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Compiled by S.S. Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa

for 3HO IKYTA, 1995; 2nd Edition, 2000

Senior Consulting Editor M.S.S. Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa


Based On The Teachings Of Yogi Bhajan,


Compiled By S.S. Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa

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This teachers curriculum, Lunar Woman, was created by Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa

for the 3HO International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA). We are pleased to

make it available to you as a valuable tool for bringing the teachings of the Master of

Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, to women everywhere.

Behind the scenes, a tremendous amount of time and dedication goes into

producing products such as this. We humbly request that if you know other teachers

who are interested in teaching this course, that you honor this work by letting them

know that they can purchase their own copy through IKYTA.

As teachers of Kundalini Yoga, it is our blessing to give Gurudakshina as an

expression of gratitude to our Teacher for the technology we have been blessed with,

and for the privilege we share of being teachers of the sacred science. Yogi Bhajan has

asked that contributions go directly to 3HO Gurudakshina to spread his teachings.

Please let us know if you would like pre-addressed Gurudakshina envelopes or a

Gurudakshina brochure to sign up for monthly EFT contributions. Sat Nam.

3 H O I n t e r n a t i o n a l K u n d a l i n i Y o g a T e a c h e r s A s s o c i a t i o n

R o u t e 2 B o x 4 S h a d y L a n e , E s p a n o l a , N M 8 7 5 3 2

P h o n e : 5 0 5 . 6 2 9 . 1 7 0 8 F a x : 4 2 4 . 7 3 1 . 8 3 4 8

w w w . k u n d a l i n i y o g a . c o m [email protected]




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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Curriculum Guidelines

Lunar Woman Curriculum Outline 2 6 Week Course 5 Full Day Course 7 Homework Assignments 9 Overview of Curriculum Development 10 Yoga Sets: Surya Kriya 12 Emotional and Mental Balance: Prevention of Early Menopause 14 Meditation on the Self 15 Keeping the Body Beautiful 17 Kundalini Yoga Exercises for Women to do Daily 19 Magnificent Seven 21 Yogic Preventative Therapy: Menstrual Problems 22 Premenstrual Tension Release 23 Meditations: Meditations for Women 25 Eliminating Thoughts You Dislike 26 Grace of God Meditation 27 A Meditation for Removing Haunting Thoughts 28 Breath Rhythm to Regulate the Menstrual Cycle 29 Kirtan Kriya 30 Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guroo 32 Rakhe Rakhanhaar 33 The Celestial Communication Technique 34 Background Information: Woman as Her Own Psychiatrist 36 Foods for Women 40

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Hydrotherapy for Women 44 Ishnaan, The Science of Hydrotherapy 45 Menopause 49

Kundalini Yoga Postures and Their Effects on the Body 51 Quotes from Yogi Bhajan: Woman: The Lunar Being 53 Women as Sisters, Friends and Mothers 54 Sensuality and Sexuality: Healthy, Happy, and Divine Relationships 56 Handouts: Yogic Procedures during Menstruation 58 A Woman’s Moon Centers 59 Registration Form 61 Evaluation Form 62 Sources & Resources 63

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Lunar Woman Introduction "It is a tragedy, if when a woman stands in front of a mirror, she doesn't know where her beauty lies. Her beauty lies in sophisticated decency. When a woman does not think she is beautiful, competent, and graceful it is a tragedy."

Yogi Bhajan, KWTC

The curriculum for workshops included in this book is designed as a guide for Kundalini Yoga teachers who teach women’s classes and workshops. I have led these workshops with women in yoga classes and with women who came to the 3HO SuperHealth Program in Tucson. Each workshop I taught was different even though I began with the same outline, as each one took on the personality of the participants.

I am sure you will experience this same creativity as you teach from these guidelines. As a teacher you will respond to the needs of your students. Of course, this does not mean altering the sacred teachings of Kundalini Yoga that Yogi Bhajan has entrusted to us, it simply means you may choose to teach a different meditation during the workshop. You will need to listen to the needs of your students and be willing to change the schedule for the day as needed. I usually go into each workshop with more than one possible yoga set, with three or four meditations, and a selection of tapes. As the women share their feelings and their experiences, I weave the schedule of the workshop to meet their needs. I do not alter the teachings; I alter my selection of which teachings to use. This workbook has much more material than you will need for any one workshop, but it is intended to provide a wide variety of selections from which you can choose. Have fun and be creative!

The theme of this curriculum is “Lunar Woman.” As you teach your classes and workshops, you will be introducing the female participants to new information on the yogic teachings regarding the menstrual cycle and menopause, meditation, and the concept of women as Grace of God. These concepts will be refreshing, eye opening, and sometimes emotionally challenging for the participants. As a teacher you will have the opportunity to practice the teachings of “poke, provoke, confront and elevate” within the safe and nurturing environment of your class. I hope that you will enjoy the blessings of participating in these workshops as much as I have.

Please call me with questions any time at (505) 753-9683. Sat Nam, S.S. Hari Charn Kaur Khalsa

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Lunar Woman Outline of Content I. Definition of Lunar Being

A. Relationship of the sun and the moon B. Emotional quality of women C. Effect of moon on the water balance in women

II. Meditation and Women

A. The purpose of meditation is to connect with the soul, to connect with God, and to listen to what God has to tell us.

B. Women need to meditate for three minutes every three hours to remain

balanced and centered. C. The meditative mind of a woman is her protection from falling into the trap

of her own emotions. D. A woman’s projection is sixteen times stronger and more powerful than a

man's. Explanation of the power of thought and the power of projection. E. Specific meditations for women

1. Saa Taa Naa Maa on the chin, balance of the moon centers 2. Ang Sang Wahe Guru 3. Grace of God Meditation 4. God made me a woman, a woman to be. Now, now, now. 5. Adi Shakti 6. Bhand Jamiai 7. So Purkhs 8. Breath rhythm to regulate menstrual cycle

II. Moon Centers

A. Review moon centers with women B. Relate personal experiences to moon centers

C. Practical applications of understanding personal moon center progression

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III. Menstrual Cycle

A. The criteria of a woman's mind can be understood from her menstrual cycle and the energy traveling through her woman's 11 moon centers. That is her mental movement.

B. Menstruation is affected by tension. The navel point must be set to keep

the menstrual cycle regular. C. The balance of calcium and magnesium must be well managed for healthy

menstruation. This can be done through diet and supplements. D. Massaging the breasts and ovaries daily relieves internal tension and

relaxes the reproductive organs. E. Dietary recommendations 1. Almonds sautéed with ghee and honey 2. Eggplant dish one week before flow 3. Eat lightly during time of flow 4. Ginger Tea 5. 7R herbal formula F. PMS G. Exercise before, during, and after menstruation 1. Walking is very good during menstruation when more strenuous

exercise is not recommended. 2. Swimming is very important to keep a woman in shape, and as she is

a water creature it is a perfect exercise to be done regularly. 3. No navel point exercises during flow. 4. No exercises with legs above head during flow.

5. No breath of fire during flow. 6. Important to not stop exercising all together, as it only takes a

woman 72 hours to lose muscle tone.

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H. Women's relationship to menstrual cycle 1. Women who have had hysterectomies 2. Women with eating disorders 3. Body image 4. Menopause

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Lunar Woman 6 Week Course

The subject of Lunar Woman is easily applied to a six-week course for women. In this format, each week will have a different focus, yoga set, meditation and homework assignment. It is important that you leave enough time for discussion each week. The process of discussing each week’s theme will unite the women through their experience of the beauty and grace of who they are. Week 1: Menstrual Cycle

Yoga Set: Surya Kriya Meditation: Balancing Moon Centers, Saa Taa Naa Maa (lying on stomach with your chin on the ground) Discussion: Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on menstruation and menopause if appropriate to students in class. Foods to eat and to avoid during cycle. Do’s and don’ts of yoga during menstrual flow. Homework Assignment

Week 2: Women as Grace of God Yoga Set: Beauty Series Meditation: Grace of God Meditation Discussion: Have women discuss what grace means to them personally and how they experience grace in their life. How do they honor this grace? What is and is not graceful communication. Taking care of oneself as a woman. Use quotations from Yogi Bhajan. Check in with students on charting their menstrual cycle. Homework Assignment

Week 3: Women as Meditative Beings Yoga Set: Emotional and Mental Balance and Prevention of early Menopause Meditation: Kirtan Kriya Discussion: Purpose of meditation. How to facilitate meditation as part of every day life. Ishnaan for Women.

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Homework Assignment Week 4: Foods for Women Yoga Set: Exercises for Women to do Daily Meditation: Rakhe Rakhanhaar or other musical mantra with tape. Provide mantra sheets for students. Have tapes available for sale. Discussion: Discuss foods for healing; Yogi Tea; How and when to eat; The affect of foods and stimulants on a woman’s glandular system. Homework assignment

Week 5: Moon Centers Yoga Set: Meditation on the Self Meditation: Removing Haunting Thoughts Discussion: The ebb and flow of women and their emotions as presented by Yogi Bhajan. Discussion of moon centers. Homework: Have women chart their emotions during the week and write them down.

Week 6: Women as Sisters and Friends Yoga Set: Magnificent Seven Meditation: Celestial Communication with Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guroo “NAAD” tape Discussion: Have women give foot massages to one another as they talk about the course and what they have learned. Serve tea and a light treat.

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Lunar Woman Full Day Workshop

8:30 AM Register students and distribute packets of handouts and daily schedule.

Yogi Tea served to each participant as they register. 8:45 AM Explain the power and purpose of tuning in with Ong Namo mantra if you

have new students in the course, and then tune in.

Introductions: Have participants introduce themselves to the group by sharing what brought them to this workshop and the personal expectation they have of the day. Introduce yourself and your background in teaching women.

9:15 AM Presentation on the concept of Lunar Woman, and an overview of the

course for the day. (See outline included in course materials.) The participants may have questions and comments, try to keep them

short and focused until after the group has done a yoga set and a meditation. Play a tape in the background, such as: Bhand Jamiai, Ang Sang Wahe Guru, Rakhe Rakhanhaar, or Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru.

9:45 AM Kundalini Yoga Warm Ups Surya Kriya Saa Taa Naa Maa Meditation (Kirtan Kriya) 11 minutes

Relaxation: Guide women through visualizing themselves as graceful women, experiencing their water element, and establishing internal balance.

11:00 AM Break for 15 minutes 11:15 AM Form a circle with the participants and lead a group discussion focusing on

the experiences the women had in the meditation. Present Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on woman as the moon and man as the sun. Surya Kriya is used to introduce this topic as it focuses on the sun energy.

11:45 AM Meditate with women on mantra God Made Me a Woman, A Woman

to Be. Now, Now, Now. Hands in Gyan Mudra. 12:00 Noon Explain the importance of blessing the food with Sat Nam. Everyone eats

lunch together. The menu consists of foods recommended for women to eat such as steams and an eggplant dish. Include recipes of all foods in the information packet for the course.

1:00 PM Women gather to begin afternoon session.

