my world because the sea is of my hometown and the Ialso included my dog. The sunset and the beach reminds of thetimes I spent with my friends in summer, and I consider them aspart of My World. This picture also reminds me of walking mydog along the beach in summer. I like this photo because of theway I edited it as I think it looks very unique and much likeClarence John Laughlins. I have also tried to incorporate Rule ofThirds by putting my dog to the left of the photograph as it looksmore creative. 5. I was inspired by Roland Hicks when taking this photo of mybelonging. I like this photo because I use my hair straightenerseveryday which represents My World. I took this photo bygetting down on the floor and pointing the camera looking downfrom the end of the object. I think that because the picture wastaken from an unusual angle rather than straight above it createsmore impact on the object. The composition of this photoincludes Depth of Field as the closest part is in clear focuswhereas the end is not. 6. I have chosen this photo as one of my final ones because I likethe composition of it. I like the impact the depth of field hasmade on the final image. As like my first photo, I have made thebackground black and white and selected two parts of the imagethat I made in colour. This was done by selecting three layers ofthe same image and making one of them black an white. Thenon one of the coloured layers I made a circle and copied andpasted it onto the black and white image. I repeated this to getthe second circle. This photograph relates to My World becauseit shows that I use many nail varnishs all the time and I own a lotof different colours. 7. In this photograph I have tried to recreate John Stezakers style ofwork by mixing three different photos of my belongings that Iconsider My World. I did this by selecting all the photos as threedifferent layers and cropping two thirds of each photo out. I thenput all three of them together making them one image. Iconsider each separate photo part of My World. Mcfly are myfavourite band so I took a photo of their book, also I enjoylistening to music so I added a photo of my brothers guitar. Iconsider family as my world too so my brother can also relate tothat aswell. Finally, I used my iPhone as my last image because Iuse my phone everyday.