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T206 Snarky Productions

Transcript of Final Edited -- Edited 2

  • When creating the visuals for the black class the aim was to lower saturation, too add

    more blacks and greys, but also mix it with touches of the 'scene' style and anarchy.

    Characters of the black class are those of rebellion who live in the run down, tightly

    populated parts of urban society. They put off a tough, I don't give a shit attitude which

    comes across in their style, a mixture of punk accents and contrasts of black and white

    colors. Even in their state of repression, images of hope and and freedom should also be

    assoicated with them

  • The general aesthetic I was trying to capture in the gold class was that of vintage class,

    power and grace of the monarchy, but with a modern twist. Warm tones are the obvious

    choice here, one mainly being gold. Also, prominent pops of red were an addition to not

    only outline the seductive allure of the gold class, but also have the hint of power come

    across.The architecture will be modern with a twist of old world grace, a lot of open

    spaces but with touches of classic royalty. The dress will be similar, one with couture like

    dreaminess mixed with defined lines and luxiourious fabrics.

  • Preliminary Research:

    Before writing the treatment for Golden, I had to look up more information about this

    golden ratio theory. I simply looked it up on Wikipedia and skimmed the article. While I writing the screenplay, I occasionally read over some other scripts just to get an

    idea of how to write transitions between scenes and how to describe settings well without

    overdoing the details. I thought movies like I, Robot and Minority Report while writing

    the screenplay, because I liked how they incorporate some vintage and modernistic styles

    in the world created for the films.

  • Treatmant:

    Its 2189. The global society is split into four social classes based on the Golden Ratio, a law based on physical features of the face and height/weight proportion. Teenager

    NATALIE is ranked in the superior Gold Class.

    Natalie moves from Alberta, Canada to New York City to live with her single, Gold-

    status AUNT FAM while she attends Columbia University. Adjusting to life in the city is

    easy for her, but she isnt used to living in a place where people from the Silver and Bronze classes mingle with higher classes.

    Natalies aunt Fam introduces her to HARRIS, Fams personal assistant who has been placed in the Silver Class, but met Fam back in grad school. Natalie doesnt like him. Fam warns Natalie that she needs to get use to being around The Others and grateful not to be a member of the Bronze Class.

    A few months in New York and Natalie is accustomed to her new surroundings. At

    school she befriends a Silver Class member named TOR. Tor has been working on a

    political movement known as United Classes protesting the Separation Law, an

    amendment to the Constitution forbidding marriage between members of different


    Natalie attends a council meeting with Tor for the United Classes. At the meeting, Natalie

    is shown images of the exploited members of the Silver and Bronze classes, and she is

    horrified by testimonies of White Class members, people from the lowest class forced to

    participate in scientific experiments. Natalie is stunned when she sees Fam at the


    Back at her aunts, Natalie confronts Harris about the meeting, asking him if he would know anything about her aunt being in attendance. Harris refuses to give any information

    to Natalie. Tor informs her that Fam is in fact working under cover for the United


    Back from the meeting, Fam is confronted by Natalie who is angry with her for risking

    her status as a Gold Class memberthe punishment for what is called Class Treason. Fam tells Natalie she is going to take her to the suburbs that night. The neighborhoods

    outside of NYC are where members of the Silver Class typically reside. Tor and a

    member of the United Classes go with them to the suburbs.

    In the suburbs, Natalie is taken to Harriss sister JEMMAs house. Natalie is introduced to SMITH, a young boy approaching the Age of Ruling for the Golden Ratio. It is clear

    from his face that he would be placed in the Bronze or White class. Harris tells Natalie

    that Smith is her cousin; he and Fam are Smiths parents. Smith has been hidden to avoid being placed in the White Class. Members of the United Classes reveal to Natalie that

    they are actually trying to abolish the Golden Ratio laws.

    Shes informed that Smith has been kept hidden so that he may not be placed in the

  • White Class. Fams pregnancy was kept a secret so that the government would not be able to keep track of her baby for classification, but someone ratted her out shortly after

    giving birth. Smith has since been moved from suburb to suburb between different

    members of the United Classes in an attempt to keep him hidden to avoid classification.

    Overcome with sympathy, Natalie agrees to help the United Classes.