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1:15 PM Guided communication exercise given by the Siri Singh Sahib at KWTC:

Have the women form pairs. It is preferable for women to do this exercise with someone that they have just met rather than a friend. Women face each other. One woman will say, “I am a woman” in response to each statement the partner makes. Partner will describe different aspects of her identity such as “I am a mother.” “I am a teacher.” “I am an athlete.” “I am pretty.” After three minutes the partners will reverse roles.

1:30 PM Come back into the circle and discuss the experiences that the women had

doing this exercise. This can be a very heart opening discussion as the women share very deep feelings. Be prepared to offer women support as they come in touch with a deep knowledge of who they are.

2:00 PM Yoga Set: Your choice. I have often used: Magnificent Seven or Meditation on the Self or Emotional and Mental Balance Meditation: Breath Rhythm To Regulate the Menstrual Cycle 2:45 pm Break and serve Yogi Tea and Sautéed Almonds. 3:00 pm Presentation on Menstrual Cycle, Dos and Don’ts during Menstrual Cycle, and the Moon Centers of Women. 4:00 pm Celestial Communication to Dhan Dhan or Rakhe Rakhanhaar 4:15 pm Processing the Day and Closing. 5:00 pm “May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You, All Love Surround You and the Pure Light Within You Guide Your Way On”

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Lunar Beings Homework Assignments

This is a list of homework assignment that you can assign to workshop participants. By completing these assignments they will have the opportunity to integrate their experiences in class into their daily lives. You may want to add to or change these assignments to tailor them more closely to the needs of your students.

1. Begin charting their menstrual cycle for the six-week course. Have each woman mark on a calendar the days of her menstrual flow. She should also note the day when she is aware that she is going to begin her flow, and list the symptoms that she experiences. For those women who are aware of when they are ovulating, by physical sensations, this too should be noted on the calendar.

Women are to practice Saa Taa Naa Maa lying on their stomach, chin on the floor, arms along sides, for three minutes each day. The women should keep a journal of their experiences of the meditation and bring it to class for week 2.

2. Take a yogurt bath during the week. 3. Come prepared to discuss how meditation can effect change in their life. Pick a meditation to practice daily. 4. Eat lightly for one week following a vegetarian regimen. No alcohol or stimulants

to be consumed, to the best of their ability. 5. Moon centers and me. Have each woman write or create a visual representation

of what she has come to understand about her relationship to her moon centers. Volunteers will share these with the other members of the class.

6. Participants have charted and paid conscious awareness to their lunar cycle for a

28 day period and will discuss what they have learned about their bodies and their emotions from their charting.

Overview of Curriculum Development

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The following information will help you build and expand your courses. It is important to make this information come alive in your classes and workshops. This overview will give you some tips on how you can be creative and develop your course to meet the needs of your students. Have fun!

Purpose of Developing Curriculum:

1. It gives you a “road map” for the course

2. Allows you to teach the same course (with modifications) over and over

3. Provides a useful tool for organizing class material. You can have more than one curriculum for same theme

4. Profit center: elements of curriculum, such as handouts, can be sold.

5. Data base of support materials for all teachers

6. Saves time by not reinventing the wheel.

7. Team support for teachers

8. Professional representation and delivery of teachings of Yogi Bhajan

9. Quality assurance

Process of Curriculum Development

Preparation and Generation of Materials: The first thing to realize is that curriculum development is an investment of time into your course. In the end it will save you time, as you can use the material for more than one course.

1. Decide on the topic or the theme that you want to develop.

2. Gather your resource materials and study your subject. Create a bibliography for yourself and your students.

3. Select your target population for the course. For example a course for “Stress Management for Executives” will have different information than “Stress Management for Day Care Teachers”. Research the issues of your target market and personalize the course for them in your delivery and selection of support materials.

4. Review the data base of existing information on this topic

5. Research what other teachers have taught and exchange information with them.

6. Determine the length of the course or workshop. Will it be a six week course or a one day workshop?

Organization of Curriculum:

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1. Set your objectives for the course. What do you want to accomplish?

2. Create lesson plans for each week that meet your objectives and include: Weekly Yoga sets Meditations Discussion topics Homework assignment and tasks for students

3. Select and create support materials for students including: Tapes Printed Yoga Sets (More professional looking than xeroxed

copies from manuals.) Mantra Sheets (for Ong Namo meditations and songs on tape) Reading assignments Videos Food

Course Evaluation:

1. Students will give you a lot of valuable information in the weekly discussion of their experiences. Listen closely for ideas to improve the course.

2. Conduct a written evaluation at the end of each course and use the information to revise and improve the course.

5. Once you’ve refined the course, you can teach other teachers how to teach it.

Student Profile: The more information you can gather on your students when the course begins, the more you can match their needs. Your registration form will tell you about them. Who are they? What brought them to the course? What do they want to learn? And how much yoga have they practiced in the past? Work these objectives into the course and talk to your students about their expectations of the course.

Surya Kriya

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1. Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Rest the right hand in Gyan Mudra on the knee. Block the left nostril with the thumb of the left hand. The other fingers point straight up. Begin long, deep, powerful breaths in and out of the right nostril. Focus on the flow of the breath. Continue for 3 to 5 minutes. Relax.

2. Sit on the heels. Raise the arms overhead, elbows straight, palms together. To do Sat

Kriya begin rhythmically chanting, “Sat Nam,” emphasizing “Sat”as you pull the navel in and lock the mul bhand. On “Nam” release the lock. Focus at the brow point. Continue for 3 minutes, then inhale, hold the breath. Apply mul bhand and imagine your energy radiating from the navel point and circulating throughout the body. Exhale and relax. Repeat Sat Kriya for another 3 minutes. Then inhale, apply mul bhand, and mentally draw all the energy to the top of the fingertips. Exhale and relax.

3. Sit in Easy Pose, grasp the shins with both hands. Inhale and stretch your spine

forward and lift the chest. Exhale and let the spine flex backwards. It is important to keep the head level during the movements, and flex only the spine. On each inhale mentally vibrate the mantra “Sat” on the inhale, and “Nam” on the exhale. On each exhale, apply mul bhand. Continue rhythmically with deep breaths 108 times. Then inhale and hold briefly with your spine perfectly straight. Exhale and relax.

4. Come into Frog Pose with your toes on the ground, heels together off the ground,

and your fingertips on the ground between your knees. Lift your head up as you inhale, raising your buttocks high, and lowering your forehead towards your knees. Keep your heels off the ground. Exhale and come back to the original squatting position. Continue with deep breaths 26 times. Inhale up, then relax, and come into position sitting on the heels.

5. Sitting on the heels, place the hands on the thighs. With your spine very straight,

inhale deeply and turn your head to the left. Mentally vibrate “Sat.” Exhale completely as you turn the head to the right and mentally vibrate “Nam.” Continue for 3 minutes. Then inhale and bring your head straight forward. Exhale and relax.

6. Sit in Easy Pose and put your hands on your shoulders with the fingers in the front and

the thumbs in the back. Your upper arms and elbows are parallel to the ground. Inhale as you bend to the left, exhale as you bend to the right. Continue bending from side to side with deep breaths for 3 minutes. Then inhale straight. Exhale and relax.

7. Sit in a perfect meditative posture with the spine straight. Focus at the brow point.

Pull the navel point in and hold it, applying mul bhand. Watch the flow of your breath. On the inhale mentally repeat “Sat,” on the exhale listen to the sound “Nam.” Continue for at least 6 minutes.


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This kriya is named after the energy of the sun. When you have a lot of “sun” energy you do not get cold, you are energetic, expressive, extroverted and enthusiastic. It is the energy of purification. It holds the weight down, and aids digestion. It makes the mind clear, analytic, and action-oriented. The exercises systemically stimulate the positive pranic force and the kundalini energy itself. Exercise 1 draws on the sun breath, and gives you a clear, focused mind. Exercise 2 is for the release of the energy stored at the navel point. Exercise 3 brings the released kundalini energy along the path of the spine and aids its flexibility. Exercise 4 transforms the sexual energy. Exercise 5 opens the throat chakra, stimulates circulation to the head, and works on the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Exercise 6 flexes the spine, distributes the energy over the whole body, and balances the magnetic field. Exercise 7 takes you into a deep self-healing meditation. This should be part of your regular practice to build the strength of your body and your ability to focus on many tasks.

Emotional and Mental Balance: Prevention of Early Menopause Yogi Bhajan, KWTC July 21, 1977

1. Miracle Bend: In a standing position with knees and heels together, feet are flat on the ground and angling out to sides for balance, arms are raised straight overhead

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close to the ears with the palms facing forward. The thumbs can be locked together. Keeping the legs straight, bend back from the base of the spine 20 degrees. The head, spine, and arms form an unbroken curve with the arms remaining in a line with the ears. Hold the posture and keep the breath long, deep, and gentle. 2 Minutes

This exercise doesn't bend the human being; it bends the negativity in the human being. It adjusts the navel point and helps bring an emotional and angry person to calmness. There will be a strong tendency to shake in this position. If the spine were bent to 90 degrees and the breath was four times per minute, it would totally calm a person. This would take a very long time. This exercise takes only 2 minutes.

2. From this position very slowly bend forward to the maximum extent keeping the arms straight and close to the ears. Inhale, and with the breath held as long as possible, pump the navel point, then exhale and do the same with the breath held out. Continue this process. 2 Minutes

These exercises aid in the prevention of early menopause and "Woman's Disease" which is characterized by insecurity and very emotional behavior.

3. In a standing position, spread the legs as wide apart as possible without losing one's balance. Upper body is straight with upper arms parallel to the trunk of the body. Form a 90 degree bend at the elbows, with the forearms more or less parallel to the floor and extending away out from the body, out from the waist (relaxed position). Now rotate the hips in a circle parallel to the ground (as if you had a hula hoop). Do this at a moderate pace in as complete and large a circle as possible. The direction can be either to the left or right. 2 Minutes

This exercise hurts and works on the back of the spine, an area that is never massaged and where you don't like to be hurt. Moses instructed the Jews to do this exercise before long journeys to raise their grit, to correct any slave mentality, and give them to will to fight and not give in.

4. Maintain the same leg position as in exercise #3 and begin a backward and alternate rotation with the arms straight, never bringing the arms closer than 30 degrees in toward the body. The rhythm is one rotation of the arms per second. While rotating the arms, bend forward from the waist half way, straighten up again and then bend backward half way from the waist. Rhythm: 15 seconds per complete cycle. 1 1/2 minutes

This exercise is for stamina, clear thinking, and prevention of early menopause.

