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  • 1. Film magazine covers
    To identify codes and conventions used within the film magazines

2. Conventions of magazines
Technical terms
What creates meaning?
Cover lines
Cover stories
Pictures and captions
Route of the eye
Principle of thirds
Pull quotes
Kicker and explanatory text
Language and register
Mise en scene- Position, pose, costume, eye contact /gaze, facial expression
Camera angle
Font style, size, colour
Revealing genre
Quotes/links to the film
3. Conventions of magazines
Layout (Rule of thirds) (camera angle) (text)
Image- Direct pose? Sexual/seductive/aggressive
Text- Style of text and impact of this
Audience profile- who is the audience for this magazine and how do we know?
Ideology- What ideas is the magazine portraying?
Representation- what representations is the magazine giving of itself and of others?
What representation is this giving about the film

  • Language and register

5. Mise en scene- 6. Position, pose, costume, eye contact /gaze, facial expression 7. Camera angle 8. Font style, size, colour 9. Revealing genre 10. Quotes/links to the film