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  • 1. FILM GENRE. By; M.Ahmad Sheikh

2. PRIMARY FILM GENRE INCLUDE Action ComedySci-Fi Horror Romance 3. ACTION Action movie include high energy, big budget physical stunts and chases possibly with rescues,battle, fights, escape, race against time and crisis featuring non stop motion, break neck rhythm and pacing. 4. COMEDY Comedy are light hearted plot deliberately amuse or provoke laughter by exaggerating the situation,language, action, relationship and character. 5. SCI-FI Sci-Fi are often quasi scientific visionary and imaginative complete heroes, aliens, distant planets,quest, fantastic places, new places and extraordinary monsters. Sci-Fi film often feature multiple genre. 6. HORROR Horror films are designed to frightened and to invoke our hidden worst fear, often in a terrifiedshocking finale, while captivating and entertaining us at the same time cathartic expression. 7. ROMANCE Romance film are romantic love stories recorded in visual media for broadcast in theater and television that focus on passion, emotion and the affectionate romantic involvement between the main character, true and pure love take them through dating, courtship or marriage. 8. THE END.