5. Relax for 10 minutes.

Meditation On The Self 1. Sit on the heels with palms facing down resting on the thighs. Flex the spine forward and back rhythmically. Begin the Breath of Fire. The spine will move slower than

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the breath, keep an even pace. Concentrate on the brow point. Continue for three minutes, then inhale, hold the breath, and then relax the breath. 2. Sat Kriya. Immediately bring the hands over the head, the arms hugging the ears and the palms flat together (or with the index fingers straight pointing upwards and other fingers interlocked and touching the backs of the hands.) Begin Sat Kriya, rhythmically pulling the navel in as you say SAT, relaxing it as you say NAAM. Continue for three minutes, then inhale, hold the breath and apply Mul Bandh. Exhale, hold the breath out and again apply Mul Bandh. Relax. 3. Sit in Easy Pose. Place the palms on the knees and alternately lift the shoulders in a smooth moderately paced rhythm as you do Breath of Fire for three minutes. 4. Immediately sit in Easy Pose with the hands in Gyan Mudra. Meditate deeply. Feel the energy flow up the spine. Let the light shine from your head to guide you in the path of Truth. Meditate on your past. Meditate on your present. Why are you? Meditate on your future. What do you have to accomplish? You are created by the Creator to express Himself. Meditate deeply for six minutes. 5. Repeat exercises 1 through 4 with no rest between exercises. COMMENTS: The mind is given to you to use in self-expansion. But you do not channel it or capture it. It runs wild on old thought patterns and habits. If your mind is not available to you when you need it, it is useless. The function of mind is not just to spew out random thoughts! The function of the mind is to fashion etheric elements into forms of energy that manifest through the earthly elements. A projected imagination that is guided is a fundamental power and gift of mankind.

In this simple series, you raise the Kundalini energy enough to purify and calm the mind. Then you direct the mind in meditation to become aware of your identity and how you have guided it. You use the mind for self-observation, not just fantasy.

This kriya is an excellent training for the mind, and it also helps improve poor digestion while redirecting over abundant sexual energy. In a few minutes the mind can become balanced. This is one of the beauties of Kundalini Yoga. Instead of trying to control one thought with another thought, this kriya uses breath and exercises to automatically bring the mind into a more agreeable state. This saves years of meditation time. The body is your finite identity. The mind is a bridge to your infinite identity, which is even beyond the soul. But the mind, by itself, has a difficult time since it lacks the clarity of identity given by the body. When you manipulate the body identity through exercises, a clear message of guidance is given to the mind. It is not the mind that runs the body. It is actually you. The mind is another part of you. Using these two to communicate with and integrate your many parts is the science of kriya and a basis of Kundalini Yoga.

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Keeping The Body Beautiful

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1. Sit in Easy Pose with the spine erect. Begin breathing long and deep through both nostrils. Focus on the life-giving flow of breath for three minutes. Inhale, hold the breath a few seconds, and relax the breath. 2. Come into Frog Pose. The balls of the feet are on the ground, heels are off the floor and touching each other. The hands are on the ground between the feet, the spine is straight, and the knees are spread wide apart. Press the chin down, without extending the neck far forward, and place the chin firmly into the cavity at the top of the breastbone where the collarbones meet.

Inhale deeply as you raise the buttocks high by straightening the legs. Stay on the balls of the feet and keep the heels raised with the hands still on the ground and the head and the torso down. Exhale completely as you come down to the original squatting position.

Repeat Frog Poses ten times and on the tenth, the head stays down, as you take three deep breaths. On the third breath exhale completely and hold the breath out as you apply the Mul Bandh. Feel energy rise along the spine. Hold the breath out for 10-20 seconds, but do not strain. Then inhale.

Now repeat the exercise twenty-six times, and on the last time, keep your head down and take three deep breaths. On the third, hold the breath out and again apply Mul Bandh, and then inhale. 3. Come sitting on the ground and stretch the legs out straight. Relax forward as you bend your torso and head toward your legs and hold your toes. Hold the position for three minutes. COMMENTS: The body is a temple of human expression. We are often told by the media and friends that it wears out, has many illnesses, and is extremely fragile. But that is not true. The body is sensitive and self-repairing. As Yogi Bhajan puts it:

"This beautiful body cannot be eaten by anything except your own ego. God doesn't kill you. There is no death except your own ego, and your own negativity. That reduces the voltage of your life force so your circumvent field becomes weak and death creeps into your body. This body is beautiful. It was made by a very special imagination of the Creator."

Our own habits of possession, constriction, anger, tension, and attachment set up energy patterns within the body that disrupt the normal flow of vital energy. This disruption opens the door to disease, both physical and mental. After all, we are creators also, and have some ability to create the environments we want to live in. We create our bodies with each thought and activity, as well as with each meal. So we need to cleanse the body and readjust the flow of energy periodically since we are all products of our habits and few of us are without ego.

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This kriya, which is a slight variation of the standard Frog Pose, is very powerful and it is important that you keep the chin locked in. It readjusts the sex energy and the balance of prana and apana. It is good for digestion and brings circulation to the head. If done with powerful breaths it will make you sweat quickly.

People search for the experience of God, the experience of freedom, energy, and consciousness. If we would only purify ourselves, then God would be known to us and come to live in us. That infinite energy is the giver in every situation. We recognize it by cleaning, caring, and utilizing what we have already been given.

Kundalini Yoga Exercises For Women To Do Daily It is important and very beneficial for every woman to exercise each day. This conscious act gives women beauty, radiance, and grace. Kundalini Yoga is crucial for a

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woman's emotional balance: when the glandular system is strong and balanced, she will be strong and balanced. As women grow older their need for exercise increases instead of decreases. The following yogic exercises should be done regularly to keep the spine, organs and nervous system strong and healthy. Each posture should be held for up to three minutes. These exercises need not be done in the order presented and can be done independently throughout the day or at one time as a set of exercises. 1. Rock Pose Sit on heels, palms on thighs or hands relaxed on lap, spine straight, relaxed. 2. Life Nerve Stretch: In all variations, use long deep breathing and hold onto ankle

of the extended leg. A. Sit on right heel, left leg extended straight out, and draw the forehead to the

left knee. Change sides. OR B. Extend the left leg straight, draw the right foot to the groin, and pull the

forehead down to the left knee. Change sides. OR C. Extend both legs straight out and draw the forehead to the knees. 3. Camel Pose Come up onto the knees, thighs perpendicular to the floor. Arch back, holding

onto the heels. Let the head fall back, and press the hips forward. Use long deep breathing. This exercise adjusts the reproductive organs.

4. Shoulder Stand From the prone position on the back, raise the legs to 90 degrees, and then raise

the entire torso to 90 degrees, making the body form a straight line from shoulders to toes. Support the weight of the body on the neck, shoulders, and elbows (with most of the weight on the elbows to support the neck.) The hands supporting the lower spine. The chin is pressed into the chest. Use long deep breathing. This exercise releases pressure on all organs and stimulates the thyroid gland.

5. Archer Pose Stand firmly with the right leg extended forward, and the knee bent at 90

degrees, carrying the weight of the body. Put the left leg straight out behind, the foot planted firmly flat on the floor. Extend the right arm straight out as if holding a bow, with the left arm pulled back as if pulling the arrow taut on the bow-string. Feel this stretch across the chest. Keep the eyes staring straight. Use long deep breathing. Switch sides.

6. Baby Pose Sit on your heels. Bring your forehead to the floor. Relax the arms alongside your

body with palms facing up.

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7. Bow Pose: Lie on your stomach. Take hold of the ankles. Pull up, raise the thighs and head as

high as possible, creating an arch in the spine. Hold the position with long deep breathing.

Bow posture is very beneficial to a woman's mind. 8. Locust Pose Lie on your stomach. Make fists with your hands and place them under your hips,

just above the leg joints. With your chin on the floor, raise the legs up off the floor and hold. Use long deep breathing.

9. Cow Pose On all fours on the hands and knees. Let the head fall back and the spine arch

down. Hold with long deep breathing. 10. Cat Pose On all fours on the hands and knees, let the head fall forward, chin into the chest,

and spine arched up like a stretching cat. Hold with long deep breathing. 11. Stretch Pose Lie on your back, heels together with the toes pointing forwards and legs straight.

Raise your head and heels 6" up from the floor, arms straight at your sides not touching the body, palms facing the thighs. Do breath of fire (rapid breathing through the nostrils) from the navel point.

12. Corpse Pose Relax on your back, arms along side the body, palms facing up. 13. Sat Kriya Sit on your heels. Reach your arms straight over your head, hugging your ears,

palms together. As Sat is chanted, pull up on the rectum, sex organs, and navel point (Mul Bandh) and as Naam is chanted, release. This mantra should be chanted and vibrated powerfully from the navel point

Do what you can daily, and focus on those exercises that you need most for

physical strength, emotional balance, and stamina. Saa-Taa-Naa-Maa meditation is the best for every woman.

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The Magnificent Seven Yogi Bhajan, KWTC 1988

1. Cat Stretch -- lying on your back, stretch to both sides. 2. Eye Opener: "Openly wake up your eyes in your hand. You must look into the

palms of your hands. You must not look straight at a distance when your eyes open. That will keep your eyes young for a long time. Once you open your eyes straight you will very soon be needing eye glasses."

3. Stretch Pose: Hands, feet, and head approximately six inches off the ground.

Arms at the sides of the body, palms facing the thighs. Breath of Fire for 10 to 15 seconds.

4. Cobra Pose: Hands under shoulders. Press up and lock elbows. Heels are

together. Eyes open. Pick a point on ceiling to look at. Long deep breathing or Breath of Fire.

5. Cat and Cow: A natural fluid movement of the spine, neck and head. Inhale when

head moves up and the back arches, and exhale as you round the spine and drop the head and neck down. Breathe fully. Speed can be increased as flexibility is gained.

6. Mental Standard: "And there is another hygiene. It is called mental standard.

Three times during the day to check your mental strength, sit down and stretch your legs straight. Hold your toes in your hands. Touch your nose to your knees. Three times during the day you must check. Anytime you feel tense, that much your energy is off, you need to balance it. If you want to face the world twelve hours, do it every four hours. For a female it is a must."

7. Rock Pose-Plus: Whenever you eat, it is important to help your digestion by sitting

on your heels for 5 to 7 minutes after the meal. And if it is possible for you in your life, in the evening, sit on your heels, then lie down flat on your back, arms resting at the sides. If a woman can do this posture in the evening time, she will hardly get sick anytime. The time is 5 to 7 minutes. For best results, this is to be done in the evening. In the twilight zone, when sun is setting, it is the best."

8. Gurpreet Karni Kriya: "There is one posture, Gurpreet Karni Kriya, which is only for

the female; it is shoulder stand.” Put the entire weight on the elbows; hold the body on it. And this posture, every woman should do for 5 to 7 minutes in the morning. And I don't think you need anybody in the world at all. Health-wise, hygienic-wise, you are in good shape.

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Menstrual Problems Yogic Preventative Therapy

1. Lie flat on the back, arms along the sides. Lift the legs over the head into plow pose, and then return them to the floor. Continue this motion for 2-3 minutes.

2. Squat down into frog pose. Straighten the legs and raise the buttocks, the heels

do not need to be on the floor. Keeping the legs straight, bend forward to touch the nose to the knee with the hands still flat on the floor. Straighten the arms and raise the nose from the knees. Squat back down into frog pose. Repeat this cycle for up to 3 minutes. This flushes the chest with blood. It is good for the heart, the hearing and eyesight. It flushes the arteries and the lymph system.

3. Extend the right leg straight out in front of you. Place the left foot on top of the

right thigh. Place the hands in Venus Lock behind the back. Place the head on the right knee and raise the arms as high as possible. Relax in this position with long deep breathing for 1-2 minutes. This exercise is good for the ovaries and proper menstruation. It also eliminates the passing of bad gas in women.

