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  • 1. MUST HAVE DVDSAVATAR 2009Ester SanchoAvatar was directed by James Cameron and produced by him too. It stars SamWorthington as Jake Sully, who plays a paraplegic marine, and Zoe Saldana who playsNeytiri Omaticaya, a local inhabitant of Pandora Planet. Another important star isSigourney Weaver who plays Dr Grace Agustine, a biologist.The film is set in a strange and wonderful planet called Pandora in 2154. It is a sciencefiction film and most parts of the film were created by computer.This film is about a paraplegic marine who is selected to enter in a special scientificproject, Avatar. In this planet, where live the Nvi, a local inhabitant with blue skin andcat-like characteristics, human scientists work with the Omaticaya (Nvi), to know theirculture and lifestyle; but at the same time, a private mining company, comes intoconflict with to obtain a coveted mineral: the unobtainium. This special mineral isunder the mother tree, a magic tree that has an special connection with all inhabitantsin the planet.I strongly recommend Avatar. It makes you excited and marvelled at the story and itsspecial effects. It is moving. My favourite scene is when all Nvi are connected with themother tree. It is wonderful.

2. BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINAEmiliano Acera BolaosBig Trouble in Little China was directed by John Carpenterin July of 1986. It stars Dennis Dun as Wang Chi, KurtRussell as Jack Burton, the main character who plays thepart of a truck driver and Lo Pan, the malicious magician.The film is set in the Chinatown of San Francisco (UnitedStates) at the beginning of the 20thcentury.The film is about a truck driver, Jack Burton, whotransports goods from San Francisco to Chinatown. He isvery fond of betting at a game called Mahjong and he getsa big amount of dollars from Wang Chi, who is the loser.Before Wang Chi has to pay his debt, Jack is convinced for leading to the airport wherehis wife is waiting. At the same moment that they arrive, the woman is kidnapped byChinese Gangster. Jack decides to help her and he finds, in this way, with supernaturalfighters with magic powers whose names are The Storms. Little China is converted ina place where battles and murderers happen frequently. The Storms are managed byLo Pan, a magician who is two thousand years old and he governs the immortal spiritsof the world. He needs the blood of a young woman with green eyes to come back tolife from hell. But Jack, Wang Chi and his uncle, Egg Shen, who has special powers getto beat street fighters they find in their way. They are being able to access the Lo Panspalace and kill him at the same moment the woman is being scarified. Due to Lo pansdeath, allthis unreal world disappears and little China continues being a peaceful city.I recommend this movie because it is a combination of different kind of genres such asaction, comedy, martial arts and magic and it is very important to entertain theaudience and let all the audience of different ages enjoy watching this and their specialeffects are extraordinary unsurpassable for the year the film is set. 3. In the Name of the FatherManuel VerdejoIn the Name of the Father was directed by Jim Sheridam. Itstars Daniel Day Lewis as Gerry Conlon, Emma Thomson aslawyer Gareth Peirce an Pete Postlethwrite as FatherGiussepe Conlon. The film was nominated for sevenOscars in 1994 but the film did not win any. The film wonBear made Gold of Berlin in 1993.The film is set in Belfast and London in 1972, It is based onthe book "autobiography of Jerry Conlon".The film is about Jerry Conlon, a young Irish that didntwork, he was a burglar. The police and IRA wanted tocatch him. Then his father decided to send him with herLondons family. There Jerry was a hippy an only spent the time enjoying. One night heand one friend robbed a prostitute and they came back to Belfast with the booty.There they were accused of setting a bomb in London. First they were imprisoned andthen his family; this family was named "The seven of Macguire".He and his father spent a lot years in the jail until his father dead, then he started tofight for prisoners rights. Thanks to a lawyer he got a freedom for a crime with he hadnever committed.I strongly recommend "In the Name of the Father as it makes you know a part ofIrelands history and the IRAs problem.Dont miss it!! 4. THE FIRMBeatriz Fernndez, NI1GThe Firm is an American legal thriller which was directedby Sidney Pollack in 1993. It stars Tom Cruise, JeanneTripplehorn. The rest of the cast are: Gene Hackman, EdHarry, Holly Hunter, Had Holbrrook and David Strathairn.The Firm is based on the novel The Firm by the authorJohn Grishman in 1991. This movie won two AcademyAward nominations including Best supporting AcademyActress for Holly Hunter and Best original score for DaveGrusin.The Firm was set in 20th century. It was filmed onlocation in Memphis, Tennessee and Arkansas.This film is about a young man called Mitch McDeere