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  • 1. The pictures below are of myself and Larelle setting up thelighting equipment. I found it simple to set up as all we had to do was attached thelights to the stand and adjust the height of the stand. We set it up so that each light was either side of the bed benddown so that the light will be directly on ourcharacters, allowing good lighting on them. We had a slightproblem with one of the lights and that was the light bulb hadblown, this wasnt a major problem because the lighting wasstill good.

2. In the images below we was testing the lighting. It was clear, thiswas good so that when we are filming we will be able to see ourcharacters, Chris and Louise clearly. This means that in the end willhave good footage for our music video. 3. In the three pictures below myself and Larelle were checking thecamera and how it looks with the lighting. We done this so thatwe were prepared for when Chris and Louise came to save timeand get straight into the filming. At this point everything wasset up and we were ready to start. 4. The pictures below is of our characters in our music video, Chrisand Louise. The pictures show them chilling together. This is partof the narrative in our video, this part is where Chris is lookingback on the good times that they had together. Some of thesepictures are in the footage. The position that they are in show thatthey had a good relationship and are enjoying each otherscompany.Chis and Louise worked well with us and were able to take onanything we asked them to do. They were relaxed and feltcomfortable throughout this filming session, this then makes it looknatural and realistic. 5. The pictures below is of when we went down to South Norwood lakesto film in the park. The pictures are of the location and of Larellesetting up the camera.This part of the filming didnt take too long. We filmed Chris andLouise walking down the hill in the picture, we filmed that a fewtimes from different angles so that we have more to work with whenwe are editing. 6. The pictures below are of when myself and Chloe went to Croydon incentral shopping centre to film. The pictures are of Chloe filmingChris, we didnt manage to take many pictures at this location becausewe were limited with time. We filmed Chris walking in the shoppingcentre and going down the elevator, we filmed this a few times to getdifferent angles. We also filmed Chris and Louise hugging looking downout the window this is another part that we will use as Chris lookingback reminiscing their good times together.