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Premenstrual Tension Release Yogi Bhajan, Fall 1972 1. Sit on the heels, then extend the left leg straight in back on the ground. Bend

forward with the forehead on the ground. Put arms along your sides with fingers towards the toes and with palms up. Relax this way for three minutes, then switch the legs and repeat.

2. Sit on heels. Massage the throat from the collarbone to under the chin for 2

minutes. 3. Massage the ears and ear lobes with the palms of the hands. Move the palms up

and down as well as in circles. Continue for 2-3 minutes 4. Immediately put your hands in venus lock at the small of the back. Inhale deeply

and slowly twist to the left. Exhale to the right. After 3 minutes, inhale and let the energy go into the central channel of the spine.

5. Lie flat on the back. Grasp shoulders with thumbs in back, elbows placed on the

ground; left hand on left shoulder and right hand on right shoulder. Spread the legs as wide apart as possible. Concentrate on all the muscles and as slowly as possible, muscle by muscle, lift the body forward until the nose is on the ground. Hold for 3 minutes and relax.

6. Same body position as 5 but this time when you raise the body forward, bring the nose to the left knee and hold for 1 minute. Then inhale and exhale 3 times and lay back down. Repeat for the right knee.

7. Come onto the elbows and knees. Raise the forearms so the upper body is resting on the elbows and hands are by shoulders. Raise the lower legs so back heels touch the buttocks. Raise the head up and begin to walk on the elbows and the knees. Keep the feet pressed to the buttocks while walking. Continue 3 minutes. Completely relax on the back.

8. Sit up and form the full lotus pose so that the legs are gently locked together. Put

the hands on the ground beside the legs. Then scoot along the ground by bending forward then lifting the lower body off the ground and scooting (swinging) the body forward. Continue for 3 minutes.

9. Sit with a straight spine with legs stretched out in front. Put hands on the ground in back. Keep the legs straight and lift the buttocks off the ground. The weight is supported on the hands and the heels. Begin walking on the heels and hands. Waist can bend slightly. Continue for 3 minutes.

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10. Deeply relax on the back for 15 minutes COMMENTS: Many of the pains of menstruation come from not enough exercise and a build up of tension. In a woman, the first place tension goes is to the ovaries. This makes the ovaries rigid. Once a month the ovaries go through a very slow contraction or lifting motion. This necessary contraction will be blocked by tension and then the hormone cues are confused. Other muscles will try to contract to aid the release of tension of the ovaries. If you exercise frequently to release the tension and balance the sex meridians, this problem can be alleviated.

Exercise 1 is a meditation into a trance when done for 11 minutes. In this series, it is for sexual nerves and hormonal balance. Exercises 2 through 4 release tension stored in the ovaries. Exercises 5 and 6 open the energy of the navel chakra and move it to the sexual nerves while balancing glandular secretions. Exercise 7 stimulates blood circulation to the ovaries and the head. Exercise 8 works on the navel center and it helps to relieve the pain of recurrent pre-menstrual headaches. Exercise 9 is to relax mental tension. It is recommended to practice this set for 40 days if you experience chronic pre-menstrual tension.

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Meditations for Women 1. Ang Sang Wahe Guru: When nothing works, this will work for women. 2. Bhand Jamiai 3. Too Mera Pita, Too Mera Mata 4. Grace of God 5. God Made Me A Woman, A Woman To Be. Now, Now, Now. 6. Adi Shakti 7. Har Nar Wahe Guru 8. Mother's Blessing 9. Kirtan Kriya 10. Kaal Akaal 11. Rakhe Rakhanhaar

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Eliminating Thoughts You Dislike Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Make a cup with the hands by putting the right hand over the left hand, palms facing upwards. The fingers will cross each other. Hold this open cup at the level of the heart center, and look down into this cup. Begin the pranayam by inhaling deeply through the nose and then exhale through a puckered mouth. The exhale is as if you spit the air into the palms; but it is a dry, long spitting motion of the air. Meditate on the particular thought that you have and which you do not like. Spit out the thought with the breath. Inhale the thought you don't like and exhale it out with the breath. Continue for 11 minutes, then inhale deeply and exhale. Breathe. With the eyes closed, begin to concentrate on the spine. Slowly draw your concentration down the spine all the way to the base and feel the 26th vertebrae. Feel you have a spine. Feel the spine as if you are feeling a stick in your hand. The more you can feel the entire spine to the base, the more the energy will flow to bring you relief. COMMENTS: A human being in its essence is with the Infinite, the unlimited creative power some people call God. If one goes within the self and consciously experience one’s own beauty, that one becomes God. Destiny is nothing but the outer expression of the inner image one carries of him/herself. If one knows the self as God, he or she can reunite the destiny to its highest potential. When one looks to the surface life, one sees only the reflection of the inside. This kriya alters the destiny with the technology to rid the inside image of persistent negative thoughts. Once these thoughts are eliminated, the positive thoughts can manifest without interference.

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Grace Of God Meditation For Women

“Grace of God meditation will give you self-effectiveness. It is designed that way. Any woman who does it will find grace in her behavior. It may take a little time, but the results will be positive.”

Lie down on your back, fully relaxing your face and body. Inhale deeply, hold the breath in and repeat silently ten times, "I am Grace of God." Exhale all the air out and hold the breath out as you repeat silently ten times, "I am Grace of God." (This is one breath cycle with the mantra.) Complete five breath cycles with the mantra. This will be a total of one hundred times that the mantra is repeated.

When you have completed the five cycles, relax your breath, and with your eyes still closed come sitting up into easy pose. Bring your right hand into Gyan Mudra (index finger curled under your thumb, other three fingers stretched out straight, palm up, wrist resting on the knee, elbow straight). The left hand is held up by the left shoulder, palm flat and facing forward. This is called the vow position: the hand is held as if taking an oath. Breath will be relaxed and normal. Tense only one finger of the left hand at a time; beginning with the little finger, keeping the other fingers straight but relaxed. Meditate on the governing energy of that finger, and then repeat aloud five times, "I am Grace of God." Continue this sequence for the remaining fingers and the thumb, one at a time.

When both parts of the meditation are completed, lower the left hand down and relax for a few minutes.

COMMENTS: This meditation is designed to promote and develop the inner grace, inner coziness, inner strength, and outward radiance of each woman. The meditation helps a woman positively channel her emotions, overcome her weaknesses, develop mental clarity, and improve her physical and mental health. The meditation is designed EXCLUSIVELY for women.

The meditation is done in two parts. It can be done one part following the other in the sequence given, or it can be done by practicing either part of the meditation. However, for best results, the meditation should be practiced in full as described above, twice a day.

The optimum times to practice this meditation are at sunrise and sunset, on an empty stomach. Continue practicing for one year and your aura will become tipped with gold or silver; great strength and God's healing powers will flow through you.

The following is a variation on the “Grace of God Meditation.” Practice during the fifteen days from the new moon until the full moon specifically to correct negative personality patterns. Practice twice a day, concentrating on the particular characteristic you want to correct. In addition, practice Kirtan Kriya (Saa Taa Naa Maa) for 31 minutes each day. See if you don't notice the results in fifteen days!

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A Meditation For Removing Haunting Thoughts This meditation can cure phobias, fears, and neuroses. It can remove unsettling thoughts from the past that surface into the present. And it can take difficult situations in the present and release them into the hands of infinity. All this can be done in just 40 seconds! 1. Lower the eyelids until the eyes are only open 1/10th. Concentrate on the tip of

the nose. Silently say Wahay Guroo in the following manner: Wha -- mentally focus on the right eye; Hay -- mentally focus on the left eye; Guroo -- mentally focus on the tip of the nose.

2. Remember the encounter or incident which happened to you. 3. Mentally say Wahay Guroo again in the above manner. 4. Visualize and personify the actual feeling of the encounter. 5. Again repeat Wahay Guroo. 6. Reverse roles in the encounter you are remembering. Become the other person

and experience that perspective. 7. Repeat Wahay Guroo. 8. Forgive the other person and forgive yourself. 9. Repeat Wahay Guroo. 10. Let go of the incident and release it into the Universe. These are 10 steps to peace given by Yogi Bhajan. Share them with a friend! Sat Naam.

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Breath Rhythm to Regulate the Menstrual Cycle

1. Sit in easy pose, with the wrists resting on the knees, elbows straight, palms of the hands facing upwards.

2. Inhale through the nose in four parts, pressing the index finger to the thumb on

the first sniff, the middle finger to the thumb on the second sniff, the ring finger to the thumb on the third sniff, and the little finger to the thumb on the fourth sniff. The exhalation is made in one long stroke.

3. Meditate silently on the sounds Saa Taa Naa Maa in rhythm with the inhalation of

the breath and finger movements. 4. The eyes will remain closed. The spine an neck should be kept straight. COMMENTS: The length of time for this meditation begins with three minutes and can be increased by one minute daily up to 7 minutes. Then practiced at 7 minutes for 7 days. It can then be increased again by a minute per day up to 31 minutes.

Physically this meditation is working on the pituitary and pineal glands. They are stimulated and brought into rhythm by the four part breathing.

Mentally, negative thought patterns can be erased and a new balance established. This meditation works on the aura to achieve a clear radiance and projection.

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Kirtan Kriya: Saa Taa Naa Maa Meditation Sit in easy pose. Meditate at the brow point and produce the five primal sounds, or the Panj Shabd -- S, T, N, M, AA, -- in the original word form:

SAA -- Infinity, cosmos, beginning TAA -- life, existence NAA -- death MAA -- rebirth

This is the cycle of creation. From the Infinite comes life and individual existence. From life comes death or change. From death comes the rebirth of consciousness to the joy of the Infinite through which compassion leads back to life. Each repetition of the entire mantra takes 3 to 4 seconds,

The elbows are straight while chanting, and each fingertip touches in turn the tip of the thumb with firm pressure.

On SAA touch the first, the Jupiter finger, to the thumb. On TAA touch the second, the Saturn finger, to the thumb. On NAA touch the third, the Sun finger, to the thumb. On MAA touch the fourth, the Mercury finger, to the thumb.

Then begin again on the first finger. Chant in the three languages of consciousness.

Human the world; normal or loud voice Lovers longing to belong; strong whisper Divine Infinity; mentally (silent)

Begin the kriya in a normal voice for five minutes, then whisper for five minutes, and then go deep into the sound silently. Vibrate in silence for about 11 minutes, then come back to a whisper for five minutes, and then aloud for five minutes. Inhale and exhale. To come completely out of the meditation, stretch the arms and hands up as high as possible and spread the fingers wide. Stretch the spine and take several deep breaths. Relax.