with a promising future in Lawwhen he graduated from Harvard Law School, he was approached by Bendini Lambert& Locke. The Firm make an offer he cant refuse. He and his wife Abigail move toMemphis where The Firm is located. Avery Tolar is his mentor in the company. Mitchat first is totally unconscious about the sinister acts which were happening in the Firm.Then, suddenly two members or associates were murdered. The FBI contacts with himand ask him for information. The Firm is connected with the mob and every memberwho has ever tried to leave the company ends up murdered. He has two choices:working with the FBI and risking of being discovered by The Firm and losing his lawlicence or saying to The Firm that he had violated his personal code of ethics fromrevealing confidentiality clients information and going to jail when FBI cracks the firm.My favourite scene is when Mitch devises a plan that allows cooperating with the FBIby finding proofs that all partners in the firm were guilty of overcharging, while at thesame time reaches an agreement with The Mob Morolto brothers. At the end hemanages to do it without breaking any laws and he is able to keep his status as alawyer. And the McDeeres leave their house in Memphis to return to the old house inBoston.I definitely recommend The Firm. There are some scenes of thriller and action,fantastic actors and actresses to the character which they had to perform. Thesoundtrack is amazing. Finally, this film shows the reality of legal corruption. 5. LIFE IS BEAUTIFULManoli Pineda NI1CLife is beautiful was directed andstarred by Roberto Benigni. Its based onthe book At the end I defeated Hitler.The film won three Oscars in 1998 for thebest soundtrack, best star and best foreignLanguage film.The film is set in Italy in the 1940s duringthe Second World War. It was filmed onlocation in Arezzo (Italia)The film is about a young Italian Jewishcalled Guido. He meets a young teacherand falls in love with her at that precise moment. Guido gets her love with hisfriendliness and romanticism to her. They get married and have a son. The family wasvery happy until they were arrested and taken to a concentration camp. There Guidodoes everything possible for his child not to be aware of the situation. Therefore hetells him that they are in a game ant they must win points to get a tank. Later the warends and the allies come to the concentration camp to liberate all the prisoners, butthe Nazis want to kill them before. Guido is captured and shot. When the boy sees theallies tank, a soldier picks him and he believes that he has won the tank.I recommend this film because despite being a drama, it also makes you laugh. It offersmuch sensitivity, humor and a great love for family. 6. SHAKESPEARE IN LOVEBeatriz Nogales, NIGShakespeare in love was directed by John Philip Madden. Itstars Joseph Finnes as William Shakespeare and GwynethPaltrow, who plays the other part, Viola de Lesseps. The filmwon seven Oscars and it was the most nominated film in 1998with thirteen nominations.The film is set in London in 1593. It was filmed on differentlocations like Banbury, Holkham, Richmon and London.The film is about the loving relationship between WilliamShakespeare and a noblewoman, Viola de Lesseps. At thebeginning of the film Shakespeare is blocked with the writing ofhis new novel. He hasnt finished it yet, but he begins theauditions for Romeo. The role is for Thomas Kent. But he hidesa secret; Kent is a young noblewoman, Viola de Lesseps. Shedreams of acting, but women cant. After Shakespearediscovers the true identity of Kent, they begin a passionate secret affair. Viola is hisnew muse, and he starts to write a lot. They live a love that is similar to Shakespearenew story. William is married and Viola is arranged to marry. At the end the Lord ofRevels discovers the identity of Viola and she has to go to the colonial settlement inVirginia with her new husband, Lord Wessex. Viola and Shakespeare never meet again.I strongly recommend Shakespeare in Love. It shows you the real situation of womenat that period of time, and it is a beautiful but tragic film about two lovers. You canalso see how he wrote one the most famous theatre plays by Shakespeare, Romeo andJuliet. 7. SawSergio Valero, NI1ESaw was directed by James Wan. It stars Leigh Whannel as Adam Faulkner-Stanheight,and Cary Elwes as Laurence Gordon. It is based on the short with the same name, Saw.Although the film didnt win any Oscar, it collected $103.096.345 when its budget was$1.1 million.The film is set in USA in the present. It was filmed in Lacy Street Production Facility inLos Angeles for 18 days.The film is about Adam and Lawrence, two men who are chained in a nasty bathroomand are each given instructions via a microcassette recorder on how to escape. Adamis told he must escape the bathroom, while Lawrence is told to kill Adam before acertain time, otherwise Lawrences family will die. Meanwhile, police detectivesinvestigate other similar incidents to catch the