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Το πρόγραμμα των παραστάσεων του φεστιβάλ Αθηνών και Επιδαύρου

Transcript of Festival Athens Epidaurus

Hellenic Festival S.A.

Board of DirectorsChairman

Yorgos LoukosVice-chairman

Loukas TsoukalisMembers

Dakis Joannou Sandra Marinopoulou Takis Arapoglou Niki Tzouda Dimitris Passas

With the support of the Ministry of Culture & Tourism

We have to organize pessimism

hen we sat down to plan the 2011 Festival on paper, it quickly became clear that we had another difficult year ahead of us the third year of a profound crisis that has shown no signs of letting up; which extends beyond the economic to society, aesthetics and human relations; which has confronted contemporary Greece and we are not alone with a crisis of identity and orientation. What part can art and culture play when youre walking the tightrope of circumstance? What can you look ahead to, how optimistic can you be? We are convinced that art brings people closer together, that it can immunize us against the barbarism by providing a tool for seeing things anew. And today, more than ever before, we uphold the philosophy the Athens and Epidaurus Festival has espoused since 2006 in theatre, music, dance and the visual arts a rationale whose key concepts are diversity, a spirit of adventure, openness and acknowledging the publics need for real art, its thirst to commune with the new and the unfamiliar. We have insisted on the fundamental principles of a programme which allows Greek audiences to connect with landmark figures; with artists like the incurable theatre visionary, Ariane Mnouchkine, or the dancer Sylvie Guillem, whose genius gave her the courage to cross over from classical ballet into contemporary dance; with historic institutions like the Bolshoi and the Filarmonica della Scala, and with new ones like the Bridge Project, a collaboration of the Hellenic Festival with New York and London which received a rapturous reception the year before last and is returning to Epidaurus with two big names from Hollywood Sam Mendes and Kevin Spacey who will be meeting off screen and on stage in Richard III.


The Festival will once again be staging works by groundbreaking artists whose subversive approach helps make their art go further. The Iannis Xenakis Tribute clearly falls into this category, with its homage to a multifaceted composer and visionary who left his mark on the latter half of the 20th century, as does the most recent work from that reviver of the theatrical idiom, Romeo Castellucci. So do, too, the acerbic American in Europe, William Forsythe, the enfant terrible of video art, Doug Aitken, and Maguy Marin, whose latest offering, Salves, invokes Walter Benjamin, aptly adding to his insights: Acting on our pessimism and our fears, we so escape the pervading anxiety crushing us and rendering us powerless, miserable and weary. Our commitment to young artists is even more pronounced this year; it has to be, because if we get to see the world afresh, it will be through their eyes. They include Khar lampos Goy s, the genre-busting new media pioneers, drog_A_tek, and performers like Markellos Chrysikopoulos and Jrmie Rhorer, who have dedicated themselves to contemporary readings of the Baroque. Finally, as we have done every year, we have tried to register the Festival on a broader chronological continuum through the engaging of memory. Hence our tributes marking the tenth anniversary of the death of Iannis Xenakis and the bicentenary of the birth of Franz Liszt, our homages to Odysseas Elytis and Nikos Gatsos a hundred years after their birth, and our tribute to Gustav Mahler on the centenary of his death. Yorgos Loukos Chairman & Artistic Director



GREEK NATIONAL OPERACAVALLERIA RUSTICANAopera in one act by Pietro Mascagni (1863-1945)

PAGLIACCIopera in two acts by Ruggiero Leoncavallo (1857-1919)

Conducted by

Lukas KarytinosDirected by

Graham VickSets Costumes

George SouglidesLighting design

Giuseppe Di IorioWith

The Greek National Opera has opted to perform two operas at this years Athens Festival which epitomize Verismo, with all the love, hate and insane jealousy that comes with it. A popular operatic pairing, performed by big names from the Greek and international opera scene, the works offer sublime melodies, powerful plots, violent passions and intense emotions. In Cavalleria Rusticana (1890), a tranquillity of an Easter morning is shattered by a betrayed lover whose actions will end in tragedy. In Pagliacci (1892), though Canio adheres to the theatrical tradition that the show must go on, his desperation and humiliation lead him to a macabre end.

the Orchestra and Chorus of the Greek National OperaChorus master

Nikos Vassiliou ROSARTE Childrens ChoirChorus master

Rosie Mastrosavva (Pagliacci)