COMMENTS: Each time you close a mudra, or posture of the hands, by joining the thumb with a finger, your ego “seals” the effect of that mudra in your consciousness. The effects are as follows:

Planet Finger Name Effect Jupiter 1st Gyan Mudra Knowledge Saturn 2nd Shuni Mudra Wisdom, intelligence, patience Sun 3rd Surya Mudra Vitality, energy of life Mercury 4th Bhuddhi Mudra Ability to communicate

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Practicing this chant brings a total mental balance to the individual psyche. As you vibrate on each fingertip, you alternate your electrical polarities. The index and ring fingers are electrically negative, relative to the other fingers. This creates a balance in the electro-magnetic projection of the aura. If during the silent part of the meditation your mind wanders uncontrollably, go back to a whisper, to a loud voice, to a whisper and back into silence. Do this as often as you need to. Practicing this meditation is both a science and an art. It is an art in the way it molds consciousness an in the refinement of sensation and insight it produces. It is a science in the tested certainty of the results each technique produces. Meditations have coded actions to their reactions in the psyche. But because it is effective and exact it can also lead to problems if not done properly. Some people may experience headaches from practicing Kirtan Kriya. The most common reason for this is improper circulation of prana in the solar centers. To avoid this problem, or correct it if it has already occurred, you must meditate on the primal sounds in the “L” form. This means that when you meditate you feel there is a constant inflow of cosmic energy into your solar center, or tenth gate, at the top of the head. As the energy enters the top chakra, you place Saa, Taa, Naa, or Maa there. As you chant “Saa,” for example, the “S” starts at the top of your head and the “a” ends through the brow point as it is projected to Infinity. This energy flow follows the energy pathway called the golden cord – the connection between the pineal and pituitary glands.

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Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guroo Dhan dhan Ram Das Guroo Honored and praised is Guru Ram Das Jin siriaa tinai savaaria The Lord, who created You, He alone has embellished You. Pooree ho-ee karaamaat Perfect is your miracle Aap sirajinahaarai dhaariaa The Creator Himself has installed You on the throne. Sikhee atai sangatee Your Sikhs, and the entire Paarbrahm kar namasakaariaa Sangat bow, and revere You as the Supreme Lord. Atal athaaho atol too You are unshakable, Tayraa ant na paaraavaari-aa Unfathomable, and Immeasurable Your extent is beyond limit. Jinee too(n) sayvi-aa They who serve You with love bhaa-o kar Say tudh paar ootaari-aa Are carried across the world ocean by You. Labh lobh kaam krod moho Greed, attachment, lust, anger, ego Maar kadhay tudh These five passions have been beaten saparvaari-aa and driven out by You. Dhan so tayraa thaan hai Honored is Your Place, Sach tayraa paiskaari-aa True are your Bounties. Nanak too(n) Lehnaa too hai You are Nanak, You are Angad and Gur Amar too veechaari-aa You are Guru Amar Das, So do I recognize You Gur dithaa taa(n) man Seeing the Guru, my soul is sustained. saadhaaria

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Rakhay Rakhanhaar Rakhay rakhanhaar aap ubaarian Thou who saves us all and takes us

across, uplifting and giving the excellence.

Gur kee pairee paa-ay kaaj savaarian You gave us the touch of the lotus feet

of the Guru and all our jobs are done. Hoaa aap dayaal manaho na visaarian Thou hast become merciful, kind and

compassionate; then our mind does not forget Thee.

Saadh janaa kai sang In the company of the holy beings bhavjal taarian you take us from misfortune, calamities

and scandals. Saakat nindak dusht khin Godless, slanderous enemies - you maaeh bidaarian finish them for all time. Tis saaheb kee tayk That great lord is my anchor Naanak manai maaeh Nanak, keep Him firm in my mind. Jis simarat sukh ho-ay By meditating and repeating His sagalay dookh jaa-eh Name all happiness comes and all

sorrows and pain go away. This mantra is for protection.

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The Celestial Communication Technique Celestial communication is for when you can't take care of your neurosis by any known method. Just a few minutes of doing this. There is no power greater than the power of the Word, and when the Word is performed through the body, the entire being is purified and relaxed.

If you are Christian, you are a Jew, you are a Moslem, you are a Hindu, you are a Sikh, you are a Buddhist, you are nobody, you are everybody -- science is science. Living in the 20th century and seeing people talking to themselves on the road, making a telephone call, drinking a cup of coffee, reading the newspaper, driving the car, and mostly being who they are -- and not being who they are -- something has to be given to the mankind to excel, to come out of it without much cost. And that is what we have done.

We have transformed our songs to the strength of the communication of the Celestial Communication Technique, which is ours, which is our gift to the world through us and through our children to follow. It relaxes the brain through the nerve connections of the tips of the fingers, which are the main active parts and ingredients in this being. When the fingers move with the prana to communicate with music, this cantaloupe becomes the human brain and then tension of the neuro-pattern is restored into relaxed patterns of its own originality.

It's a very fantastic release. We practiced Celestial Communication at Khalsa Women’s Woman's Training Camp, and this time every woman who came home to the city from the camp could not adjust in the home. I understood. I never said that to you, but I knew that when the angels will reach and meet the mortal, it will be impossible to adjust. And I wanted to see that without doing a thing how much we can do and we did it. And we did a wonderful job.

Every human has the capacity of creative self and no person is weak or condemned in the eyes of God. Something, which I actually do not like, is when in my presence people put down other people. Reacting to people is not what you need. Directing people in their essence, and making them understand is a very simple known fact.

Physical relaxation is not as important as the neuro-system relaxation. That is why the Celestial Communication system will work wonders with all people from all religions and from all places. It is a methodology, which will give everyone a tremendous amount of relief in your inner being.

Creativity, when combined with physical movement, psychological concentration, and meditation is very helpful. It balances the human energy and it gives strength to the Radiant Body. This brings prosperity and success. People who against all odds can smile, who against all provocation can peacefully talk, and against all obnoxiousness can

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beautifully behave, are bound to be very successful. There is no such thing as defeat for them.

The neuro-chemicals in the brain have the capacity to relate and interrelate the strength of these people's own existence. To be temperamental, to call “wolf” all the time, be emotional, be neurotic, be critical, be a slanderer, be a gossip-spreader, and all those kinds of multi-qualities, is very self-destructive. The time has come when we should voluntarily get ourselves out of it. The most beautiful act you can do to yourself is, don't listen to the garbage. Friends bring gifts to each other. They do not bring their own garbage and lay it on floor of the house of a friend. But you are somehow such unfortunates that you have no sensitivity to even understand that your mental garbage is worse than the physical garbage. For physical garbage, a truck will come weekly and take it away. For mental garbage, it is $120 an hour sitting with a psychiatrist and trying to get rid of it. And it still doesn't go.

Let us see how we can project an infinite reality in our own activity. Let us practice Celestial Communication together. Fortunately we have a videotape, and you can all sit before it and correct yourself. We are trying to transform as many musical songs as we have into the very play we want to go through to express. It's like a time capsule: songs and music are like time capsules for coming generations to follow, to read, sing and enjoy.

Let us come to the nitty gritty. Let us come to the root of tension and that is the brain There is no way to use it unless we know how. In ancient time, they used to have the rosary or the mala to go through the japa to relax, to reach a point. Modern man came out with the biofeedback to listen to that electrical sound system. So, we thought, let us get to the point where every human being by their own right can put a tape into the VCR, and on the screen comes these women doing the Celestial Communication Technique. A person, not even fully aware, can just put fingers through it by copying the motions. It will do more good than you can even realize.

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Woman As Her Own Psychiatrist Woman is a multiple human activity machine. It is seen medically, as well as psychologically, that while working and concentrating very deeply in certain areas of life women have intuitive faculties to simultaneously think about other areas. This is not at all the characteristic of men. Men can concentrate on only one area at a time. You will find men forgetting about dinners, about parties, and a lot of things. Woman never forgets such things unless she forgets intentionally. Her brain faulty has been seen to have an automatic side catalog computer system which scientists have not even tried to understand.

Psychologists and psychiatrists don't even know about it. When they deal with women they think they are dealing with a second class citizen. That is the tragedy of the time. The fact is, it has been seen that in a state of deep meditation in which man can get into alpha vibratory effect, woman also controls her beta and gamma waves. This is a big difference between the faculties of a male and a female.

Let us give you examples. When a woman insults you, she knows she insults you but when a man insults you, he may not even be aware of it. When a woman will plan something she will always know what she is going to go through; man never knows. When a woman is at a party, deeply enjoying the entertainment, she is also aware of what the baby sitter is doing with her child. The example is sometimes given of the lioness and the lion: If the lioness did not know when and where and how much to hunt, a lot of cubs and lions would die automatically, because this lazy beast, the lion, never gets up until hunger really forces him to do something.

The mental faculty of a female is multiple. Where a man can become singular, this is impossible for a woman. By nature, she is created to protect a second life, that of her child. Nature has given her a subconscious, intuitive personality. Women have their outward personality and also this supplementary personality. But, unfortunately, the second personality, which is the added personality, creates a split personality. Something which was given to her as a gift to facilitate her motherhood is becoming a psychiatric problem. What is happening is that whenever a woman is catered to, her second personality makes her fall into a trap. For instance, a woman forgets, while divorcing her husband that it took her 15 years to work on this man and bring him to this neurotic mess which she is now leaving. He had all these defects all those years and simply she never looked at them.

A male takes longer than a female to take a wrong turn in life because a female has a secure side-personality which he doesn't have. The whole western psychological and psychiatric world is totally baffled. They counsel woman without understanding that woman basically has no need to be counseled, she has to be awakened. No woman needs any advice or counseling. No woman needs counseling. her nature is to resist advice. If you want to annoy a woman, counsel her. A woman also gets angry more quickly than a man. Woman can monitor herself, whereas man cannot. Otherwise, all

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men would have male secretaries and have a good time playing golf and going to the movies. Why should they want a lady secretary? It is because of the added faculty of the female personality and character, which man doesn't have and on which man is totally dependent. It is the faculty of re-valuing and re-knowing and re-establishing the self in time and space. Man by nature can deeply concentrate on such a small area of life at any one time and thus a lot can bypass him.

As a woman, you not only can take a sharp turn, you can turn the whole system with you. There is a saying in the Scriptures, "Woman can take one needle to ruin the entire family through generations, whereas a man has to take a cannon to make a hole." It is the exact translation. You must understand that woman is much sharper than a male. Here is another example. An animal which can turn its blood into milk to save and nourish its offspring can do everything else also. The faculty of a woman also extends to mental and spiritual realms.

Women as a group are most sharp individuals. God has given them a second faculty in the brain to protect the child. A woman can be super obnoxious or super sweet and can change in a moment. Man doesn't have this faculty. By nature he either lives in his testicles or in his head. He does not have the natural tendency to live in the center of his being. But a woman always lives in the center and works both up and down. There is a saying, "When a woman is in bed, sexual intercourse is perfect and she is totally blended with the man, even at that time she can think that the tea may boil over." We are just translating from the Karma Sutra.

We'll tell you another faculty of woman. If a woman is really in love with a man and he raises his voice to her, she will stop talking. And if she goes on talking there is a second alternative, go on a silence fast. It almost takes 72 hours to make her feel she is in hell. No woman is yet born who can tolerate that much silence from her husband. All a man has to learn is how to keep himself quiet for 72 hours. The reaction will be that she will be very soft and sweet, and he will have a triple wife for at least a month. It doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong. Never decide merits or demerits with a woman. Woman as a creature does not have to decide what is right and what is wrong, she inherently knows. She has an inborn faculty to know, just as it is an inborn faculty of fire to be hot and water to be liquid. Remember this line: "One who is awake, in which way can you awaken him?” There is no way. "For one who is sleeping, what meaning does awakening have for him?"

