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  • 1. The god of healing. He is the father of Dihas. The goddess of medical herbs.

2. The god of music.The god of evil. Enemy of Bathala. 3. The goddess of fishes. The sirenas or mermaids are her children.The god of evil. Enemy of Bathala. 4. The goddess of gold. The goddess of secret. 5. The god of pacts. Invoke during blood pacts. The shell goddess. 6. The god of tress.The lover of Luna, killed by Sol. Born as a human, Kertes was transformed into a god after his death. 7. King of the Tamaos. 8. Visayan Creation Myth Blaan Creation Myth Mandaya Creation Myth Igorot Creation Myth 9. Children of Lindagat and Lihangin LicalibutanLiadlao Libulan Lisuga 10. Licalibutan had a body of rock and was strong and brave. Liadlao was formed of gold and was always happy. Libulan made of copper and was weak and timid. Lisuga had a body of pure silver and was sweet and gentle. 11. - Lihangin died and left the control of the winds to his eldest son Licalibutan and soon Lidagat followed her husband, the children now grow up, were left without father or mother. 12. - The attack of Licalibutan, Liadlao and Libulan to Kaptan in the sky. - Kaptan sent three bolts of lightning to his three grandchildren. - First struck the copper Libulan and melted him into a ball. -Second struck the golden Liadlao and he too was melted -third bolt struck Licalibutan and his rock body broke into many pieces and fell into the sky 13. Lisuga had missed her brother and started to look for them she went to the sky. Kaptan saw her and struck her too with lightning, and her silver body broke into thousands of pieces 14. Kaptan come down from the sky and tore the sea apart calling on Manguayan and accusing him.Manguayan tried to calm down Kaptan, and when Kaptan lost his temper, they both wept at the lost of their grandchildren. 15. The Creation of mankind Sicalac and Sicabay- the first man and woman on earth 16. The Sons and daughter Libo- first son Saman- daughter Pandaguan- younger sonArion the son of Pandaguan 17. Pandaguan catch a shark and he told to the people to worship it because its a God. 18. Kaptan come out from the sky and speak to Pandaguan. But Pandaguan did not listen. So Kaptan punish the son of Sicalac and Sicabay 19. Arion was taken north Libo and Saman was carried south Son of Saman and daughter of Sicalac carried east 20. Igorot Version Lumawig Great Spirit he come down from the sky and cut many reeds and the reeds become the first man and woman on earth. He tell them to marry and soon there are many people on earth. He provide everything to the people. 21. Mandaya Version Limokon a kind of dove, lives in Mounth of the Mayo River, there he laid the first egg. While the second egg farther. 22. The man travel to find a companion When the two met they got married and lived happy at the Mayo River With their children. The first egg become a man while the other egg become a woman. 23. Blaan Version In the beginning there were four beings Melu , Fiuweigh , Diwata and Saweigh 24. Buswit the bird 25. When buswit returned he brought SoilA piece of rattanFruits 26. Melu took the soil and shape it and beat it with a paddle. And he made the earth. He plant the seeds of rattan and soon bear many fruits. And soon they made the mankind 27. Malakas and Maganda Malakas and Maganda are about the orgin of how the Philippines land and people started from two giants. 28. *She lived in a mountain of Laguna, called Maria Makiling. *She has light skin, long shining black hair and twingkling eyes. 29. - One time, the children of a farmer got sick. - He was given a bilao (a flat, woven container) full of ginger. - the ginger had turned into gold! 30. * Maria was a great beauty. * Three of them ware very much determined to have her. + Captain Lara Spanish Solder + Joselito Spanish mestizo + Juan farmer 31. As the time passed, her suitor became more and more impatient demanded that Maria tell them who she loves. So, the diwata promise: By the night of the full moon, I will tell you my answer. 32. One day, all was surprised when a huge fire devoured the cuartel of the Spanish. Because of the fire, Captain Lara ordered many Filipinos to be captured. Secretly, Joselito helped him. Juan was among those who they imprisoned and tortured. Many prisoners did not last long from the tortures the Spanish had inflected upon them. 33. - She shouted Why did you not take care of him? - Meanwhile Captain Lara and Joselito fled to Manila because they were afraid of Maria. - When she learned of this, she cursed the two. She also cursed those men who cannot accept failure in love. 34. Also called Engkantada (female) or Engkanto (male); these are ageless, beautiful creatures, much like fairies, and are said to be the guardians of natural features. They usually reside in Balete or Acacia tress, and have magical powers. 35. Aswang are shape-shifting vampires, human by day and transforming into any animal, depending on the many regional lore, night. They eat bodies of the recently deceased, but are also said to enter a house to drink human blood, and are especially fond of fetuses . 36. These creatures are birdlike vampires, and emit ek-ek or wak-wak sound when feeding. 37. The mananaggal is an evil, vampire-like creature, in the form of a beautiful woman. At night, these creatures grow wings, develop fangs, and have long tongues. They can separate the upper half of their body in the search of prey. 38. These are tall, hairy giants, residing in tall tress, smoking a cigar/pipe. They are not necessarily evil, but enjoy disorienting people. They can make themselves invisible, and are said to be very loyal lovers. 39. This is a very popular ghost in the Philippines, and every town seems to have its own version. 40. These are small creatures, much like goblins or dwarf, living underground. The may be kind or mischievous, depending on how the person has treated them, and like to be left alone. 41. Also called as St. Elmos Fire, this is a form of ball lightning, reported by Filipinos since ancient times, with mystical powers. 42. Dila is a spirit in the form of a tongue, which slides down through the bamboo flooring, and licks its victims to death. 43. These are the Philippine equivalents of mermaid and mermen, respectively. Some consider them to be the aquatic Diwatas, whilein some stories they lure sailors to their death. 44. This is a friendly giant with only one eye at the center of his forehead, much like the cyclops. It is said to be very strong and has a keen sense of hearing, but can be outwitted easily. 45. Mangkukulam is a witch or socerer, who controls insects and uses them to harm people. These days she/he is also said to use dolls, influenced by the popularity of voodoo. 46. It is a monster in the form of a new-born baby, and attracts its victims by its crying. 47. Tikbalang is a humanoid, with head and feet of a horse. It usually lives in the woods and if disturbed, can make a traveller move around cicles. Anggitay is said to be a female Tikbalang. 48. Multo is a Filipino word for ghost i.e., soul of a dead person, which has returned to complete an unfinished task or due to improper burial. It is sometimes used as an umbrella term for all supernatural creatures. ss