In Italian with Greek surtitles

150, 120, 100, 85, 60, 55, 45, 42, 35, 32, 27, 25, 22, 20, 15, 12 8


Chariklia MavropoulouLOLA

Irini Karaianni (1, 4/6) Georgia Iliopoulou (3, 5/6)TURRIDU

Rudy Park (1, 4/6) Angelo Simos (3, 5/6)ALFIO

Dimitris Platanias (1, 4/6) Carlos Almaguer (3, 5/6)LUCIA

Marita Paparizou


Stuart NeillNEDDA

Elena KelessidiTONIO

Dimitris Platanias (1, 4/6) Carlos Almaguer (3, 5/6)EPPE

Antonis Koroneos (1, 3, 5/6) Nikos Stefanou (4/6)SILVIO

Dionisios Sourbis



VAUDEVILLEONE NIGHT, JUST FOR YOU (RELOADED)Last year, more than two thousand people thronged Thissions pedestrian walkway to be entertained and moved by the actors and singers who performed for two evenings on the stage of the Caravan. Well, the muchloved artists are back again this year, joining forces to make us a gift of another two nights of entertainment an antidote for our material and moral pain. Acting, singing and dancing, they use the simplest means to infuse with new life a deeply European form of music-theatre which once enjoyed days of glory on the Athens stage the variety show.

Presented & Directed by

Giorgos NanourisWith

Christos Theodorouat the piano

Free Entrance10


9-11 & 15, 16 JUNEPEIRAIOS 260 (WAREHOUSE)


DIRTby Robert Schneider

The nexus of problems caused by the mass influx of immigrants into the city makes Athens today the ideal setting for Dirt. Directed by Vaggelis Theodoropoulos The protagonist, Sad, is a thirty year-old Arab living in Europe without papers. Sets CostumesTranslated by

Koralia Sotiriadou

Antonis DanglidisMusic

Stavros GasparatosLighting

Sakis BirbilisWith

Giannos Perlengas

In the words of the plays director, who has been working in the sphere of the political theatre for several years now: He is the Other, the segregated, the foreigner whos responsible for everything dark and bad in our lives. Hes our neighbour in Berlin, in Vienna, in the suburbs of Paris, in downtown Athens.

20, Concs. 10 11



DROG_A_TEK / ERASERSWE LOST CONTROL72 mistakes in real time

The Athens Festival welcomes back the experiments of two alternative groups: drog_A_tek, a fluid musical ensemble which redefines itself in every performance, and the Erasers, a group that unites apparently different situations. Working together, they will create, edit and broadcast auditory and visual works in real time. In their everevolving 72-hour live studio, they will film a movie, publish a fanzine, record a musical or social dialogue, paint the walls, push the audio or lighting systems past their limits or come up with new ones. Sacrificing control, they develop a live composition and decomposition of sounds and images using the most disparate and unusual media.Co-production BERNIER/ELIADES GALLERY

12:00 - 20:00 Live installation 20:00 - 24:00 Live performance12

Free Entrance



3, 6, 8 JUNE / PEIRAIOS 260 ()

A TRIBUTE TO ANNIS XENAKISThree distinguished contemporary music ensembles undertake the Athens Festivals Stefanos Thomopoulos annis Xenakis tribute to mark ten years piano since the death of a composer whose legacy Tetora for string quartet (1991) now seems more vital and vibrant than ST/4 for string quartet (1962) ever before. The iconic Arditti Quartet Akea for piano and string and the London Sinfonietta present a broad quartet (1986) spectrum of works ranging from virtuosic Ikhoor for string trio (1978) solos and pieces for various combinations Evryali for piano (1973) of instruments to the electro-acoustic Tetras for string quartet (1983) La lgende dEer, which was written for the opening of the Pompidou Centre. Finally, 6 JUNE LONDON SINFONIETTA Greeces own up-and-coming Ergon Ensemble attempts to extend the limits Conducted by Ryan Wigglesworth of the concert condition by incorporating Xenakis own speech and image in a musical Epei for cor anglais, clarinet, trumpet, 2 trombones and portrait of the avant-garde composer which double bass (1976) is a million miles from the stereotypical Kottos for cello (1977) man who put mathematics into music. Phlegra for flute, oboe,3 JUNE


clarinet, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, cello and double bass (1975)

Diatope - La lgende dEerfor 4- or 8-track (1977)

25, 20, Concs. 15 14




Dhipli Zyia for violinand cello (1952)

Anaktoria for clarinet,bassoon, French horn, string quartet and double bass (1969)

Xenakis Electro-acoustic mix Charisma for clarineta