There is a saying, "There is a value for an arrogant mind but none for a flirtatious mind." An arrogant mind is stubborn and demands information, whereas a flirtatious mind is self-destructive. A mind which will destroy the self will destroy everything with it. A flirtatious mind is the worst thing which can happen to a woman. Unfortunately, because of her added mental faculty it is sometimes very easy for her to become flirtatious as she does not know how to monitor herself. Once a woman has an aura of flirtatious behavior about her, she cannot regain her respectability. That is it. You cannot refill a toothpaste tube; this is exactly the same thing. Although a woman is very

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intelligent, and supremely creative and capable in every possible facet of life, she has this potential problem to become flirtatious and she should understand her boundaries and guard them well.

It is painful, but true, that every act of sexual intercourse is a positive action to possibly make the woman pregnant, and every pregnancy is a permanent part of life. No woman is capable of remaining unaffected by pregnancy. This is not, however, the faculty of man. Every pregnancy means 120 days after conception to the day of delivery. There is no soul in the fetus for the first 120 days. But thereafter if anything happens to the pregnancy, the entire mind, personality and faculty of the woman is affected. Nature gave that 120 day escape period. Nature never gave her escape from the consequences of the fact that even if a child is born to a woman on the 7th or 8th month and dies, she never forgets that child until she lays down to rest for the last time.

Woman is not an erasing pad on which you can write something and then erase it and rewrite. Life leaves very deep imprints on her. A lot of men try to use women as a toothpaste tube. They want her to be available when they want her, and when they are tired of her they replace her with a new one. A woman should understand her security before she indulges in relationships with men, because all temporary relationships are very deeply imprinted on women. Men don't have that faculty, therefore, they don't care.

When a woman talks loudly and pretends to be angry, and when she is restless, she is only covering her inner guilt. It may be totally unrelated to the conversation she is having. This is another characteristic of her split personality. Whenever a woman cannot talk to you, raises her voice, or argues, she is covering her guilt. It has nothing to do with you. Her subconscious personality is reminding her of previous weaknesses which she doesn't want to fall into again. The scriptures say, “She is eating her own filth." You are just a scapegoat. She is not supposed to act that way. She has patience, tons of it. A child can make a man crazy in 10 minutes, yet not disturb a woman in 20 hours. She has an inborn capacity to tackle everything. She is not talking to you, she is talking to her subconscious personality, she is in her past. Offer her a drink of water and change the subject. And then don't reopen that topic. Let her come out with the answers. She knows everything. She is one being among all creatures who doesn't forget things.

Now, the question arises, how can woman advance herself above these setbacks? The answer in the scriptures is very simple and direct: "Pretend and always think that you are a holy woman, keep your thoughts holy, and see that whatever you are thinking or doing looks right." Ask yourself, “Will I look graceful?” This one idea should always hang around your neck as a necklace. It should hang as a beater before your legs. A beater is a stick that is hung around a cow's neck to beat against her forelegs if she starts to run wild.

There are many meditations and procedures given by swamis, yogis, gurus, and western psychiatrists that can help a woman. If you would rather use that money for

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your needs of life, you can hire a free but priceless psychiatrist, yourself. At the place where you relate to your Creator in the morning, place a sign that reads, "This Day Will I Be Graceful?" That day you will have to look graceful because you have asked the question and the answer is, “You will!” It should manifest in your way of speaking, sitting, eating, telephoning, behaving, taking a bath, dressing, driving a car, and so on. Your every action during that day must represent you as graceful. The most beautiful thing about it is that if you can do that for 40 days, you will have achieved a state of mind in which little by little you can become totally perfect.

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Foods For Women

The beauty of a woman is not just skin deep; her outer beauty will reflect her inner radiance and beauty. To keep her skin and body beautiful she needs to take care of herself and to do this she must eat properly. It is very important to spend the time and energy to maintain her beauty. Up to the age of 18 a woman can bounce back without taking as much care as is needed. Between 18 and 36 she is running on her reserve, and after 36 her reserve is not there and she needs to be very careful about how she takes care of herself, her beauty, and her health.

A woman is recommended to follow a moderate eating program by eating two meals a day and having two light drinks. She should not eat anything solid before 10:00 a.m. nor should she eat before she goes to bed. It is best to have three hours between eating and going to sleep. It is helpful to fast one day a week on wheatberries for the intestines, the skin, and a beautiful face. A woman should have her heavy meal in the middle of the day and have a light dinner of steamed vegetables in the evening. Everything that she eats needs to pass out of her body within 18 hours of ingestion to maintain her health and glow.

The following foods are very good for a woman to eat:

Yogi Tea and Chamomile tea, which is the best inner cosmetic

Whey – the clear liquid when milk is split

Saffron – good Spanish saffron. Just a pinch can give you added vigor, happiness, can clear up skin problems, help to remedy hair problems, and help prevent senility

Lemon – a good substitute for salt. Salt is one of a woman’s biggest enemies

Steamed vegetables – recommended to be eaten daily

Oils of life – almond oil olive oil, and sesame oil

Onions, ginger, garlic – these are the “trinity of herbs.” They strengthen nerves, give strength, and are cleansing

Vitamin E, chlorophyll, almond oil (1oz), rice bran syrup (1oz) and steamed vegetables will help a woman who has loss of estrogen

Lecithin, Vitamin E, and boiled black pepper are all helpful for women who experience a long menstruation

Turmeric , the internal doctor. Golden milk for joint problems.

Persimmons, figs, pears, guava, pomegranate, orange juice, apricots, plums, peaches, papayas, raisins, dates, watermelon, banana, green chilies, and beet greens.

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Recipes For Women

Protein Drink

8 ounces orange juice or grapefruit juice or milk 1 banana (optional) 1 tablespoon lecithin 1 table spoon rice bran syrup 1 table spoon chlorophyll 3 table spoons protein powder 1-2 ice cubes Drink this 3 times a day for a mono diet or in the morning as breakfast.

Radiant Skin Blend:

1. Soak 15 almonds in cold water overnight and peel off the skins the next morning. 2. Cut two apples, two bananas including the white insides of the banana skins, and

two bell peppers. 3. Mix all in a blender with raw sesame seeds


Remove excess water from the tofu with a paper towel, and slice it. Place slices on a baking sheet, sprinkle with crushed red chilies and lemon. Bake until crispy at 350 degrees. Salad Dressing for Women:

Blend in a blender: yogurt, oil, malt vinegar, sesame seeds, and fresh lemon. Then add whole sesame seeds to the blended formula. Put dressing on the salad and let it soak for a minimum of 15 minutes before eating for better digestion.

Lemon Rice:

2 ½ cups water 1 cup washed Basmati rice ¼ cup lemon juice ½ teaspoon turmeric Bring the water to a boil. Add rice, lemon juice, and tumeric. Return to a boil. Lower the heat, cover and steam for about 20 minutes until all the water is absorbed.

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This will make a woman beautiful and great and keep her looking young:

Take onions, garlic, ginger, garbanzo flour, and turmeric and add to old yogurt (yogurt containing acidophilus cultures), buttermilk, or fresh yogurt plus lemon juice. Place on heat and begin stirring frequently. Then add almonds and other nuts, apricot kernels, zucchini, watermelon, and pumpkin seeds, green chilies, and lemons. Cook for three hours.

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Foods as Beauty Aids

In addition to eating correctly to add to your beauty, there are some foods that can be applied directly to the skin to add to your radiance and glow. One of the foods that has the most cosmetic uses is yogurt and the following are some of the recipes that can be used to enhance how you look and feel: Yogurt Massage:

Use one quart of old yogurt, homemade is best. Sit in an empty tub (or in a couple of inches of warm water) and massage your body with the warm yogurt, including your scalp and face. Continue this process for one hour. Many women like to use one half of the quart of yogurt, rinse, and then massage again with the second half of the yogurt. This process cleans every pore of the skin to allow every waste and poison to be removed. This massage is good to do once a week. Be sure to massage the breasts to promote blood circulation. A variation of this massage is to combine lemon, turmeric, and sandalwood oil with the yogurt. Be aware that the tumeric does temporarily stain your skin. Another variation is to use five quarts of yogurt with one pound of honey and three ounces of fresh lime. Massage the body completely: the hair, scalp, nostrils, nose, ears, armpits, etc. Sit for 15 minutes after massaging and then cleanse thoroughly with warm water followed by cold water. Yogurt for Hair:

A person who has dandruff can use a combination of yogurt and sulphur on the scalp. Massage for one half hour and then shampoo out. Rosemary and jojoba oils are also very good for the scalp.

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Hydrotherapy For Women Women are emotional beings and maintaining balance in their water element is critical. A woman’s health, both physical and mental, as well as her beauty, is directly effected by her relationship to water. How she bathes, the temperature of the water she bathes in, and her consumption of water are important aspects of her daily care. It is also important for women to play in water and to swim. Cold Showers

It is very important for women to shower in cold water instead of hot water. A cold water massage is the healthiest exercise and the greatest therapy. A cold shower has the following positive effects for a woman:

Brings blood to the capillaries and cleans the circulatory system

Provides flushing for the organs and provides a new supply of blood

Strengthens the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system

Contracts the muscles to eliminate toxins and poisonous waste

Makes you healthy, and keeps the skin young

Reduces the blood pressure on internal organs

The cold water massage is the healthiest exercise and the greatest therapy. When taking a cold shower, long underpants or kacheras need to be worn to protect the thighs and the inner reproductive organs from the direct effect of the cold water. Also, it is very important to massage the body with almond oil before showering. Cold showers should not be taken during a woman's time of menstruation. Warm Showers

Warm showers need to be taken during a woman's time of menstruation and when she washes her hair. In the second case a cold shower should be taken following the warm shower (cold shower should be as long as warm shower).

When a woman is taking a warm bath she needs to first sit in rock pose (on the heels) in the tub and warm herself to her navel first. A warm bath should be taken for no less than half an hour. Quick hot showers create blue veins and a layer of fat on the face and should be avoided. Drinking Water

It is very important for a woman to drink as much water as she can each day -- at least ten glasses. She should have water immediately upon arising to cleanse her kidneys after cleaning her monkey glands with alum and salt.