  • Here is our scouted area for scene 4. The location needed to be a college

    classroom. The classroom needed to look futuristic, because the show is placed in the

    future. Thats why I took one picture from behind the desk, to see all the technology that was there. I wanted the room to seem blank, nothing special, just a classroom with no

    personality. I also wanted to show that this classroom held both classes, Gold and Silver.

    I had a thought about separate but equal, so the Gold sit on the side with the windows, where light comes. Their side is clean and nice. The Silver side on the other hand, has

    some trash on the floor and is in the darker side of the room. We can also see from the

    teachers desk that it is easier to see the Gold side so they have preference. Even in this

    integrated classroom, there are class separations.

  • Shot 1: Scene 1

    City Skyline: Clear separations between

    different class districts

    Shot 2: Scene 1

    Fast zoom through city, passing through

    different districts

    Shot 3: Scene 1

    Wide shot, high angle of airport. Planes

    taking off

    Shot 4: Scene 2

    Overhead Shot of Airport Interior.

  • Shot 5: Scene 2

    Over the Shoulder Shot. Man holding

    hologram. Slow zoom on name

    on hologram

    Shot 6: Scene 2

    Close up of Harris looking down,

    light pan up

    Shot 7: Scene 2

    Flight board, pan across.

    Shot 8: Scene 2

    Focus on CanadAIR

  • Shot 9: Scene 2

    Harris looks around crowded airport

    Shot 10: Scene 2

    Crowd walking around airport

    Shot 11: Scene 2

    Harris sees Natalie

    Shot 12: Scene 2

    Overhead shot of Natalie and Harris

  • Shot 13: Scene 2

    Harris grabs Natalies bags

    Shot 14: Scene 3

    Gold Subway Car passes

    Shot 15: Scene 3

    The two sit on subway

    Shot 16: Scene 4

    The subway is seen again in the tunnel

  • Shot 17: Scene 4

    Dialogue between Harris and Natalie

    Shot 18: Scene 4

    Natalie Rolls her eyes

    Shot 19: Scene 4

    Outside of Subway, looking in on the two


    Shot 20: Scene 4

    Harris and Natalie sit in the subway

    Shot 21: Scene 4

    Natalie turns and talks with Harris

  • Shot 22: Scene 4

    Gold Subway Car passes as Natalie and Harris speak

    Shot 23: Scene 4

    Natalie rolls her eyes

    Shot 24: Scene 4

    Harris and Natalie talk

    Shot 25: Scene 5

    Zoom in on Fams Apartment

  • Shot 26: Scene 6

    Outside Fams Apartment door

    Shot 27: Scene 6

    Low angle as Natalie enters Fams apartment

    Shot 28: Scene 6

    Natalie speaks with Harris and Fam in Fams living room

    Shot 29: Scene 6

    Pan around Natalie

  • Shot 30: Scene 6

    Gold Subway Car passes as Natalie turns

  • Soundtrack Snarky Productions: Golden 1. Black and Gold By Sam Sparrow

    a. The song Black and Gold is not only very seductive, but intimidating and

    mysterious as well. Its tune is perfect for an opening montage of intrigue. It

    was an obvious choice due to the lyrics that explicitly state the classes,

    Black and Gold

    i. i looked up into the night sky

    and see a thousand eyes staring back

    and all around these golden beacons

    i see nothing but black

    i feel a way of something beyond them

    i don't see what i can feel

    if vision is the only validation

    then most of my life isn't real

    'cause if you're not really here

    then the stars don't even matter

    now i'm filled to the top with fear

    that it's all just a bunch of matter

    'cause if you're not really here

    then i don't want to be either

    i wanna be next to you

    black and gold

    black and gold

    black and gold

    b. It would be used as background to an opening montage to the film with

    shots of the gold class being luxurious, getting ready, being powerful, etc.

    with shots of the black class and their unfortunate circumstances but also

    showing images of their planning for change and rebellion.

    2. The Way You Look Tonight By Frank Sinatra

    a. This song would be used as background music to the third scene where

    Natalie is first arriving in Fams apartment and setting up her room. Any

    song with Frank Sinatra produces feelings of refinement as well as a

    reminder of