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Ishnaan, The Science Of Hydrotherapy I'd like to share the technology and science of a type of massage with you. It is called hydrotherapeutical massage. As I'm sitting before you, my first qualification and field of expertise is in hydrotherapy. You may not have known that, and there is no one else with this qualification in the whole world. I carry the lineage of those who now are very unknown, but who once were worshipped. They worked on the bones, adjusted the body, and did massage to recreate healthy organs. Since ancient times, people have prayed for the blessing of ishnaan. What is ishnaan? It is the total sum of hydrotherapy. The word is ishnaan. We don't say we'll take a bath; we never say "bath." Ishnaan is when the body, by its own virtue, creates the temperature that it can beat off the coldness of the water. Ishnaan is not just wetting your body. There is a whole respect to it. There is a whole grace to it. The power of water is sixty percent of the power of the human. In hydrotherapy we believe that the sixty percent water in the body can be totally exchanged in sixty minutes with outside water. We do ice cold water massage which opens up the capillaries and flushes the blood from the organs to the surface to the skin, and when the capillaries close down again (that is, return to normal), that blood goes back to the organs. The heart, kidneys, lungs, liver -- each organ has its own blood supply. In this way the organs get their flushing. When the organs get a flushing, then immediately the glands have to change their secretion. It is a law. And when the glands (which are the guardians of health and life) change, youth returns. What is youth? Young glands. Young glands are called youth. If your glandular system secretes correctly, the blood chemistry is a young chemistry. This neurotic and angry behavior that you experience will be over. This science of hydrotherapy is very precise and sophisticated, and very simple. It is important to focus the water directly on the area of the body corresponding to the area you want to affect. Stand under a cold shower and massage your feet and your calves. Use your feet to massage, don’t use your hands. Then stand away from the water and using both hands, massage your entire body, and let the body get hot. Then take a cold shower again and massage your body again. Repeat this pattern for about twelve to fifteen minutes. You should have a friend handy to pull you out. You will be in a totally different space. By doing any exercise for hours, you cannot stimulate your cell psyche to the extent that you can with cold water. And the procedure is very simple. Take your hands, let the cold water fall, and rub them to the extent that they become hot under the ice cold water. And so with every part of the body; let it go, let it be, and stimulate yourself. And this stimulation may look to you like a fanatic, painful attitude, but that's what it is all

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about. Some people do deep muscle massage, some people go to spas, and others do this or that. There are one million methods and nothing even comes close to this one. There's nothing like standing under ice cold water and making your body become hot. The word is "hot." Normally, in this therapy, we say to "heat yourself," -- heat your neck, heat your shoulders, heat your elbows. Can you believe a guy standing under a shower doing this for two hours? But that's how they do it. And everywhere that the cold water hits, the blood will come. Everywhere you massage, rebuilding will occur and the psyche of each cell of the body will be reconstructed. Following are instructions for the specific applications of hydrotherapy. Focus the stream of cold water:

Just below the lower lip for ten or fifteen minutes - you will be bright and your mind will be very clear.

Between the eyebrows and the upper lip - you will be very energetic.

On the forehead - you will be so sleepy that you can't match it.

On the upper arm while massaging the arm your elbow to just below your shoulder - you are totally curing your stomach.

From your elbow to about two inches above your wrist - this corresponds to your digestive tract.

Two inches above the wrist to the start of the wrist – this corresponds to your heart.

On the wrist – this corresponds to your liver.

On the fingertips – this corresponds to your brain.

On the front of the neck, letting the water run down your entire body and hands - you will totally change all your cells.

Let the water hit your chest and go all the way down to your genitals and you stay under it for a while, you are totally changing the chemistry of the blood from unhealthy to healthy.

Let the water hit your feet and massage the right foot with the left foot, and the left foot with the right foot, you are actually massaging your entire body.

Your body will be totally rebuilt. Each organ will be rebuilt. How? When you take a cold shower, your blood rushes out to meet the challenge. This means all the capillaries open up and all deposits and toxins have to go. Everything is cleaned; it is a very

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cleansing process. During hydrotherapy, the body is challenged by the cold water and by massaging the body you can help meet the challenge and you will not feel cold. Do you understand this? When you are under the cold shower, your body will feel the cold, right? But when the blood and the capillaries are totally opened up to the maximum, the body will not feel cold. I repeat, it will not feel cold. And if you bring your body to that temperature where it can meet the cold by its own circulatory power, then all you have to do is come out and totally towel yourself, put on warm clothes, and put a blanket around you. Or it if is hot weather, use a big bath towel. Bath towels are for the hydrotherapists, not for you. It's not a fashion. You don't even know how to use them. They are like blankets. Roll yourself up in one. Then your body will become wild hot. All the blood that is in the capillaries and in circulation will go back to the organs: the kidneys, the liver, the spleen, and the lungs. Each part of your body lives on its own blood supply, which is regulated by the beat of the heart. So the organs will get a rich supply of blood like a crop getting a beautiful rain, after the rain the crop grows up. In exactly the same way, this is how you can balance your health. They didn't know how to make a shower when they first did hydrotherapy. You are very lucky you have modern showers. In ancient times there was nothing. They had to fill a tub that was about thirty to forty feet above the ground. It was huge and men had to fill it with water. It required about five hundred men to create enough water pressure for the hydrotherapy. When the machine age came they used a booster pump to create that effect. Have you ever taken a bath under a booster shower? It's fun. They take a pump that has a booster which comes through the shower head. It is so powerful, so wonderful; it's marvelous. We used to have a handle and a pipe and the pipe was flexible. For someone who lay down under it, it had a tremendously soothing effect. Now we have showers in every house, but the art of hydrotherapy is lost. Now a little pill can help you balance your emotions or repair your health, and you can be on your own again. That is fine, but the difference between people today and people then. Today people want to be healthy, but they are not afraid of being sick. In those days, people were afraid of being sick; they never wanted to be unhealthy. That is how times have changed for us; that's what we are. Allopathic medicine is very effective. The chemical goes right in, right to the spot, and it takes care of you. But the unfortunate part of it is that it has its side effects. Body cells recuperate themselves in seventy-two hours. Sometimes they get delayed. Recuperation becomes slower as you become older; it's the time phase. But in hydrotherapy we believe youth is permanent, and youth is permanent not because it's God's gift. Youth is permanent because we know how to be young. It's a challenge but people who have done hydrotherapy have seen that they have remained young by their own virtue. I myself have seen my teacher, Sant Hazara Singh, remain ageless, so long as he did it.

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Sometimes in your own life, you do not value your life. And then you cannot value it, because you are old. So play no such games with yourself; death will come, don't bother. Richness will come, don't bother. Poverty will come, no bother. Disease will come, no bother. Bother for nothing. But, if you have a strong mind, body, and soul, everything will come. All adversity will come, but it won't touch you, because nobody wants to pick a fight with a powerful man. Therefore, the saying in hydrotherapy is, "shield yourself". In hydrotherapy, they think that water is a fatherly shield, paanee pitaa, and that anybody who can produce this shield that conquers the coldness of the water can conquer death. That's what hydrotherapy is based on. It's a very simple thing. If I, with my body can conquer the chilliness of the water, I can take away the chilliness of my life.

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Menopause Menopause is defined as the cessation of ovulation, and consequently, menstruation. When a woman has gone twelve consecutive months without any menstrual flow, she is considered to have undergone menopause. What is called "menopause" is a transition of life comparable to adolescence in that it involves changes in the reproductive hormones and may last as long as ten years. It is not uncommon for a menopausal woman to menstruate one month, not again until four months later, and again the next month. Such irregularity can continue until the cycles are further and further apart, and menstruation ceases entirely.

The classical characteristics of menopause include flushes of the head, neck, face, and chest (commonly referred to as "hot flashes"), profuse sweating, sensations of cold in the hands and feet, dizziness or faintness, headaches, irritability, depression, insomnia, dryness and itching of the vagina, constipation, and increase in weight. Further, women of the menopause age are advised to be alert to a bone disease very common to menopausal women: called osteoporosis. This is characterized by brittle and porous bones.

If a woman is educated in how to care for herself during her menstrual years, many of these "symptoms" will be either very light or non-existent when she reaches menopausal age.

It is encouraging that many women report quite positive responses to the conclusion of their menstrual cycles. Margaret Mead, for example, termed the years following menopause as "post menopausal zest". Being out of the cycle of hormonal changes can bring a new dimension to a woman's sense of herself, provided she maintains herself properly. The few precious teachings we have available regarding menopause should prove helpful in promoting a woman's feeling of well being.

General Conditions:

Menopause is a lack of secretion of estrogen from the ovaries. This can alter a woman's behavior to that of a man's.

At age 36 a woman is subject to the menopause, although it ideally should not begin until age 54 (three cycles of life, three times 18 years).

With good food, physical exercise, and a proper routine, she should be all right.


As a woman matures, her diet should mostly consist of light foods and she needs to lessen the quantity of food she eats. For optimal health, a woman needs to eat her last meal before sunset. This is true especially during and after menopause.

If a woman is at her proper weight at age 54, she may be able to overcome all mental and physical discomforts (which come from a loss of estrogen) by supplementing her

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nutrition with vitamin E, chlorophyll, and naturally cold pressed oils. Recommended oils are sesame, coconut, peanut, olive, or almond.

By eating wheat berries as a mono diet one-day a week, before the beginning of menopause, a woman may greatly reduce the physical and psychological effects of menopause.

Meditation and Exercise:

A woman undergoing the hormonal transitions of menopause should do a lot of strenuous physical exercise, especially Kundalini Yoga.

She needs to sweat alot. Women are encouraged to do activities they enjoy that make them sweat, such as gardening.

It is suggested that women practice the “Grace of God” meditation from three to five times per day. This helps the woman to remember her femininity and identity as a woman.


As long as a woman ovulates, she feels feminine and naturally works to maintain her beauty. At menopause, when ovulation stops, it is important that a woman maintains her grooming routine. By dressing well, maintaining her exercise program, and enhancing her beauty she will enhance her self-image.

During menopause, the tissues of the vagina often atrophy and the resulting dryness may cause itching and discomfort. Daily oiling of the thighs and perineum with almond oil mixed with sandalwood can relieve the discomfort.

General Disposition, Behavior and Attitude:

Menopause is a transition in the lunar cycles of a woman. For over half of her life the moon has influenced her, and she has experienced this ebb and flow through her menstrual cycle. The loss of this rhythm can be disconcerting and effect her emotional balance.

This quotation is from Mukhia Sardarni Sahiba Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa: "One thing you've got to remember, this is not menoStop but menoPause. Knowledge about the process of menopause and how to handle it gives one the ability to keep up; it is one's own reassurance. With age comes perspective."

She further states, "More encouragement should be given to women undergoing menopause. While you are experiencing it, there is a feeling that it will last forever. This can be very depressing. It is like going through a dark tunnel and you don't have any idea when it will end. Keep your sense of humor! The other side is a great land of freedom. You can feel just great when it is over! You can enjoy everything so much more; you are more relaxed, less attached."

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Kundalini Yoga Postures And Effects On The Body Bow Pose (Dhanurasana): Makes spine flexible; tunes up nerves, large and small intestines, and liver and spleen; strengthens abdominal muscles; helps rheumatism and diabetes; removes fat from abdomen. Camel Pose (Chakrasana): Makes spine flexible; develops the chest; reduces fat; affects constipation, indigestion, and lumbago. Cat-Cow Pose: Sets vertebra; tunes up entire nervous system and sex organs. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana): Makes spine flexible; rejuvenates pelvic nerves and muscles; tones nerves and muscles of the heart; strengthens abdomen and back; tones air cells of the lungs; improves female and menstrual difficulties. Yoga Mudra: Affects heart and circulation, brain and nerve centers. Stretch Pose: Affects the abdomen, stomach, liver, and spleen. Shoulder Stand (Sarbangasana): Affects the thyroid, parathyroid, tonsils, and salivary glands; alleviates constipation, indigestion, liver and spleen troubles, menstrual troubles, and displacement of the uterus; eradicates weakness, vertigo, piles, and hernias. Plough Pose (Malasana): Tunes up nerve centers and muscles in the back; makes spine flexible; stretches muscles of thighs and pelvic region; contracts and relaxes abdomen and heart; strengthens heart; aids liver and spleen troubles; prevents loss of appetite, constipation and diabetes; affects the thyroid. Head to Knee Pose (Janu Shirasana): Strengthens muscles around navel; makes lumbar spine flexible; aids in cases of sciatica, piles and lumbago. Uddiyana Bandha Mudra: Invigorates glands in lower region; affects constipation, indigestion, colic, biliary colic, hernias, appendicitis, duodenal ulcers; aids in cases of female diseases such as dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea; affects nocturnal emissions in men; keeps muscles and nerves of abdomen in good health. Lotus Pose (Shalabhasana): Relieves pains during menstrual periods; prevents rheumatism of the waist, hands, legs; tunes the nerves of the lungs; tunes up the lower part of the body. Lotus (Padmasana): Reduces rheumatism in the legs; helps correct curvature of the spine.

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Lower Body Stretch Pose (Pashchimothana Asana): May improve curvature of the spine; invigorates muscles of hands, legs, and anal region; excellent for people with piles, diabetes, constipation, diarrhea, wet dreams; helps to reduce fat on the waist line. Maha Mudra: Tunes up the entire nervous system; opens all the centers. Platform Pose: Affects the pituitary and pineal glands.

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Woman: The Lunar Being Quotes from Yogi Bhajan

In the vastness of our consciousness it is obligatory for a woman to be active, to be exercising. Exercise tunes up her body, it is a must for her. Meditation will tune up her mind, it is a must for her. Prayer will link her to the hierarchy of her consciousness, it is a must for her. And a woman who does these three things will become intuitive. She will always be fully equipped with the sixth sense. Woman has four main enemies. Your desire for self-praise, which is called false praise or flattery, that is your first enemy. Jealousy is your second enemy, and the third is mental flirtation, which is called mental hallucination. The fourth is when you start believing your imagination. A flirting mind is nothing but a clear invitation to misery. When your mind flirts, your metabolism goes through such a heavy thing that either you are aggressive or you are depressed. There are certain characteristics, which are not meant for a woman's character: arrogance, stubbornness, and rude language. These don’t fit in with your pituitary secretions. When you have any of these three in your behavior, you better consult your metabolism and your glandular secretion and get a blood analysis. Change your diet and supplement it as fast as you can. It is impossible for me to believe that woman has to yell, scream, and shout. These are the faculties of men. Smiling silence is the one art of woman, which is more effective than the atom bomb. Suggestive communication is her sure victory and mannerly withdrawal is her everlasting success. It is very obligatory for you to confirm yourself with yourself all the time. Self-convincing is the art of the woman. You must convince yourself that you are right, that your surroundings are right, and that what you have heard and seen are right. Self-communication is the very way a woman can live. Self-communication will give you self-knowledge; self-knowledge will give you dignity; dignity will give you divinity. The ancient Vedic scriptures claim that it is ten times worse to see a fault in another aspect of creation, to let that thought filter all the way through our person, and then eventually manifest the thought in verbal utterance, then it is to simply observe that fault without giving voice to it.

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Women As Sisters, Friends And Mothers Quotes from Yogi Bhajan

In etheric meditation it is the capacity of the woman, much more than a man to stay at a continuous state of ecstasy. That is, if she continuously meditates on her dharma, her greatness, and her grace. What is the dharma of a woman? Grace. First recognize the creativity of the Creator. The moment a woman recognizes and understands that she is the creativity of the Creator, confidence as a woman comes to her. Woman is created to be fulfilled by motherhood; and motherhood does not mean that she gets pregnant and delivers a baby. Through understanding her total behavior, she will understand her motherhood. Her motherhood is her service, her motherhood is sacrifice, her motherhood is relationship. When she knows motherhood she is fulfilled. But when she becomes a partner with man she shares equally. A woman who is capable of giving birth, must give birth to a saint, a hero, or a giver. Any woman on this planet who values herself as a woman is great, and she is a giver of life. When you are a giver of life, what more can you do? Each experience must lead to your happiness and grace. You are you and you are nothing else but you; but when it comes to testing you, you immediately fail if you don't know you are you. The purpose of knowledge is to develop infinite faith in the self. If you achieve righteousness throughout your life and conversation, it doesn't matter who you are or to whom you belong, the goal is achieved. Women as a group are most sharp individuals. God has given them a second faculty in the brain to protect the child. A woman can be super obnoxious or super sweet and she can change in a moment. Man doesn't have the faculty. By nature he either lives in his testicles or in his head. He does not have the natural tendency to live in the center of his being. But woman always lives in the center of her being and works both up and down. The only solution a woman has is in her own depth. The only tragedy a woman has is in her own shallowness. In this world of ours woman has been treated as a lost cause. We need a revival, we have to come back. I fully understand how terrible the past was. I fully understand how I can blame my past. I fully understand that I can mess and enmesh myself in the past. I also understand that after all, I have a chance, and a very short chance, to be my own future

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also. Similarly, each woman should remember that she has her own future, and that future can only be achieved if she becomes her own future. The highest nature of woman is expressed through her power (in co-relation to the Creator) her beauty, her grace, and her capacity to shape and transform humanity. The “Grace of God” mantra gives each woman the technology to look deep within her innermost being to heal herself, to regain the positive image of her infinite potential, and to restore her rightful place in society. If we want to establish a relationship with God we must first learn to establish a relationship with creatures of God. By nature, women among their own company talk too much. However, psychologically this is the best treatment and mental exercise. The best way is to let them loose together for awhile. We made a study of the differences between the Indian, or Oriental woman, and the Western woman. We found out that by nature the Indian woman is much more stable than the Western woman. Why? The only thing we could figure out is their peanut time. There is a time between two o'clock and four o'clock when they will all get together and gossip and eat peanuts. Rich women in India have all the symptoms which are found in the Western women because they no longer practice this peanut hour custom.

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Sexuality And Sensuality: Healthy, Happy And Divine Relationships

Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga on a daily basis, we can gain greater

awareness, compassion, trust, and love for other creatures of God. By so doing, we are better able to foster more effective communication with other human beings.

We can increase the clarity of our communication by constantly striving to place ourselves inside the psychological framework of the other person. We must try to see the situation from the other person's point of view.

Marriage is the equilibrium of personality in which both supplement and compliment each other. If you can adjust with a man to supplement and compliment him and he supplements and compliments you, this is real marriage. Spiritual value is when physically you both sacrifice for each other, mentally you are totally united with each other, and spiritually you have the same object to achieve. In Siri Guru Granth Sahib this marriage is described thusly: "Don't call them great who sit together, live together, eat together, enjoy together; call them great who are one soul in two bodies." This is the ideal marriage. And in this marriage you enjoy sex, service, sacrifice, the future, coziness and death.

Marriage is an institution of grace, dignity, and proving yourself. Marriage is not an institution to satisfy the ego, it is an altar on which you sacrifice ego.

Marriage is a vibration, alternating push and pull. It is a two wheeled cart which two of you have to pull. The load falls on male and female to an almost equal extent in the passage of time and space. What is marriage? Everything is marriage. Every commitment made directly or indirectly is nothing but a marriage. If marriage is a commitment and both people want to keep the commitment, where does the wrong enter in? The wrong, or the problem, is at the frequency of your imagination. You don't marry in reality, you always marry in imagination. Sometimes we are so imaginative that we go miles and miles and miles away from reality. Then when we ask to come back, it is so painful.

Between male and female is needed faith and trust, not “rights” and “wrongs.”

Six things are required for a happy marriage: There must be agreement between husband and wife on the following:

1) Way of wishing, thinking, and dimension

2) Way of worship and the altar

3) Way of eating and thinking about eating

4) Way of worship and religious commitment

5) Dress and how to look socially

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6) Way of socializing and its dimension

The happiness of marriage is based on the happiness of Infinity, not on conditions. Whenever conditions come in the relationship of your life, life will become miserable, misery will engulf you, and happiness will run away, because happiness is nothing but Infinity. Happiness is not conditional, territorial, or personal. Happiness is Infinity. The moment you want to define it, you will kill the essence and create misery out of it.

Man needs a woman where he can find total security in consciousness. Wife is a cultural security, and an emotional release, a mental intelligence, and a permanent wisdom.

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Yogic Procedures for Menstruation Do the following:

1. Eat lightly.

2. Eat almonds sautéed in ghee with honey; 10 - 14 a day.

3. Walk daily.

4. Stretch and do light yoga.

5. Drink Ginger Tea.

6. Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water a day. Avoid the following:

1. Navel point exercises. 2. Breath of fire. 3. Eating heavy foods. 4. Challenging others at work or home; intense conversations. 5. Lifting or moving heavy objects. 6. Cold showers. 7. Lifting your feet over your head in yoga or other exercises.

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Moon Centers of Woman You may not be aware that in a woman there are what I call eleven sites of the moon. These eleven places are where the moon moves around her chin spot. This is a 28 day cycle. Every 2 1/2 days the moon moves to a different center. The way in which the moon moves is different in every woman. It is very important for every woman to know about her emotional as well as her physical make up to know about herself. Her emotional make up is directly related to her moon centers.

The essence of a woman is like the moon in quality (lunar), it waxes and wanes, it is emotional. Your mood will change as your moon changes. You can predict where the moon is going to go, for each woman has her individual cycle of movement that repeats itself each 28 days. It is her own personal natal lunar chart of her body. You can always feel it if you concentrate and are sensitive. This cycle changes only after emotional shocks, but very rarely.

The moon centers in terms of sensitivity:

1. Hair Line: Nothing can move you an inch. A woman is real when her moon is in her hairline, her arc line, her halo.

2. Cheeks: The pink of the cheeks. You are absolutely almost out of control when the moon is in the pink of the cheeks; it is a dangerous spot.

3. Lips: (No information has been given on this moon center.) 4. Sun spot on the ear lobes: You will always discuss values. 5. Back of the neck: You want to communicate on a very romantic frequency.

It is such a foolish time that one little flower or little gesture can make you go nuts.

6. Breasts: You are compassionate and giving to the extent of foolishness.

7. Belly button area or corresponding spot on the back of the spine: The time you are most insecure.

8. Inner Thigh: You are confirmed in your speech and actions.

9. Eyebrows: You are most imaginary, illusionary, and you build sandcastles. God knows what you will do.

10. Clitoris: Your mood is to socialize, talk, and meet new people. You are external; your extra-curricular activity is very charming.

11. Membrane of the Vagina: Your mood is to socialize.

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The moon center is on the chin in the man and it is covered by the hair of the beard; therefore, he is steady. The fluctuations in his moon center are controlled by the hair when a beard is maintained. The female doesn’t have any hair on the face and all of her reproductive organs are inside. The female moon center, also in the chin, does not have hair; therefore, she fluctuates more than the male. It is like the waxing and waning of the moon. In the 28 days of her menstruation cycle, her moon can be found in 11 areas of the body, called the eleven limbs of the woman. Following menopause a woman becomes steadier like a man and she needs to learn to adjust to this change.

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Lunar Woman Evaluation

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